More than 100 advocates of the Second Amendment braved frigid temperatures in Charleston Saturday to demonstrate against the recent remarks of U.S. Senator Joe Manchin.

“I just want Joe to know we don’t want him messing with the guns,” said Jeremiah Bolen of Charleston. “He should leave it alone. If you want to protect children in the schools you should put armed guards in the schools.”

The protest was organized by the West Virginia Citizens Defense League following Manchin’s statement Monday, on MetroNews Talkline and in other media outlets, he was in favor of revisiting the 1994 assault weapons ban passed by Congress. The Senator later modified his statement.

“I’m not advocating banning anything,” Manchin said on Talkline two days later. “I’m advocating a conversation on everything.”

“He stated that he wanted to have a conversation, but he stated it in the context of ‘I only need three rounds in my gun,'” said Keith Morgan, President of the WVCDL. “Ridiculous. Yeah he wants to have a conversation about banning guns is what he wants to have.”

(see Manchin statement below)

Protesters held signs referencing the Senator’s advocacy of no more than a three shot magazine for firearms. One sign with the cartoon character Elmer Fudd conveyed the Second Amendment is not about hunting.

“Criminals have 30-round clips and will always have 30-round clips,” said Morgan. “Why do you want to hamstring me to three rounds.”

“Are they advocating cars that go more than 70-miles an our,” said Bolen rhetorically. “The speed limit is only 70 why do you need to go 120?”

Most of those standing along Charleston’s Quarrier Street outside of Manchin’s office fear the next step Congress and the Obama Administration will take could start a rapid erosion of gun ownership rights.

“I think Obama is going to use executive order illegally and try to do something,” said Mark Adkins of Fayette County. “I think he’ll try to take our guns.”

Across the street a lone supporter of Manchin’s position stood silently staring at the gathered crowd. He wouldn’t make any comments to reporters, but said his sign conveyed his message. It read, “Manchin right, LaPierre Dead Wrong.” A reference to NRA President Wayne LaPierre who advocated the gun lobby’s position in a Washington press conference Friday. The NRA supports putting an armed guard in every school.

“The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre told reporters.

“We agree with that,” Morgan said. “Gun bans disarm the law abiding and insure only criminals have adequate means of self defense.”


U.S. Senator Joe Manchin released the following statement following Saturday’s protest.

I welcome this conversation and an open dialogue with members of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League – and all groups that feel strongly. I hope that Keith Morgan and other members of the group will sit down with me and have an open discussion. In West Virginia, sitting down together is how we fix things.

For my part, I ask the members of the Citizens Defense League and others with strong views to be open to this discussion. My hope is that in West Virginia, we don’t go down the Washington path, where guilt by association becomes guilt by conversation. These issues are too important to ignore.

In that vein, I also continue to encourage anyone to contact my office to share your views on the issue of confronting mass violence. Since the killings of our children at Newtown, I have called for an open discussion with everything on the table, so that we can do everything in our power to prevent another horrific massacre of our most innocent children.




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  • Danny

    It's always good to see a picture in the news of our well-regulated militia in action. I feel safer now.

    • Don Jr.

      I'm glad that Danny is able to feel safe and secure in his environment. Many of us have had this luxury that may not have cost us, personally, very much. Though, indeed the price paid for our freedom has been high throughout the years. For some reason this aspect is often times overlooked. The two of us feel safe for different reasons, I suspect. For him, I would think it is probably because he has no visable signs of threats and he always has 911 to dial if one shows up. For me, I know that the country that I live in is a free land with a constitution that always me to maintain a means to defend myself and family should the 911 responders be slower to arrive than the threat. Knowing that the 911 responders are professionals and quick to action is a comfort, but the true safety that I feel is in God, Country, and Guns.

      • Don Jr.

        Sorry for the typo's
        "allows" me to maintain a means
        is what I should have typed.

