In a special meeting Wednesday, the state Board of Education will focus it’s discussion only on the statewide education efficiency audit and not on hiring a new superintendent.

Late Monday, the board changed it’s agenda for the Wednesday meeting by removing an item that would have dealt with the hiring of a new superintendent.

Last Thursday, Superintendent Jorea Marple was fired after the board voted 5-2 during an executive session to relieve her of her duties.

Shortly after Marple’s firing, board President Wade Linger suggested appointing James Phares, Randolph County superintendent, to the state superintendent position. Although Linger suggested hiring Phares immediately, board members ultimately decided to discuss the issue at the Wednesday meeting.

A decision late Monday changed the topic of Wednesday’s meeting and instead the board will discuss the state superintendent position at a later date.

The Daily Mail talked with Phares last week and said he was thinking about resigning from his position at Monday night’s Randolph County Board of Education meeting. Phares was also planning to attend Wednesday’s meeting.

But Phares told the Daily Mail earlier Monday after finding out about the agenda change for Wednesdays meeting, that he would tell county board members he was contemplating resigning, but would wait for further direction from the state board before taking action.

Department of Education spokeswoman Liza Cordeiro told the Daily Mail the state board planned to meet sometime next week to talk about hiring a new superintendent.

According to the secretary of state’s website, a meeting to discuss the state superintendent is planned for 10 a.m. November 29.

During the emergency meeting last Thursday, the board appointed deputy superintendent Chuck Heinlein to serve as superintendent until a new superintendent is found.

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