Now we know that Tiger Woods is coming to the Greenbrier.  Golf’s biggest icon will be in our state during the 4th of July to compete in the Greenbrier Classic. 

We all know the Tigers Woods story. We found out that the super human Woods is indeed human. Just like the rest of us.

We know of his troubles off the course in his personal life. We know of his frustrations with his swing coaches, caddies, etc. We also know of the disappointments on the course.

He is no longer the dominant, fearless, number one player in the world.

So, the question was posed earlier today, "since Tiger has been struggling in recent years, is this still a big deal?"  The answer is "Yes!  Yes of course it is."  Tiger is still Tiger. No last name needed.  He is one of the biggest icons in sports history. In the last 50 years, the names of Tiger, Ali and Jordan are at the tops of "icons in sports" list. 

The fact that he will be here playing in our state, walking amongst us is a big deal.  For the Greenbrier Classic, it is another step forward also. Remember two years ago when it was considered special to have John Daly here.  Last year it was Phil Mickelson. Now it is Tiger. 

It has been a good three years of growth for the Greenbrier Classic.


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