Joe Manchin On Wednesday's Talkline

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin says he is just trying to have a discussion about ways to prevent future mass shootings like the one, last week, that lead to the deaths of 20 kids and more than half a dozen adults in Newtown, Connecticut.

“I’m not afraid to have these conversations and I know I’m going to get criticized,” Senator Manchin said on Wednesday’s MetroNews Talkline.  He was a guest on the show for the second time this week to talk about his position on firearm regulatory changes and what should be done after the Newtown.

“I am open to talking about how do we have a better society with less violence and not blame just the gun owner, because if you blame the gun owner, you’re blaming me,” the Senator said.

Host Hoppy Kercheval asked Senator Manchin if he will support California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s proposed bill to reinstate the ban on assault weapons.  That ban first took effect in 1994 and expired in 2004.

“I’m not supporting a ban on anything.  I’m supporting a conversation on everything,” Senator Manchin said.

“I can’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to any of the things because all I’ve asked for, I want the NRA to tell me why we have any weapon you might want.  Is there any grounds or any changes or anything they would like to look at?  I don’t know.  I can’t even get a conversation to have responsible people at the table to finally come out with a conclusion.”

In a statement issued Tuesday, the first since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, officials with the National Rifle Association said the following: “The NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.”

NRA officials will be in Washington, D.C. on Friday for a news conference focused on the organization’s response to calls for additional gun control legislation in the wake of the Newtown school shootings.

Senator Manchin, though, says what happened in Newtown, when Adam Lanza, 20, opened fire at the school before killing himself, was not just about the weapons used.

“The gun didn’t shoot itself.  It didn’t commit that act by itself.  It couldn’t.”  The Senator says that’s why the response to Newtown must include large scale reviews of violence in the media along with mental health diagnosis and treatment in the United States.

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  • L Gill

    Gun FreeZones don't work we should already have conceald carry in schools. Police and armed guards in all schools is to expensive. Many of our school personal are already proficent with guns and have conceald carry permits. Give them the OK and start training others that want too. Our childern are sitting ducks while we debate and pass useless laws that don't do anything but punish law abiding people. Mass killers have mental problems and the only way you will stop most is with a gun.

  • Allen

    The citizens of this country have no business owning assult weapons. They should not be sold. They should be taken away. Anyone found in posession of one should be thrown in jail. There, I said it. Let the bashing begin.

  • WVEd

    Too bad no one has called out the fine Senator from West Virginia on his obfuscation of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is not about duck hunting Senator, it is about all of us protecting ourselves from the likes of you!

  • richard

    Waffeling "JOE" is out for himself, his wants , his greed.
    Worthless as teets on a boar hog!!

  • richard

    Face it Hollywood is probably more responsible than anything else for this deal. The horror movies and the fact that nobody dies is a direct cause for the cavalier thinking of young minds. Shootings without consequences, fights with no injuries, show these young minds there are no consequences for violence. This deal was an inept child trained by an inept parent wthout a father in the family to temper the training.
    The do gooders will scream but remember the guns did not fire themselves.

  • J. R. Turpin

    The only way that we can prevent such tragedies is to allow school administrators to have a concealed weapon. My wife and I both have a concealed weapons permit.
    Wicked people will always find a way to kill or harm others, if by guns, explosives, knives or chain saws.
    Since God has been removed from the classroom we have raised up a generation without morals. Put God and His teachings back in the classroom.
    On the subject of assault rifles, as any hunter knows, there is no difference between an assault rifle and a hunting rifle except clip capacity. Both are semi automatic. Clip capacity can be reduced however the shooter could have additional clips. This may slow them down.
    Lets not mess with the right to bear arms. Get some ideas from the NRA if you want to pursue this further.

  • John

    "The purpose of the 2nd amendment is to provide for national defense... "a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State..." That speaks of defense of the State, not one's person. That defense is now secured by a professional military."
    Mac, that is wrong, wrong, and wrong. Do some research. The words body of people were actually seriously considered. There was no "military" and militia meant citizens armed and ready to defend this country. "Regulated" means disciplined and trained. The 2nd amendment was written to clarify the right not give it. It was written to clarify the God given right to protect from invasions by a foreign enemy and a domestic enemy such as a rogue government, and personal protection. All the bill of rights were individual rights, but the liberals try to pick the 2nd amendment and say it means state. Wrong.

  • Tim

    Can't wait to vote ol Joe out next election.

  • John

  • John

    Four out of five of the top "mass shootings" in the history of the world happened in countries where no guns are allowed. That is a fact. How is taking guns away from law abiding citizens going to change that? The liberals don't want that fact exposed. The cities in the US with the highest violent crime rates are the ones with the most stringent gun laws. How's that gun control working out for you Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Los Angeles? Crime rates are actually lower now than when the assault weapons ban was in place. One of the first things Hitler did was disarm the public. The other was socialize medicine. That ship has sailed. Australia has seen a dramatic increase in violent crime since they outlawed guns. It doesn't work. And it won't work here. Take the citizen's guns and all that will be left are subjects. Don't even mention hunting. Hunting is but one use for guns and has nothing to do with the reason for the 2nd ammendment.

    • Mac

      The purpose of the 2nd amendment is to provide for national defense... "a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State..." That speaks of defense of the State, not one's person. That defense is now secured by a professional military.

  • John

    Four of the top five "mass shootings" in the history of the world took place in countrys where no guns are allowed. That is a fact and one the liberals don't want exposed. So how is taking my guns going to fix anything? In the US, the cities with the highest crime rates are the cities with the most gun control laws. How's that gun control working out for you Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles? This isn't about keeping anyone safe. It is about controlling the subjects formerly known as citizens.

  • Dave Jackson

    All the talk, all the platitudes, all the gestures of mourning......we go through this spasm every time something like this happens, and nothing comes of it, but we somehow feel we have done our part for having done so.

    This latest occurrence will conclude itself no differently. We will merely add to the lists of massacres.

    We need to change our hearts and put the better angels of our nature back into our lives, our homes, our families, our conversations, our places of work, and our society. Only One can do that if we allow Him. No law can change human nature, save One.

  • tomd

    joe does not have the truth in him but knows he can be re-elected for life if he wants to.