Steve Dunlap, WVU’s special teams coordinator and outside linebackers coach, was dismissed Saturday according to a source close to the program, the second postseason shakeup on Dana Holgorsen’s coaching staff.

A 35-year coaching veteran, Dunlap was a member of Don Nehlen’s staff from 1984-2000, serving as defensive coordinator the final 10 years. He then coached at Syracuse, N.C. State and Marshall before returning to West Virginia in 2008.

During the past five seasons, he also had a stint overseeing the Mountaineers’ safeties and served as assistant head coach this past season when WVU finished 7-6, including a 38-14 Pinstripe Bowl loss to Syracuse.

After WVU ranked among the worst defenses in the FBS, changes were anticipated. Holgorsen fired cornerbacks coach Daron Roberts after the regular season, a position yet to be backfilled, and he elevated Keith Patterson to defensive coordinator in place of Joe DeForest.

DeForest presumably will take over as WVU’s special-teams coordinator, a role he held during his 11-year tenure at Oklahoma State.

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  • jerry

    They needed to start trimming that tree from the top not the middle.

  • Randy

    Some people must HATE change of any kind! Give the man half a chance! It's his second year and anyone who thinks they knows anything about sports, should understand that it's gonna take at least a lil time for things to gel! But hey, with fans like these who would want to come here and be part of MOUNTAINEER NATION?

  • 44magnum

    I hope that Doc H pics Steve to head MU's defense. Then Steve could exact revenge upon Hogerson. Steve should have been the Defensive Cordinator at WVU. Don't worry about Steve he'll be fine, his talents are in high demand. One thing about West Virginians we stand behind our own and are skeptical as hell about outsiders. I personally don't think Holgerson is head coach material1

  • Superdaveo

    Hard for me to believe that Dunlap was part of the problem. Hiring your buddies is an age-old practice.....we will see how good of a buddy-relationship remains...after next year. Dunlap had what 35 yrs guess is arrogance on Dana's part.... The fans are suffering (players too) after dropping millions on Big East Exit the most $$$ ever spent on a questionable coaching staff. We are stuck with them for while.....good-bye Football program!!!!

  • al

    Mr Holgerson may be a decent head coach some day and as it turns out maybe even a decent offensive coordinator.Either way his success is questionable and the decision to dismiss Steve Dunlap from his lackluster coaching staff is another of his blunders.Look for WVU to replace Kansas next year as the "doormat of the Big 12." Oliver Luck has created the ultimate football abomination.He,Holgerson and traitor Tony Gibson all need to exit so we can start a true rebuilding of the Mountaineer Nation!

  • Jason

    I remember a football coach in the 70's getting ran out of town. His name was Bobby Bowden. You fair weather fans be carefull what you wish for.

    • donutfiend

      Well said.

  • Robert

    I see WVU record for next year to be 6 wins 7 loses if they are lucky. Big mistake when they hired the coach. Should fire both coach and Luck. Don't know who was responsible for hiring those two. Maybe they should fire them also.

  • dave

    I really don'tt know what to think about the situation at the moment. I do know that wvu nearly upset oklahoma,nearly, but consistency was what I was looking for in a good way. Seems the downs were really down and the ups were so-so in the big 12. I was told in high school " If they never score, you will never lose".Defense wins championships. Of course, a really good offense is required. nuff said

  • Anthony

    Maybe it is Coach "DANA"?

  • Anthony R. Napolillo

    The release of Steve Dunlap is a true disgrace for the Mountaineer Nation!!! I played with this awesome person in the 70's. In fact, we were in the same class. He has always been one of the most dedicated and best coaches in Mountaineer Football history!!! If one were to start firing defensive coaches, he should have started at the top with imports who devised the worst defense in all of Mountaineer history!!! The release of Dunlap is an outright disgrace!!!

  • Betsy

    Someone recently suggested to me that because Dana Holgorsen recently purchased a home in an exclusive community on Cheat Lake that that shows stability and commitment. That someone wouldn't plunk down that much money for a house if they weren't willing to stick around for a while. I laughed, initially. Then I started thinking about it. I was all to quick to be dismissive of him and wanted to call for his firing RIGHT NOW.

    Making over $2 million a year, he needs to develop a quality product. He's holding court with Brian Kelly (HC @ ND), who after 3 seasons, played for the national title, and WIll Muschamp (HC @ UF), who after 2 seasons, took his Gators to the Sugar Bowl. Unfortunately, both teams lost. 15 of the 22 starters at ND were Charlie Weis recruits. That's nearly 70% of the previous coach's recruits!! I have no idea what the exact # and percentages are for UF's team. I'd imagine something similar. My point in mentioning that is neither one of those coaches complained about having to work with recruits from a previous coach, the way Dana and his staff did. The other big thing? Neither one of those coaches got to move their new team into their previous conference the way Dana and his staff did.

