Charleston Police say they are looking for a white Ford Crown Victoria with damage to the front passenger side.  The car is believed to be connected to a Tuesday morning murder on Charleston’s East End.

"Nobody heard a gunshot, so maybe this person was in a car," said Detective Bobby Eggleton. "We do know we found where a vehicle had run up on a fence line."

The victim is identified as David Booker, 25, of Dixie Street.  Eggleton says Booker is well known to the city police and they’ve been dealing with him since he was a juvenile. Eggleton says drugs were found in the area of Booker’s body, a portion of Milton Street which is more like an alley than a street.  

Two passersby made the discovery and called police around 1:00 Thursday morning.   Police say Booker was shot in the head and hadn’t been dead for long.

"When we arrived we weren’t sure if it was somebody struck by a vehicle or somebody shot,"  said Eggleton.  "Upon further investigation it was determined a vehicle was used, but he was shot also."

Authorities are asking anybody with knowledge of the shooting to come forward.  They’re also asking anybody noticing the white Crown Victoria with front end damage to call them as well. 

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