As Geno Smith prepares for his final college game, the MetroNews sports crew counts down the quarterback’s top 10 career moments. (Kudos to Tyler Mertins and Andrew Cousins for combing through the video archives.)

Check out Smith’s string of shining performances and let us know if you agree with the pecking order.

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  • Helen5844

    I am sorry to see Geno leave, but I do hope he is very successful in the NFL. Same goes to all the others who game us so many memories. Will not name them so as not to leave out anyone We should have a lot of players go into the NFL this year.
    Hoping they go out with a hugh victory against Syracuse. GOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS

  • cutty77

    Geno,Tavon,and Stedman there may never be 3 that gave us SO MANY HIGHLIGHTS AT WVU.Just 10 won't touch it,more like 30.Scoup.Com Just posted there Top 10 Alernate Uniform's of 2012.Yes WVU Grey Set made number 10,with the Grey Helmets to Boot.Merry Christmas to all.

  • Randy

    Congrats to Gino and all my best. Thanks for the memories