More than 100 advocates of the Second Amendment braved frigid temperatures in Charleston Saturday to demonstrate against the recent remarks of U.S. Senator Joe Manchin.

“I just want Joe to know we don’t want him messing with the guns,” said Jeremiah Bolen of Charleston. “He should leave it alone. If you want to protect children in the schools you should put armed guards in the schools.”

The protest was organized by the West Virginia Citizens Defense League following Manchin’s statement Monday, on MetroNews Talkline and in other media outlets, he was in favor of revisiting the 1994 assault weapons ban passed by Congress. The Senator later modified his statement.

“I’m not advocating banning anything,” Manchin said on Talkline two days later. “I’m advocating a conversation on everything.”

“He stated that he wanted to have a conversation, but he stated it in the context of ‘I only need three rounds in my gun,'” said Keith Morgan, President of the WVCDL. “Ridiculous. Yeah he wants to have a conversation about banning guns is what he wants to have.”

(see Manchin statement below)

Protesters held signs referencing the Senator’s advocacy of no more than a three shot magazine for firearms. One sign with the cartoon character Elmer Fudd conveyed the Second Amendment is not about hunting.

“Criminals have 30-round clips and will always have 30-round clips,” said Morgan. “Why do you want to hamstring me to three rounds.”

“Are they advocating cars that go more than 70-miles an our,” said Bolen rhetorically. “The speed limit is only 70 why do you need to go 120?”

Most of those standing along Charleston’s Quarrier Street outside of Manchin’s office fear the next step Congress and the Obama Administration will take could start a rapid erosion of gun ownership rights.

“I think Obama is going to use executive order illegally and try to do something,” said Mark Adkins of Fayette County. “I think he’ll try to take our guns.”

Across the street a lone supporter of Manchin’s position stood silently staring at the gathered crowd. He wouldn’t make any comments to reporters, but said his sign conveyed his message. It read, “Manchin right, LaPierre Dead Wrong.” A reference to NRA President Wayne LaPierre who advocated the gun lobby’s position in a Washington press conference Friday. The NRA supports putting an armed guard in every school.

“The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre told reporters.

“We agree with that,” Morgan said. “Gun bans disarm the law abiding and insure only criminals have adequate means of self defense.”


U.S. Senator Joe Manchin released the following statement following Saturday’s protest.

I welcome this conversation and an open dialogue with members of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League – and all groups that feel strongly. I hope that Keith Morgan and other members of the group will sit down with me and have an open discussion. In West Virginia, sitting down together is how we fix things.

For my part, I ask the members of the Citizens Defense League and others with strong views to be open to this discussion. My hope is that in West Virginia, we don’t go down the Washington path, where guilt by association becomes guilt by conversation. These issues are too important to ignore.

In that vein, I also continue to encourage anyone to contact my office to share your views on the issue of confronting mass violence. Since the killings of our children at Newtown, I have called for an open discussion with everything on the table, so that we can do everything in our power to prevent another horrific massacre of our most innocent children.




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  • Dylan

    I’m a gun owner and hunter but no one will ever be able to convince me of the need for assault type weapons in modern society.

    • WVGunny


      Then ask yourself this question, why is that when other countries are being abusive and killing of their own citizens, the first thing our gouvernment wants to do is to arm those citizens. I suppose a full confiscation of weapons would be alright with you as well.

      • Mike


        Very well stated.

  • Jw

    "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government". George washington

  • WVGunny

    Sorry for the typo, is should read English vessels.

  • WVGunny

    Well it didn't take Senator Manchin to trade in his Mountaineer buckskins for jackboots. It all started when he climbed on the Planned Parenthood, baby killing is ok and is now on the anti contstitution national Democrat Socialist Party politic. I suggest Senator Manchin actually read and understand the Bill of Rights. As should all you liberals who are so progressive.
    If you had a clue about the meaning of "The Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed" That you would know that this is not about owning guns, if you knew any of your American history, you would also know that it was private citizens that captured cannons from Englis vessels and mounted them on wheels to use against the enemy. The founders fully understood that the citizenry should have at their means the ability to over throw a tyrannous government. And boys and girls we are rapidly approaching that very government today.

