The search continued Wednesday afternoon for a Logan County man who was wanted for allegedly shooting and wounding his girlfriend’s stepfather on Christmas Day.

Deputies with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department say Mack Brumfield, 18, is considered armed and dangerous.

The man he allegedly shot multiple times was in critical condition at Charleston Area Medical Center General Hospital in the Capitol City on the day after Christmas.

The shooting happened in Henlawson on Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators say a fight between Brumfield and his girlfriend escalated to the point where the girlfriend called family members for help.¬† That’s when a fight started between Brumfield and the woman’s stepfather, ending with the stepfather being shot.

Anyone with information about where¬†Brumfield is can contact the Logan County Sheriff’s Department at 304-792-8590 or call Logan County’s 911 Center.

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  • LisaN

    My gun on the shelf won't do anything by itself. Its the ppl behind it. Wow if we looked at things in that light, we'd pull cars off the highways because they kill and spoons and forks, make ppl fat and cause diseases. The NRA never...promotes anything but safety...and its true, that if we'd outlaw them totally, only the criminals would have them. Because don't be so naive to think they wouldn't get ahold of a gun, because they would. Much safer to know that our family has and can use...guns safely if and when needed. Our right to bear arms must be guarded w/ everything in us. Thank God we can still protect ourselves in this way. Prayers to this family esp this time of year, and PS the only way our youth will ever improve is when family life improves and the only way family life will EVER...improve is getting families back to GOD. Not gun control. Just sayin. be blessed n have a blessed Christmas and New Years to all.

  • george

    Again. if guns were outlawed only outlaws would have guns.....................

  • Boothe

    Just what we need, hmaalltheway, more ppl. taking guns with them.
    If the NRA keeps getting its way, lets just change the name of the whole country to "Dodge City" or "OK Corral"
    I hope the victim is OK!

    • snag

      Did you know guns are illegal in Mexico? Obviously, that isn't working to well either. If you take guns away from law abiding citizens, you'll make criminals out of good people.

    • DonaldH

      I don't understand what you are saying! The NRA is in no way supporting ANY type of gun play as we historicaly know as the OK Corral or Dodge City--- Show me one place where the NRA has said we should settle our differences on the steets with gun play..


    Call the relatives after you call the police! Then you have the relatives follow the policeman into the the daughters place. It just amazes me how stupid this younger generation is and how little value they put on a human life. Yes, the family is supposed to aid whenever our kids need help but for the love, take a gun with you !! This is WV, everybody has a gun! "better to have one and not need it than need one and not have one"
    "This boy needs remanded to authorities"
    I hope the step dad pulls through and the offender is caught before anyone else gets hurt.
    The youth in this country needs alot of prayer.
    God Bless