New York Stock Exchange trader Henry Becker, Jr. had the biggest smile on his face when members of the Mountaineer football team and coach Dana Holgorsen arrived on the Wall Street trading floor Thursday.

Becker, a native of Long Island, is a big Mountaineer fan and has been since he was a young boy.

“My father bought a farm in Braxton County and I’ve been going down there a couple times a year since I was three,” Becker told MetroNews.

He yelled “Let’s Go Mountaineers! ” when quarterback Geno Smith rang the opening bell to begin Thursday’s session.

Becker said he was definitely the biggest Mountaineer fan on the floor of the Exchange. When asked about this season and its 7-5 record Becker delivered a New York style answer.

“You can’t lose the same way five times in a row.”

He added WVU better be ready for better coaching and better athletes in the Big 12.

Becker says adopting West Virginia has been a good thing. He said the best thing about the state are its people.

“There’s no one better than Mountaineers,” he said. “Honest, hard-working, dedicated people. So that’s what I remember most about the state.”

His time in Braxton County has been spent four-wheeling floating on the river.

“All the good stuff,” Becker said.

The 17-year veteran of the New York Stock Exchange proudly has a flying WV tattoo just above one of his ankles.

“That way West Virginia never gets too far from home,” he said.


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  • Priscilla

    I heard this man chanting on the video footage at Wall Street. Glad to put a face with the voice. I am so honored as a West Virginian that others outside of our state see how wonderful it truly is to live in and be a West Virginian. Yes, in my experience in The NYC/NJ area there are a lot of folks there who follow and enjoy rooting for the Mountaineers. Thanks for article and Let's Go Mountaineers!!!

  • cutty77

    i was lucky enough to attend 2 Big East Touraments.I will say this New York People Love WVU.When i was walking around in Times Square,people kept coming up to me and telling me How Much of a Big Fan they were of WVU in all sports.New York Fans Know there sports too. I Hope we will leave them with some life long memories of this game.WVU Fans don't realize what Geno,Stedman,and Tavon have done at WVU.Look up NCAA stats on Offense,All 3 of them are in the top 3 in 4 different Offense Stats,Really UNBEIEVEABLE