‘It’s time!’ That’s the slogan for this year’s Girl Scout cookie campaign. The iconic boxes go on sale Friday.

But on Thursday, the Black Diamond Girl Scout Council, which represents most of West Virginia, kicked off their annual drive.

Danielle Thor, a Brownie from Cross Lanes, knows a thing or two about selling Girl Scout cookies. Last year she sold 1,000 boxes. How did she do it?

“I sold them in three different neighborhoods and cookie booths,” explain Thor.

She’s just one of thousands of Girl Scouts around the state that hope to sell as many boxes of Thin Mints, Samoas and Trefoils as possible over the next few weeks.

Morgan Robertson with the Black Diamond Girl Scout Council says the girls are doing more than just selling cookies.

“This is the first business a girl will ever run. They learn wonderful skills like goal setting, business ethics, money management, networking and financial literacy,” says Robertson.

To top it off, the girls are experts on all the cookies. That’s because they like to eat a lot their product. Brownie Emma Simmons of Cross Lanes has her favorite cookie.

“Savannah Smiles because they make me smile when I say it,” explained Simmons.

For Brownie Floee Napier, there’s nothing better than a Samoa. “I love coconut! I love chocolate! And I love whatever is inside of them!”

Robertson says if you love Girl Scout cookies as much as Simmons and Napier, get ready.

“If you know a Girl Scout, then you can expect them to be knocking on your door and asking if you’d like to buy your favorite Girl Scout cookie.”

The price hasn’t changed. The cookies are $3.50 a box. And all your favorites have returned: Thin Mints, Trefoils, Do-Si Dos, Samoas, Tagalongs, Dulce de Leche, Thank U Berry Much and Savannah Smiles.

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