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A Boone County Deputy is on administrative leave.   Sheriff Rodney Miller says an internal investigation into a weekend incident involving an on-duty deputy in neighboringKanawhaCountyis under investigation and the unidentified deputy is on administrative leave.

“There was a confrontation between one of our deputies and a wife,” said Miller. “It’s kind of an ugly situation, but even though we hold ourselves to a higher standard we’ve got to understand anybody that’s in uniform are human beings first and emotions can get carried away.”

The South Charleston Police Department responded to the incident at an Exxon Station near theSouthRidgeShopping Centeron Sunday.  The incident involved the deputy, the deputy’s wife, and a third individual who got into an altercation.  Miller confirms there was some contact between the cruiser and the persons car, but says to say the cruiser rammed the vehicle is over blowing what happened.

“There may have been some contact between vehicles, but in its truest sense in what a person would believe happened if one car rammed another one, nothing like that took place,” Miller said.

The cruiser had no visible damage according to Miller.  He’s waiting on the report from South Charleston Police who investigated.  South Charlestonofficers have referred all questions to Miller.

“I’m limited by law as to what I can say about it,” Miller said of the incident which will likely turn into a disciplinary action. “But you can what happened if you read between the lines a little bit.”


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