  • james hicks

    Would someone show me where in the 2nd amendment where taking an assault rife lower a clip to say 10 shots is in violation. I am a hunter and own several guns. All are legal I find it wrong to let 40% of sales to not go through any checks at all at gun shows. No LIBERAL is trying to take our guns never have but I hear it every election and the right fall for their lies every year. They even sent Mosses in one year to tell us that.

    • Wowbagger


      What are Fossills? I know what fossils are, but not Fossills.

  • John H.

    Please pass on to Senator Manchin that I would be happy to sit down and discuss ways of preventing these terrible tragedies, but walking on the Second Amendment is not the way to get it done!!! He is walking a very fine line right now and he could very easily lose many supporters and may have already lost many.

  • Habib Haddad

    I'm down with letting Pro resource officers patrol the halls armed. Worked well at Columbine, didn't it? When I went to high school, we kept our rifles in our vehicles during hunting season. Try that today.

  • micah phelps

    a liberal is one who believes in the progressive ideology. they think the american people dont deserve liberty and must be told what they can or cant do. they use class warefare, race bating, and other tactics to appeal to the vices of men to sell them more government control and more government dominance. they are destroying the moral fabric of our nation by creating dependents and brain washing our youth with this nanny state mentality. a true liberal is one who advocates for freedom from the state, but todays liberals are thieving socialists, nothing more, nothing less.


    Joe Manchin only comments on issues that he thinks will benefit his political career. Only then when he see's that his statements might hurt him politically, he comes back with"that's not what I meant" typical politician. Hey Joe, stick with Buck Wild, it won't hurt you politically.

  • Don Jr.

    Everyone needs to see the Wayne LaPierre press conference of Friday, Dec 21 in it's entirety. You can view it on the NRA website.
    He comes down hard on the national media and rightfully so. After the press release, I watched CBS to see how they'd respond. It was the best, non biased, national news cast that I've seen in years. They even covered the NRA press release with integrity. I had a second hand report that ABC did not improve any, and I did not hear from anyone that had watched NBC. CNN's intitial web coverage of the release was absolutely terrible. The clip was approximately two minutes long with about 10 seconds being allowed to actually hear the speech. Everyone owes it to themselves to hear the entire speech to educate themselves on this issue.

  • micah phelps

    a liberal is one who believes in the progressive ideology. they think the american people dont deserve liberty and must be told what they can or cant do. they use class warefare, race bating, and other tactics to appeal to the vices of men to sell them more government control and more government dominance. they also have coalitions with the gay rights movement and are destroying the moral fabric of our nation by creating dependents and brain washing our youth with this nanny state mentality. a true liberal is one who advocates for freedom from the state, but todays liberals are thievi gsocialists, nothing more, nothing less.

  • cutty77

    Yes i want someone to tell me what a liberal is.Is it the way you wear you Hair,or weather you wear a Button Down Color shirt,white only I'm sure and a paisley Tie.I will you tell you old Fossills this,there are more liberals around than you Fossills,you better be nice to them.

    • Don Jr.

      Basically, Liberials are a group that are probably one of the most religious groups in the country and many do not even realize that they are religious. Their religion is what I would call the elite progression or evolution of humanity. They believe that humanity is the force of good in the world and it is evolving and progressing into something greater. In effect, they are their own god. They have no concept of the reality that humanity, though first created in the likeness of God, has corrupted itself and alligned itself with evil. Moral conservatives understand this corruption and realize that all have to create and maintain a relationship with God to overcome evil and that humanity is simply not just evolving into a higher state of being. The liberal philosophy has been taught in our schools for many many years. You can see the doctrine being presented in a lot of TV programming as well. Star Trek being a perfect example. Although a fun and entertaining show to watch, not something that you'd want to follow as a philosophy for life.

      • Don Jr.

