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Damage on the ruptured pipeline in Sissonville that led to a massive explosion is consistent with external corrosion, National Transportation Safety Board officials said Friday.

The NTSB gave its fourth press briefing this week on Friday.  The explosion caused a massive fireball and extensive damage earlier this week.  No one was hurt.

NTSB officials said Columbia Gas learned of the situation after another gas company, Cabot Gas, called the controller at Columbia Gas.  Cabot Gas heard about the explosion through an outside caller, the NTSB said.  Columbia Gas received that call from Cabot at about 12:50 p.m.

The damage from the rupture spread north 490 feet to the north, 330 feet to the south, 470 feet to the east and 610 feet to the west.

Investigators have yet to determine what caused the corrosion on the ruptured pipeline.  That investigation will continue, the NTSB said.

The NTSB is also working to put together an accurate timeline of the events during and after the rupture, officials said.

NTSB officials are expected to be in the Sissonville area for several days.  However, Friday’s briefing was the final news conference the NTSB will hold.

The NTSB is asking anyone who saw the explosion to send an email to

The first preliminary report from the NTSB is expected to be released in about four weeks.

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  • Chalkdust

    Is the NTSB delaying their report so Rockefeller can squeeze his "hearing" in January 23th?
    Com'on hard can it be? External corrosion? Somebody threw a old flashlight battery in the excavation, a piece of dissimilar metal found it's way into the excavation. Come'on you NTSB guys.....give it up.... Check that grounding network, let's go back to work.