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President Barack Obama will find a bucket of coal at his doorstep on Christmas.

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, Co-Founder of the Congressional Coal Caucus, has teamed up with Friends and Families for Coal and Citizens for Coal, to deliver a bucket of coal to the White House for Christmas.

In a statement released by Capito Friday, she said the bucket of coal represents the concerns of those West Virginia families who are struggling this holiday season due to Obama’s anti-coal agenda.

“Coal means community in the Mountain State, and I am happy to deliver this bucket to the President to remind him that we will keep fighting to keep coal in the mix,” said Capito.

Capito will also be delivering a binder full of petitions entitled “All we want for Christmas is to keep our coal jobs” signed by over 600 West Virginians.

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  • RB

    Shelly has my vote!

  • jgrif

    anybody wanna bet that the white house is heated with coal produced electricity?

  • jim blankenship

    shelly you have my vote!

  • David

    Capito should give the coal to me, I could use it to heat my house, since her and her fellow GOP in the House can seem to think of the working people, and want to raise taxes on us. Dont let the GOP fool you. If they really wanted to make a deal on the "fisical cliff" they would. Glad that I didnt vote for the old gal!!!

    • Mike

      If you'll gladly burn that bucket of coal to heat your house, you are no friend to the machine called the Democrat Party. Please research all that President Obama has said about coal and you will really see what he, and the Democratic Party, has in mind with the coal industry. Right now, WV cannot survive without the coal industry. As far as taxes go, both sides have spent money like drunken sailors; however, at present, the Republicans have tried to corner Obama, Reid, and Pelosi into fixing Washington's spending problems. The Republicans are asking for more spending reductions and the Democrats keep refusing to change their spending addictions. The eight years G. Bush was president, we spent 500 billion more annually than what we took in taxes. In the four years B. Obama has been president, we have spent 1 trillion more annually than what we took in taxes. Obama's first two years in office the Democrats controlled EVERYTHING and failed to pass a budget. As a matter of fact, the Democratically controlled Senate has failed to propose a budget for the past four years. To save our great country, our politicians are going to have to do some very difficult things, like cut entitlement reform. I know many people who are receiving disability benefits, people who are 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation welfare recipients, and some unemployed who just plain refuse to work because it's more beneficial to collect the free check than go to work. I know a guy who receives full disability benefits, and walks 10-miles every day. I know another guy who receives full military and state disability benefits, and I see him take his jog through town six days a week. Some people are scamming the system, and nobody seems to care, which takes away from those who actually need the help. How many times do you see people standing in front of Wal-Mart holding signs saying they will work for food, while an advertizer sits across the entrance of the store saying they are hiring people. Those folks should just walk inside Wal-Mart and apply. I know the answer, most are just like cousin Eddie in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, they are waiting for management positions.

  • Frank in Ohio

    Obama maybe "anti-coal" but the numbers below have gone UP under Obama, because he obviously hates the people of West Virginia. Thats right WV "folks", you recieve more federal money than you pay out in taxes.

    The following is from FOX Business website - published August 3rd, 2012:

    West Virginia
    > Amt. per capita net of income taxes: $10,568
    > Population: 1,852,994
    > Pct. of U.S. population: 0.6%
    > Amt. (U.S. funds) per capita: $11,609
    > Pct. of U.S. funds per person: 0.67%

    West Virginia is the only state in the top 10 where federal spending on defense was not a significant contributor to the total amount of money this state received. In fact, West Virginia ranked 48th for federal defense spending — $609 per capita. A large portion of federal spending in West Virginia, almost 16%, was for Medicare benefits, slightly more than the national rate of 15.6%. West Virginia ranked first in the country for the percentage of people using this benefit at nearly 20%. West Virginians also received more federal spending per capita on retirement and disability benefits — which includes Social Security payments, federal retirement and disability benefits, and veterans benefits — than any other state.

    Read more:

    • Chalkdust

      Frank From Ohio:
      I expect an Obama supporter from Ohio to read a string of data and draw the wrong conclusion.
      Name a single factoid you sited that the creature Obama had ANY affect on besides current population? Don Jr.'s post will fill in your one-sided union view.

    • Don Jr.

      It's because we have a higher per capita of retired people and veterans than the other states.
      I'm proud of that fact.
      Retired people mean folks that have worked and paid taxes and paid into social security all their lives.
      They've earned that money, it is not a gift from Obama.

  • Don Jr.

    600 signatures?
    That's just a drop in the bucket.

  • marco

    go shelley go!!!

  • johnL

    If anyone should get the bucket of coal, it should be split between McKinney, Capito and Boehner to be used to keep the fires burning to stall safety requirements and black lung benefits for the coal miners. Then, the ashes could be used to bury the unions on behalf of their rich coal operator friends.

    • John

      Why are all you hippies reading WV MetroNews? Go hug a tree. Good for Senator Capito. At least she stands up and speaks for the hard working people of her great state. Take note Rocky.