        You may ask the question, How does the spirtuality aspect of liberal beliefs tie in to their stance on gun control? Since the liberals believe that humanity is the force for good in the universe, then to them the environment must be the cause of evil. Hence, to them, the gun itself is the evil. To them, they can help the evolution of humanity along by removing the objects of evil, such as the gun. Conservatives would see the gun as merely a tool that can be used for both good and evil. In the case of Sandy Hook, this would be an evil use of the gun, which is merely the tool chosen to carry out the evil. To us, guns are also used for good. Hunting, puts food on the table. Guns are used in defense of one's household and country. Recreational target and competition events are family activites and view by us as good. In my view, liberals generally do have more knowledge than conservatives, but have less understanding. I think that is the reason that they seldom ever listen to us. They know more, what they do know is they actually understand less.

        • Don Jr.

          Last sentence should read:
          They know more, what they do NOT know is they actually understand less.
          Sorry for the typo's folks.
          Merry Christmas!

    • GregG

      Liberal.....a. Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.
      b. Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.

      Conservative....a. Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change. b. One who feels the need to force "their" views on all others. c. One who has gained wealth from the backs of the middle class. d. One who believes in forcing all who they deem lesser individuals into servitude. e. One who worships Ronald Reagan. f. One who truly believes that Rush is "on loan from God".

    • AJ


      #1. A liberal, is someone who would spend his children's future money, and leave the children broke.

      #2. A liberal, l is someone who if they do not like something, they want to force everyone to not like it, and if the like something they want to force everyone to like it.

      Those are two things, and I could go on, but the ignorance is a liberal's calling card and you have displayed it here for all to see.

      Merry Christmas Cutty77

      • Allen

        You are full of crap!

    • Chalkdust

      Cutty 77:
      Go back to high school and tell the Jr. prom queen you wrote "letter" putting Conservatives in their place. By the way, advise your teacher that the lastest exit poll indicated that libeals are 17% of the voteing public.

      • cutty77

        To Chalkdust,
        First of all you show your stupidy,by believing Exits Polls.You really think someome is going to tell the truth about that.And as long as YOU CONSERVATIVES KEEP ACTING LIKE THE SHRINERS LODGE.You win Never win another Election,except for the POPAW in THE SHRINERS.GOOD LUCK AT YOUR NEXT HOT DOG SALE.

    • george76

      OK, what is a liberal? please tell cutty, I would like to know. Please tell what you plan to do with the "fossills".

    • Shawn

      Liberalism is associated with the welfare-state policies of the New Deal program of the Democratic administration of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt. - Encyclopaedia Britannica

      I doubt I need to explain what a welfare-state is to a liberal, but to a libertarian it is the redistribution of wealth by the government... (which by the way, is not a provision in the Bill of Rights). As it relates to this discussion, the liberal mentality is to deny personal culpability for wrong-doings. They refuse to accept any part of the blame that their own personal actions might have played in crimes against society. Instead, choosing to blame society or the lack of governmental oversight for the consequences of their actions. Liberals have an entitlement mindset. They believe that the government has an obligation to make sure they live comfortably regardless of the person's actual contribution to their own comfort. They will support any agenda that seeks to maintain or improve their minimal acceptable level of comfort.

    • Gina Domenick-Hanket

      YOU are the perfect example of what a LIBERAL is. And a hypocrite to boot as you slam the Conservative out of one side of your mouth, you then have the audacity to use the word TOLERANCE out of the other side. I would tell you to THINK BEFORE you open your mouth.....hello!????
      You would not hear me.

  • Richard

    wvman75 would you please tell me exactly what the "national liberal agenda" is that Manchin and Rockefellar sell West Virginians down the road for "every chance they get"? Would appreciate YOUR definition of that 'agenda', not a paste and cut from elsewhere. I honestly am just trying understand what you are talking about.

    • Chalkdust

      Buy a newspaper, read a book, but for God's sake don't publish your ignorance.

  • David

    I have come to the conclusion that MetroNews only post comments made by Consertatives!


    Manchin has always been a flip flopper worst governor ever now the worst senator ever I am a democrat and I didnt vote for him and never will I ever vote for him. He has and always will be for his family and friends remember the free master degree his daughter got. Manchln said he didnt know anything about the degree LOL LOL any REAL parent would know when their CHILD got a FREE MASTER DEGREE and did not PAY FOR IT SAY IT AINT SO JOE

    • Greg

      While I've voted for many Democrats in the past, I can't do so again. No matter what they say they believe in, when push comes to shove, they always do the bidding of the liberal progressive leadership.

