West Virginia University Athletic Director Oliver Luck says the athletic department needed a way to reward large donors to the basketball program and that’s why a new seating policy is going in at the WVU Coliseum for next basketball season.

Luck discussed the policy last week during an appearance on MetroNews Talkline.

“We have (new) donors who are coming on board, folks who are writing big checks, and we don’t have any available seats to seat them in the lower bowl (of the Coliseum),” he said.

Luck says that’s come about over the years with an unofficial seating program that’s put many faculty and staff members in the lower sections along with a process where some fans buy a lot of tickets and then serve as de facto ticket brokers.

“They were all buying those tickets through one individual and we’re trying to break apart those little groups and figure out how we can be fair to those folks who are, quite honestly, aren’t in the system but they’ve been coming to games for 15, 20, 25, 30 years,” Luck said.

The new system will be based on points. Luck says the points won’t be based solely on money.

“You receive points for longevity. Our faculty and staff members will receive extra points. We give points for donations folks would make to the alumni association or the (WVU) Foundation, not just to the Mountaineer Athletic Club,” Luck said.

WVU looked at what a handful of other schools have done in similar situations and Luck says the point system has been used.

“What we’re trying to do is to bring as much equity and fairness into the seating program as we possibly can,” he said.

The new system will mean change for many fans. Luck believes a few them will be upset but predicts most will understand.

“I think the vast majority of folks once it all shakes out will really realize it was done in the best interest of the university and the athletic program and in particular the men’s basketball program because that’s where the interest is,” Luck said.

The Mountaineer Athletic Club has scheduled three open house sessions to discuss the changes. Those will take place at the Coliseum before the Jan. 23rd TCU game, the Feb. 23rd Oklahoma State contest and the March 9th match-up with Iowa State.

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    I agree with most of you here. I have a friend who has sank several dollars into the system this year and his football tickets were split up 2 on one side 2 on there other. His father is an Alum and sister was involved in with the Bball team years ago but now Ollie wants to relegate him to the upper deck at Bball games! Well, I believe he will be taking his $'s and support elsewhere next season. Its a shame, for the most part this state is blue collar and to make an investment for season tickets is no small matter but when they are unappreciated they will turn on the powers that be and opt out and spend their money elsewhere. Folks might want to check on Redskins, Bengals or Steelers tickets for next year. You can get more bang for your buck !

  • Long, long time fan

    Mr. Luck cares nothing about the fans of WVU. Forget the long-time donor fan who's stood by this school through many difficult years. Worry only about today's big donor. Mr. Luck, with the looks of your athletic program today, your attention would be better placed in finding a way to make your foorball and basketball programs competitive. Since your arrival, the deterioration of the premier athletic teams at WVU has been drastic. Oh well, for an extra $20, you'll sacrifice most anything.....

  • Slingblade33

    WVU, slowly sliding into oblivion.

  • Peasant

    I must admit I have been in favor of "most" of the AD decisions... however I agree 100% with quinsaba about the attendance issue. "Big Donors" pay lots of money to only come to the marquee matchups (maybe two or three games a year) leaving the colisium looking empty and not supported by the fanbase for the non-sexy games. Then, WE as fans get ripped by our ball coach for not filling the colisium. I recently took my family to a game and paid $27 for upper upper upper level tickets, while the majority of the lower level seats were empty!!!

  • Uncle Fester

    With Ollie Luck, It's all about the Benjamins. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    It is not at all about the fans.



  • quinsaba

    the big donors get the seats and show up at most once or twice, and the true fan who travels 3-5 hours in cold and snow over mountains,makes the coliseum "electric"and is there for many games, gets a crows nest seat or watch on tv. then the coaches start hollering about attendance. they better talk to oliver first.its all about the money. wvu has stepped up with the real big boys now but it looks like an implosion is on the horizon by trying to go big so fast and staying competitive in football and basketball. the true fan always gets hurt in these situations

  • H.W.

    Mr. Luck last time I checked West Virginia University was a public educational institution paid for by the people of the great state of West Virginia. It is not a private athletic club. With that being said it would seem to me that maybe it is time for the President of West Virginia University to review the culture and the management practices within the athletic department and make some serious changes.

  • JimJim

    When do we get beer??? And I don't think that $50.00 for parking is unreasonable. Go 'eers. Lucky, what a joke.

  • Lynn

    My family is very seriously considering not purchasing season tickets next year and no longer donating to the "fund" because:
    1. NO PARKING at basketball games.
    2. We refuse to pay $20. to park for 2 hours.
    3. Can't understand why hundreds of parking spaces were removed in front of the Coliseum just for the sake of money. You are losing your fan base!!!!!!!!!!
    4. We are retired. We have been attending since 1970. But Ollie, you are pricing us out of attending. Our children did not sign a multi-million dollar contract.

  • David

    Well I agree with Greg!

    However, it appears to me that most of the time there are plenty of empty seats. Personally, I think Olie needs to worry about the football program or there will be plenty of empty seats there as well.

    One more thing, when Luck and I went to school the students showed their ID's and had student sections. Evidently that is no longer the case. However, in a very small building DUKE seems to honor their students. They realize that the university experience is about the students. Have you forgotten that Oliver Luck? Is this just another "pro" type program where the donors are taken care of and the students are shoved to the side? If it is then I suggest you re-evaluate your position.

  • GregG

    Oh, I understand Mr. Luck. In your world it must be killing you to see a lowly peasant sitting in a seat which you deem as worthy of Royalty. Why don't you grow a set Luck and just say it, you would like nothing more than to turn WVU into an elite club for the rich. Considering the the personal wealth of the vast majority of this states citizens, all I can say is.......good "Luck" with that!!