Most of you may not have noticed, but I have a feeling that in the WVU football offices, they noticed.

In case you missed it, Alabama quarterback A. J. McCarron announced he is returning for his senior season next fall in Tuscaloosa. McCarron leads the nation in passing efficiency. He has thrown for an underrated 2,669 yards and 26 touchdowns.

Why is that significant for Mountaineer fans? Here’s why.

West Virginia opens the 2014 season against the Crimson Tide in Atlanta. Now that McCarron is coming back for the 2013 season, it means Nick Saban and his team will open 2014 with a new, untested quarterback.

Had McCarron left to enter this year’s draft, the Tide would have played a new quarterback in 2013 who would have game experience by 2014. The fact that Alabama should be playing a new quarterback in 2014 may give West Virginia an edge.

Keep in mind that, by the time the game is played, WVU should be playing a quarterback with considerable game experience. Someone should take command of the position next fall and be established by 2014.

So maybe you did not notice or think of this when McCarron made his announcement about returning for next season. But I am guessing that the WVU staff noticed.

I am also guessing that a forward-thinking guy like Oliver Luck noticed.

Heck, I noticed.


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  • Helen5844

    I just hope that the new defense is much much better than the old one. We have no chance with even Temple, if we do not improve on the defensive side of the ball.
    After looking at our commits I have high hope for the 2013-14 season.
    Yes I did think about the brand new QB in 2014 for Alabama. I also thought about the one that is leaving Alabama because of A J at the end of this year. I hope he does not go to another big 12 school. Maybe we should check him out.

  • Mac

    It doesn't matter if WVU can't improve on that 113th ranked defense...

  • Tim

    A small but interesting point. Thanks for sharing. Don't worry about some comments. Some people never have anything good to say. In the spirit of the season, I wish you and them a Merry Christmas !

  • jethro

    hey any advantage no matter how small is good in college sports

  • Nicky the Greek

    Unless are defense turns things around Saban could start at QB and handoff to a 5 star RB running behind a group of future pro linemen...

  • Sam

    In the words of the ESPN NFL Game Day Crew: "C'MON MAN!" I agree with Chad: it won't's BAMA not Oklahoma State.............

  • cutty77

    I'm sure Nick is not worried one Bit.Frank you have a Man Crush on Nick.Admit it.

  • chad

    C'mom man this is Alabama we're talking about. Do you really think the experience level of their quarterback matters??? If Alabama has proven anything over the last 6 years under the Nicktator it's that a top teir quarterback is unnecessary if you have a great defense and a solid ground attack on offense. Inexperienced QB...... puhlease

    • kyle farmer

      Yes It matters.
      And it does give us a fighting chance
      that we may not have had otherwise.