An official with an organization within the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says the benefits from natural gas drilling in the Marcellus shale go beyond just the industry itself.

"What we’re focusing on is the part that doesn’t get covered a whole lot and that’s the economic benefit across the economy," U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for 21st Century Vice President Chris Guith said.

Guith, a guest on Tuesday’s MetroNews Talkline, says that is the message of a new effort being launched in West Virginia and in several other states where the industry could face additional taxes or environmental regulations for that drilling.

Chamber officials say they’ll spend millions on dollars on what they’re calling an "advocacy and education" campaign called "Shale Works For US."

An event to get the initiative started in West Virginia was held Tuesday at Walker Machinery in Kanawha County.

Guith says Walker Machinery is an example of the wide reach natural gas drilling has.  "Day after day, we’re seeing new examples of businesses that you wouldn’t normally associate with oil and gas production hiring new people or expanding their businesses," he said.

Similar advocacy efforts are underway in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.

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