  • Steve Q

    Give a lefty a finger and pretty soon he wants the whole hand. No compromise with liberals. They created this cultural cesspool. They undermined the family. They unleashed the epidemic of drugs. They have opened the door to every perversion. They are America's enemies, worse even that jihadis. Give them NOTHING!!!

  • welfareworker

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    that is what the second amendment says in its entirety. we all tend to forget the well regulated part

    • GregG

      I figured out many years ago that people treat the Constitution in the same manner as many treat their bible........they pick and choose what best suits their needs and totally ignore the parts that may hit to close home. And if all else fails, write a new Constitution. They didn't like the "old testament" so miraculosly a "new testament" appeared.

  • jim blankenship

    Why is it that the cities in this country with the toughest gun laws are the ones with the highest crime rates.

  • Rick Smith

    I hope everybody, who is outraged that Joe Manchin doesn't understand why the Second Amendment was written, will write Joe at his
    Senate webpage and give him "what for".

    Hey Joe, in case you're still in the dark, it has NOTHING to do with Bambi, or target shooting.

  • Ron GIlbert

    Gun control is not about safety. It never has been never will be. It is about pacifying a people, always has been always will be. Liberals will always use these incidents of children and adults being massacred as an "I told you so..." instead of realizing that these incidents overwhelmingly take place in gun free zones where people are not allowed to defend themselves. The rationale by liberals has always been that you should be able to disarm a gunman while he is changing a magazine or reloading. To a practiced gun user, this is idiocy. It takes less than 1.5 seconds for the average person to swap out a magazine and less than 1 second for someone that knows what they are doing. Instead of blaming the gun used in the killing, hold those that use these weapons for killing accountable. Stop criminalizing everyone for what a very small number of people are doing.

  • Danny

    It's always good to see a picture in the news of our well-regulated militia in action. I feel safer now.

    • Don Jr.

      I'm glad that Danny is able to feel safe and secure in his environment. Many of us have had this luxury that may not have cost us, personally, very much. Though, indeed the price paid for our freedom has been high throughout the years. For some reason this aspect is often times overlooked. The two of us feel safe for different reasons, I suspect. For him, I would think it is probably because he has no visable signs of threats and he always has 911 to dial if one shows up. For me, I know that the country that I live in is a free land with a constitution that always me to maintain a means to defend myself and family should the 911 responders be slower to arrive than the threat. Knowing that the 911 responders are professionals and quick to action is a comfort, but the true safety that I feel is in God, Country, and Guns.

      • Don Jr.

        Sorry for the typo's
        "allows" me to maintain a means
        is what I should have typed.

  • james hicks

    Would someone show me where in the 2nd amendment where taking an assault rife lower a clip to say 10 shots is in violation. I am a hunter and own several guns. All are legal I find it wrong to let 40% of sales to not go through any checks at all at gun shows. No LIBERAL is trying to take our guns never have but I hear it every election and the right fall for their lies every year. They even sent Mosses in one year to tell us that.

    • Wowbagger


      What are Fossills? I know what fossils are, but not Fossills.

  • John H.

    Please pass on to Senator Manchin that I would be happy to sit down and discuss ways of preventing these terrible tragedies, but walking on the Second Amendment is not the way to get it done!!! He is walking a very fine line right now and he could very easily lose many supporters and may have already lost many.

  • Habib Haddad

    I'm down with letting Pro resource officers patrol the halls armed. Worked well at Columbine, didn't it? When I went to high school, we kept our rifles in our vehicles during hunting season. Try that today.

  • micah phelps

    a liberal is one who believes in the progressive ideology. they think the american people dont deserve liberty and must be told what they can or cant do. they use class warefare, race bating, and other tactics to appeal to the vices of men to sell them more government control and more government dominance. they are destroying the moral fabric of our nation by creating dependents and brain washing our youth with this nanny state mentality. a true liberal is one who advocates for freedom from the state, but todays liberals are thieving socialists, nothing more, nothing less.


    Joe Manchin only comments on issues that he thinks will benefit his political career. Only then when he see's that his statements might hurt him politically, he comes back with"that's not what I meant" typical politician. Hey Joe, stick with Buck Wild, it won't hurt you politically.