There’s going to be additional police presence in and around schools in the state’s capital city.

Charleston Police Chief Brent Webster announced Monday he wants to reassure parents in the emotional time following the Connecticut school shootings.

“Just to give the public and most of all the parents of the children in these schools a little sense of security,” police dept. Sgt. Bobby Eggleton said Monday.

Those extra patrols could come in a variety of ways.

“Whether if it’s just an officer has time to drive through a parking lot or if he has time to get out and walk in and see the administrators, whatever he sees necessary to make the administrators, teachers and students feel more comfortable,” Eggleton said.

Several of the city’s schools have resources offices who work full-time in the building. Sgt. Eggleton says those officers are on alert.

“We’re not anticipating any problems but we know that people throughout America are in shock and truly scared about the safety of their children,” he said.

The additional patrols will take place at least through this week. Students will then be off for holiday break until early January.

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  • cutty77

    I said this after this happened in Colorado,now how long ago was that.We have to protect our Children.We have become a Stupid Society.Think about the Children that saw this,how are they going to turn out.

  • Tim Sedosky

    Well, I didnt see anyone this morning. I walked into my daughter's school at 0730. Right through the front door with no presence at all. Sure would have been nice to see all of our law enforcement out there this morning- city police, sheriffs, state police, ATF, US Marshals.

  • BO

    Better late than never I guess. I don't understand with all the money we waste in this country, why every school does not have a metal detector and an armed guard anyway. You notice, these idiots never try to harm people who might be able to fight back