  • Clifton

    I just wish that West Virginia, for once, can stop "clinging to their bibles and guns", drop their outdated and antiquated ideals, and be the leading voice in a new generation of America.

    But no.... Instead, we'll follow suit. We'll live down to our expectations and reputation. We'll continue to be that insecure, poor, obese, under-educated state with no real relevance on the national level. We'll continue to validate the country's perspective of who we are as a state.

    I swear, we're like something straight out of a South Park episode. So... Sure....let's keep assault weapons! We're West Virginia! We'll show 'em! The goverment is evil!

    (Yeah right)

    No wonder all of the educated West Virginians leave the state.

    • Mike

      You sound like a puppet for President Obama with the "Clinging to their Bibles and guns" reference. Well, you know what, even though I should read it a lot more, I'm proud to cling to my bible. And, if you are willing to give up your right to bear arms, what other rights are you willing to give up? Please explain. The reason a lot of educated West Virginian's leave is there are no jobs. And if you will admit, President Obama has promised to kill the coal industry, which will do away with even more jobs. Further, WV is a welfare haven for the masses. The answer to your issue - drum roll please - WHO HAS CONTROLLED THE STATE FOR DECADES? Thank you, and have a nice day.

    • WVPreacher

      Maybe you should move to China.

    • NorthernWVman

      sure let's try it your way Clifton. Let's go continue to go down the road of de-moralizing our society. Sometimes teh old addage, "if it's not broke why fix it" actually works.

      Oh and your statement about all the "educated" leaving the state is wrong. Several of us are well educated and enjoy the attributes this fine state gives us and we have stuck around. Maybe you need to take the plank our your own eye before pointing out the splinter in another's

    • Fat Hubie

      You are right! We should keep the guns. No use trying the liberal formula of ditching what works and doing what sounds good...

    • Wowbagger


      Here's your hat what is your hurry!

  • wvman75

    Neither Manchin or the carpetbagger Rockefeller have the thoughts, best interests, or well-being of West Virginians in mind. They both sell us down the river for the national liberal agenda in a heartbeat. Every chance they get.

    • wvtomd

      and can get re-elected for life no matter what they do in d.c.c it seems.

  • James carr

    They are still having funerals in Connecticut, this is not the time for such a protest.

    • Needham

      Every day is the right time for these protests. Newtown's loss does not = my loss of rights, and I'm not shutting up for one minute just because a handful of parents who had their children taken away from them want to make it possible for it to happen to me.

    • Bill

      It is exactly the right time to Protest!!! If anyone remembers it was Clinton in 2000 that first advocated armed police in scools and school zone when he tried for a 60 billion dollar increase for Police,firemen and teachers .Course the Main street Media don't remember that!!

    • Judy Watts

      Just wait until it is your children getting killed and then you would not be talking so stupid. Weapons for hunting or protection are not what the conversation is about. Fools and their money are soon parted and the NRA is raking in billions at the expense of innocent children and others.

      • Mike

        The NRA does more gun safety training than the US government. It's very interesting to me that people have such short memories: does Fast and Furious ring a bell with anyone!

      • NorthernWVman

        Ms. Watts,
        The 2nd Amendment was not devised with huntning in mind. Just thought you should know that. The NRA is NOT raking in billions at the expense of children as you so likely want to spew. I would imagine all of the NRA supporters are grieving just as much as anyone else in the wake of this travesty. Your comment is akin to saying that Hospitals and Doctors are all raking in billions at the expense of innocent children or probably in your realm of think you would call them "fetuses"

    • jim blankenship

      The president brought this up in his first speach after the shooting. If you don't like the discussion then talk to the president. The NRA didn't make a statement on the matter for a week or so. Who do you think is pushing their agenda.