The President of the Harrison County Board of Education says he thinks there should be an armed guard in every school.

“We have armed guards for all of the federal judges.  We have armed guards now at courthouses in all 55 counties.  It’s time that we consider that,” Mike Queen says.

He says those trained school guards will serve as deterrents .

In Harrison County, there are already armed guards, called Prevention Resource Officers, in each high school, one middle school and the Alternative Learning Center.  Those officers are from the Clarksburg Police Department and Bridgeport Police Department.

A total of 17 schools in Harrison County do not have guards, though.

Queen, a guest on Thursday’s MetroNews Talkline, says, in the wake of the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, he thinks that needs to change.

“We have schools, here in Harrison County, that are actually larger than the Newtown, Connecticut school.  So, that really hit home for a lot of us school board members who really take this safety thing seriously,” Queen said.

He says he wants the Harrison County Board of Education to hold a town hall meeting to look at the possibility of guards, each school day, along with larger school safety issues, including continued improvements to secure school entry points.

Last week, National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre called for armed guards in every school to prevent future mass shootings.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre said.

That call came after a 20 year old man shot and killed 20 kids and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

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  • lynn

    obviously mr, queen needs attention AGAIN he is always stirring the p==p , he needs to get a job, and take care of all the idle time he has, it was a relief when someone stole the jesus picture that he harped about, the public would have paid the thieves bond if he were caught we were so tired of hearing it, and then harrassing the lady at the board of education, he is a misogynist, sent emails to all to help him get her fired, and it back fired as people all went to the meeting to support her, as she is doing a great job, just about any issue he steps in and makes a big deal out of it, once again he is bored, and needs attention. its all about him. always, we should have all public figures get psychological testing, before they take office, more important is teach our kids to make change, write in cursive, which most cant read, and at any drive thru fast food places kids cant make change without the help of a calculator, teachers if they feel it is necessary should be the ones speaking out, this guy just makes any issue seem like its either his idea or he is defending the public, but its really all about mr queen needing attention, any kind of attention, will do.wake up people, the money would be better spent on education, and allowing teachers the choice to carry concealed weapons, not paying for armed guards, spending money the wrong way again.

  • L Gill

    Some of the teachers are already hunters or conceald carry people they deserve the right to defend themselves and their students. Give the teachers a course in gun safety and defence and let them carry if they pass a background check and want to. Its better than being sittings ducks for any nut that has a desire to kill. Just the unkown presence of guns in the school will stop a lot of would be killers, A killer wearing a bullit proof vest can be stopped with one well place bullit. Gun Free Zones do not work that has already been proven. All mass killers have a mental problem and they can only be stop from doing harm with a bullit. Police can't protect, laws can't protect, only a gun can protect.

  • johnL

    This is just another politician trying to get some free publicity. If he is this stupid, I hope the county has a strong staff at the county level.

    • Dave W

      I can't understand why this is such a "stupid" idea? It was reported by CNN that the principle and vice principle charged the attacker unarmed to try to stop him. What if one or both had been armed? or had Ms. Soto had a gun when he busted in her classroom, wouldn't she had a better chance than just trying to shield the children with her body?
      Why do people pretend the shooter was some pro killer that no one had a chance to stop? He was a coward crazy kid. Ever wonder why he shot himself when he first heard the police coming instead of continueing killing people? He had lots more bullets, as so reported. He was a coward, afraid the police would shoot him in a non-fatal place and it would cause pain, would be my guess.
      No one will ever know, but there is a good chance if the Admin of Sandy Hook had guns to resist, there may had been less, maybe no killings that day. Guns have been used to protect things that people hold important to them for years and years, should childern not fall into that catagory?

      • Don Jr.

        Dave, Glad to see you call the killer a coward. Too bad the media will never use this word when reporting these tragedies.
        I do not see why they cannot call these masacre's "cowardly acts", instead of trying to paint the killer as some sort of victum. I honestly think that the manner in which the media handles these events (to them a story) adds a greater likelyhood to future events. Why do the liberals want everyone to be defenseless against these murderers?

  • Dave W

    My beliefs are that a better idea, (and cheaper) would be to ask for volunteer teachers, principle and staff to train and obtain conceal carry permits.Then carry guns. I say pay these volunteers extra for doing so (still would be much cheaper than paying armed guards) require they stay up to date and go to a shooting range at least every 60 days.The advantage of armed Staff over guards is bad guy(s) not knowing whose carring a gun or not, thereby not creating a first target like at Columbine. Nothing is 100% but I believe this would be our best chance of protecting our childern.

  • Jess Tucker

    But there was an armed guard at Columbine and that didn't help. Are these guards going to wear bullet proof vests and carry assault rifles? That seems to be the only thing that would have stopped the Newtown assault.

    I wish the media wouldn't make so much over the shooter. If you are going to kill yourself you might as well get famous doing it.

    Other countries have to worry about terrorists, we have to worry about each other. At least a terrorists is trying to prove something. We just want to be famous, and dead.