Having faced USC’s Matt Barkley and Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater this season, Syracuse linebacker Dyshawn Davis said Geno Smith looks like a combination of the two.

“He’s got a mix of everything,” Davis said.

West Virginia defensive coordinator Keith Patterson, during his previous stint at Pitt, saw plenty of Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib. But the recent film Patterson has seen during bowl prep sessions shows Nassib’s impressive development.

“On Saturday, you’re going to see a quarterback who’s in command, in complete control,” Patterson said. “Last year I think you saw some indecision. This year he’s an operator.”

Though quarterbacks are always a pregame focal point, the Pinstripe Bowl presents a passer’s dream. There’s Smith — seemingly a first-round draft lock who has thrown for more than 4,000 yards in his senior season — and his counterpart Nassib, also a potential early-round pick who needs a 389-yard passing day at Yankee Stadium to reach 4,000 himself.

Check out the dazzling numbers in the graphic above and settle in Saturday for a pass-happy parade.

bubble graphic


bubble graphic


  • Allan Taylor

    Nice assessment, Larry. I could see this one going either way. Still haven't finalized my gameday pick. May have to flip a quarter, consult a magic 8-ball, call the psychic hotline ...

    • Larry


      Once again, Thank you for keeping us informed.

      This game scares me. There are so many intangebles and unknowns. Tomorrow is my Birthday, Here's a wish of hoping I am dead wrong on my prediction and the Mountaineers pull off the victory. That would make for a wonderful Birthday celebration...

  • Larry

    Ok. Here is the comparison as I see it:

    Ryan Nassib: He has a distinct advantage due to the fact that he is facing the worst pass defense in the nation. A blind QB could complete passes against this defense…Look for him to have a “Red-Letter” day just like every other opposing QB has had this season. He will go out a winner.

    Geno Smith: Although a better quarterback, Geno is at a distinct disadvantage. He claims he has figured out the Syracuse blitz but my guess is that he hasn’t. Syracuse blitzes as well if not better than any team in the country and look for them to even kick it up a notch against Geno tomorrow. To make matters worse, the ineligibility of Joe Madsen causes a weak pass blocking offensive line to become even weaker. Look for Geno to go out a loser.

    Syracuse 45 WVU 31

    NOTE: I have opinions, strong opinions...but I don;t always agree with them.