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Joe Manchin test fires an A-R 15 rifle at a private range in Barbour County during his days as Governor. The rifle he’s shooting is among those under debate in the wake of the Newtown school shootings.

A pro-Second Amendment organization in West Virginia is outraged over Senator Joe Manchin’s proclamation the time has come to pursue gun control legislation.

“Senator Elmer Fudd should be aware the Second Amendment is not about deer hunting,” said Keith Morgan, President of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League. “We are definitely going to remember this on his next election cycle.  It will be my life’s mission to make sure the state does not forget this on his next election cycle.”

Morgan and his organization plan a protest Saturday morning at Manchin’s Charleston office.   He says already they have received responses “in the hundreds” who plan to attend the event.

“There’s no such thing as ‘reasonable legislation’ on this,” Morgan said. “The legislation will have absolutely no effect and my thought is anyone who trusts only criminals and government to have effective means of self defense is a fool.”

Manchin drew national attention with his remarks in the wake of the Newtown school shootings on Tuesday.  

“We have this horrific, horrific crime against our children.  It needs to be dealt with and it needs to be done in the most serious fashion,” Senator Manchin said on Monday’s MetroNews Talkline.

Manchin has always carried the mantra of being a friend of firearms owners.  He’s consistently given an “A” rating by the NRA and has routinely won their endorsement, including in the most recent November election.  Morgan calls it a consistent mistake by the NRA.

“I’ve been saying since 2004 Manchin is ragingly anti-gun,” Morgan said. “He’s managed to hide that view, but during his tenure as governor, he managed to insure no pro-gun bills of any substance made it out of the legislature.”

Amid ramped up talks of gun control legislation.   Gun sales are reportedly soaring.   One caller to MetroNews indicated a long line at the Cabela’s gun counter in Charleston.    Officials with Gander Mountain, which bills itself as “West Virginia’s Largest Gun Store” had no comment when contacted by MetroNews.

Pittsburgh based Dick’s Sporting Goods suspended all sales of modern sporting rifles at its stores nationwide.   Out of respect to the victims, the company also removed all guns from its store closest toNewtown,CT.



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  • My Right!

    Just to all the people saying how bad an AR-15 is. Let me first say that the AR prefix means Armalite. The company who first invented it. It does not stand for Assault Rifle or Automatic Rifle! Now let me say how stupid do people fell now that there was no AR rifle used at that school. Only 4 hand guns! So now you Gun-Grabbers will say no more hand guns. And guess what, thats exactly what they are trying to do! Why is it always the guns fault? These shootings are on the rise because the government has let you down, by not enforcing the gun laws on the books already! How many of these shootings have happened during Obamas administration? The same people who want to enforce more laws! Regardless of what you people say about us gun owners, no one wants to see innocent people hurt or murder!

  • sparky

    Do you think that just because they outlaw guns these killings will stop? Criminals will ALWAYS have guns, it will be the law-abiding citizens who will be unprotected.
    Would it make you feel any better if they used a hammer or a tire tool to do their killing? Murder is in the soul of the killer, taking away the citizen's guns will not take that away. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  • L Gill

    The root of the problem is mental illness and crime. The anti gun folks blame the gun for everthing. Bans have never worked and no law has ever stop a killer from killing but a gun in someone's hands can stop a would be killer from killing. If a killer is attacking me I will choose a gun any day over all of the laws you can write.

  • Jim

    Doesn't the photo of Joe firing an AR-15 "assualt" rifle in this photo speak volumes? To me the message is that he can go on national TV, advocate more gun control laws and advocate a complete ban on rifles such as he's firing (an AR-15) yet the clearer message he sending is "I'm responsible enough to possess and fire this "dangerous" weapon, but you serfs are not!" How hipocritical. And, Joe has spent the past two days "walking-back" on his comments! More hipocritical! You said it Joe, don't try to spin your own words--own 'em, you said 'em!

  • TomW

    We should never make an important decision when we are filled with emotion from a horrendous event. Is this shooter like all other shooters and gun owners? Of course not. Does what one citizen does in a city in the northeast mean that people who live in Montana must change? It should not. We have a lot of gun laws that are not enforced now, and not enforced by Federal agencies. When a prohibited person tries to buy a gun or ammo and is denied do they follow up on the fact that a prohbited person has attempted to they don't. They may make an annual press release (especially during election years) and tell us that the system has worked and denied this many people. But they don't pass the information that the person is looking for a gun to local police (who likely know the person). The Newtown shooter was denied by Dick's for handgun ammo sales. that fact to the local police might have been the red flag that prevented this event. When a democracy intends to deny or punish 200 million people who did nothing because crazy people have done something than the democracy is in trouble. We are all horrified by this event, but using it for political purposes is nearly as horrible. It really is the person and not the weapon. He was a cyber, homeschool basement monster and he could have been looking at how to make bomb websites, he could have been looking for how to make a gasoline bomb to kill. He meant to kill, if he had no gun he could have still done that. We should be focused on the problem of dangerous people and not making law abiding citizens into victims. Can we take comfort if we deny self defense to a family slaughtered in a home invasion (the new drug fad)? This is an issue that always requires sane thought and as usual the far left and far right do not have the answers, but the far left is in power and can do the harm to our form of government. I own two handguns and no assualt style weapons. I see my two guns as a means of protecting myself and family. I don't hunt, I don't see terrorists around the corner. Don't I have a right to protect myself in my own home? I have been doing that for 30 years and have killed no one and happily can report that we have not been killed either. Joe Manchin is a gadfly who cannot resist a camera and a chance to be important. He took that chance in this case, he was excited to do what he did and in doing so he misrepresented the people who sent him to D.C. It did not take long before he did that and minus a recall election we can expect to see that again.

  • Kris

    Oh! I almost forgot. Why in the world are some of you people bringing up abortion?


  • Kris

    I'm from West Virginia, currently living in Washington state. I grew up with guns. My dad was a hunter. Growing up with these guns provided me with a healthy respect of their power.

    HOWEVER, I do agree with Senator Manchin. Just because we are sitting down to have a conversation doesn't mean we're going to have our guns stripped of us!

    As for Keith Morgan, it's people like you that make the majority of sensible and intelligent West Virginians look like a bunch of raging hillbillies to everyone on the outside. Seriously, Senator "Elmer Fudd"? That's disgraceful and unprofessional.

  • jaime f

    He has no guts . and should not change a position he got elected on. we need to recall him

  • Damion

    "After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it."

  • J.R. Skene

    There is absolutely no reason - NONE - that assault weapons and high capacity clips should be in the hands of the general public. And if you disagree, then it's your guns that should be taken away first because you are obviously out of your mind. And since many want to turn this into a discussion about the sanity of the shooter(s), then I think you just made your own case for gun control.

  • Damion

    Wonder why there is never a mass shooting at a gunrange or a gun store? Seems like they occur at "Gun Free" zones. Wonder why?

    When will our political leaders admit that they are not able to legislate a solution for every problem in the world? When we will the voters start to elect people with that understanding?

    Government has a role to be sure. But it is not able to do what many people want it to matter how much money is printed, borrowed, and spent.

  • Greg

    When the Bill of RIghts was created, guns like this were not even a thought in our forefather's eyes. Regardless of the fact that I hunt, nobody needs weapons like this. Personal safety? You have to draw a line somewhere and hammer compliance.