    Dana needs to go to Toastmasters and learn some public speaking skills. He needs to develop a more humble attitude when dealing with the media and the fan base. Because, like it or not, Mr. Holgorsen, the fan base is your bread and butter. The fan base is regular people who love the old gold and blue, and the fan base contains a ton of alumni, who want better for their team.

    After completing 2 full seasons as HC, where are all the big time, big stat recruits? Certainly he should have a few big names to replace Smith, Alston, and Bailey, but I have yet to hear any. I think we have one commit that's of that caliber. Just one? Really? Give the dude 5 years max. By then he'll have had time to adapt, adjust, grow, implement staff, policies, procedures, and get, at least, 2 full recruiting classes in to start producing a BIG NAME product. Paying big bucks to get out of the Big East and get into the Big 12, and paying a huge, exorbitant salary to an, as yet, unproven previous OC...were all moves designed to make WVU a perennial Top 10 team. Let's demand excellence while accepting it may take another season to get there. (I say this as much for myself as others). Do not except people telling you that being an impatient fan is unacceptable. Do you really think BAMA fans would tolerate mediocrity? Hell naww, they would not!! Let's not tolerate it, either.

    I believe he is one of the best offensive minds in the country. Mountaineer Nation may be lucky to have him. However, Holgorsen really needs to show some humility and realize he's lucky to have Mountaineer Nation, too.

  • LJS

    The reason Coach Dunlap didn't go to AZ is because when RR first came to coach at WVU, he fired Coach Dunlap who had actually been his coach when he was a player/ student. No way was Coach D going to AZ.
    Ollie and Dana both need to go. Ollie's allegiance is to his son Andrew, going to his NFL games every week. He also has deeper roots in Texas than in WV. Neither one has any reason to stay or actually be at WVU. Dana thought he would use the EERS as as stepping stone to bigger and better things. Not going to happen. He should have been fired this year - after all Coach Stew (bless him) was crapped on for only winning 9 games a year while he was the coach and blamed for a drop in attendance. I would watch the attendance next year - new QB, many new and inexperienced players. Don't think it can't get worse. I believe it will get much worse and since Dana still lives in a hotel, he can leave mountaineer land quickly. He didn't establish any permanent roots since leaving Lubbock, TX so he isn't and wasn't planning to stay anyway. Maybe RR can use an offensive coordinator-in-training. One of Dana's problems is that he know nothing about defense and as a head coach, needs to learn and also needs to quit listening to his so called friends regarding coaching staff hires and interview some winning coaches rather than losing and with one foot out the door coaches.

  • Jason

    I remember a coach that was ran out of town after in the 70's after 5 season with the WVU. His name was Bobby Bowden. You fair weather fans be careful what you wish for.

    • Betsy

      Oh come on! You're giving the fan base of the 70s way, way too much power!!!

  • Jim K

    It's amazing to me the number of people who have thrown their hands up in surrender. What a sorry bunch of fans. Holgersen is the head coach. He didn't come in looking/wanting to fail. I'm guessing this season was an eye-opener for him. However, now we'll see what kind of a coach he really is. Does he learn from the mistakes of this season or not?

    As head coach, he can make whatever decision he wants to concerning who his assistants are. Maybe Coach Dunlap, as good as he is, doesn't fit what Holgersen is trying to do. Maybe they don't work well together. There are all kinds of possibilities. Holgersen gets to make that call though.

    I know all the armchair QBs sitting at home reading these articles think they could do better or can tell without a shadow of a doubt when the coach is wrong (That's sarcastic). However, it sure would be a pleasant surprise to see some positive things said and some support shown for Holgersen and the team.

    Based on the comments here, we might as well forfeit the 2013 season right now and be done with it. Come on. Give the guy a break and let him do what he's being paid to the coach. What? You though you were the coach?? Sorry.

    Good Luck, Coach H and the Mountaineers! I'll be watching.

    • Betsy

      You're absolutely right - Holgorsen does get to make all the decisions that go into who his assistants are. Holgorsen also gets to be accountable and responsible for his decisions as well. In the grand scheme of things, he's only accountable to AD Luck, and to a lesser, but major extent, the fan base. The fan base that includes alumni and people who pack the stadium for the games. If there isn't a quality product out there, then...?????

  • Mountaineer in Virginia

    I didn't like the way Holgerson came in, I didn't like the way he and others treated Stewart and I sure don't like the way he coaches. Wasted a lot of team talent this year.

    • unclec

      I agree with you1000% we have a long road ahead of us. It's going to be like riding the old turnpike. Bump bump and still have to pay