Steve Dunlap, WVU’s special teams coordinator and outside linebackers coach, was dismissed Saturday according to a source close to the program, the second postseason shakeup on Dana Holgorsen’s coaching staff.

A 35-year coaching veteran, Dunlap was a member of Don Nehlen’s staff from 1984-2000, serving as defensive coordinator the final 10 years. He then coached at Syracuse, N.C. State and Marshall before returning to West Virginia in 2008.

During the past five seasons, he also had a stint overseeing the Mountaineers’ safeties and served as assistant head coach this past season when WVU finished 7-6, including a 38-14 Pinstripe Bowl loss to Syracuse.

After WVU ranked among the worst defenses in the FBS, changes were anticipated. Holgorsen fired cornerbacks coach Daron Roberts after the regular season, a position yet to be backfilled, and he elevated Keith Patterson to defensive coordinator in place of Joe DeForest.

DeForest presumably will take over as WVU’s special-teams coordinator, a role he held during his 11-year tenure at Oklahoma State.

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  • Larry W. Blalock

    Thanks Steve Dunlap--you are a great Mountaineer!! I am beginning to develop serious questions about Holgs as a head coach. Contrast with Huggs whose team is struggling.......he's won 517 games and so we know it isn't coaching because he has proven he knows how to win. Holgs not so much. Plus Holgs is arrogant, impulsive and disrepectful to the media and fan base (he has not earned the right to call us out on attendance). I don't think he has a drop of blue and gold in his blood. Nehlen came here and developed blue and gold blood throughout his body. That will never happen with Holgs.

    • CLS

      I totally agree with Larry. Not sure Holgs is Mountaineer material. I don't think he is "bought in" to the Mountaineer Nation. He may just be waiting for a better offer. Too bad. He did have some potential.

      • chad

        He's not gonna get a better offer if doesn't start winning.

  • Forrest D. Poston

    Took longer than I expected, but I believe the last of the "old guard" is gone. Of course, they couldn't just dump most of the defensive staff the first year given the quality season they had that year, but I still suspect they spent last year making it clear to Casteel that he wasn't really wanted (no matter what they may have said "officially"). Not sure if it was loyalty or what that made Dunlap hang on.

    As with all the coaches Luck has forced out, I wish Dunlap good fortune and hope he'll be back when these incompentent current people finally wear out their welcome and go back to OK or TX.

    Would still be curious to see how Casteel would do as a head coach if that's something he wants.

    Forrest D. Poston

    • Jerry

      Steve should hyave been the head coach after Nehlen retired instead of that other buffoon rr

  • Wvumu

    Doc, do you need a defensive coordinator in Huntington??

  • Mac

    I didn't even realize Steve was still here. I thought he went with the flood out to Arizona.

  • unclec

    Oh well guess another guy from out west to take his place. Guess few more recruits will leave. Don't get upset better things coming? Please

  • Randolph

    Bad Bad move on not retaining Coach Dunlap!!! The man only had the number 1 defense in the country at WVU in the late 90's and has put alot of people in the pro's!! This man has forgot more football than Deforest knows!! I guess letting Roberts and Coach Dunlap go is only a smoke screen to take the heat off of ole Holgs and get the fans off his back!! Thank you Coach Dunlap for all your years of service! A true Mountaineer!

    • Matt

      This isn't the 90's

      • Tyler

        Wish it was

      • Justin

        Wish it was, then we'd get to see some defense not a drunk (holgerson) and is money hungry daddy (Oilver)

  • Mike#11

    Holgs must need another drinking buddy from Texas!!!!

  • Dave

    Holgerson is undoubtedly a great offensive coordinator but so far he's been a terrible head coach. Poor handling of the media, the fans, the coaches, and most importantly the players. His decisions during the games have been awful... timeouts, going for it on 4th down, etc. Now the coaching staff is a mess, the returning players over all are sad at best, and the recruiting class is worse than what's here now.

    • deezl

      the recruiting class is ranked in the top 25 by rivals and that is without richardson

      • Big Tom

        that's not true

  • Chalkdust

    I see the Steve Dunlap thingy as a spiteful action. Relicas of a suscessful past reminding the Red River gang of how hiring the old gang is not good for business.

    • Roy

      I am wondering what was the reason for the firing of Dunlap? He has a proven track record, he was a great coordinator (#1 in 96). Maybe he was being critical of Dana and his buddies and they didn't like his expertise. Wish Steve well, he is a GREAT COACH!!

    • JTJ

      I agree Holgs nose is to high off the ground

  • zebors

    Hate to see Dunlap go. Thought maybe someone else needed to go. I think the D and O will be in big trouble next year. Hope Luck knows what is going on inside of the football program. Good luck EERS next year. Can't get any worse can they?

    • Jerry

      Dunlap excellent coach...and good coach...true blue to our state like Stewart ( who is no longer with us as coach or at all ....was done wrong...big time) Olie runs the show....and he wants nothing to do with west virginia thinkers...just look at his past record and will see he has destroyed or ruined everywhere he's been.....Those big donors that wanted Stew out got their wish...old saying be careful of what you wish for ....see what we got

    • john

      i think luck should be the one. bet he didn't make much as a lawyer. well, maybe he did, he WAS in TEXAS , you know. hate to see luck let them fire our home grown boys and import all their NOT HEARD OF PEOPLE, like deforest or even Holgerson as far as that goes.hate to see them ruin a good group of dedicated people.

      • Jerry

        I agree with John....Right after Luck came on board...he fired all the mentors that the players liked and who cared and kept the players academically eligible....and the dirt that happen with staff was kept undercover...if the fans only knew ......

    • spike1

      Next year will be worse!!! I can see Mr. Dana being run out of the state after a 2 win season!!

      • Jeff

        as long as Ollie goes with him

        • Jerry

          get a wagon and I would be glad to pull both of across state line and one big enough for the president of college as well the three of them together are determined to destroy our most beloved mountaineer program

  • cwest37802

    Richardson has grade issues anyway he may not make it it was going to be a loss anyway.

    • Jped

      That kid had more than grade issues. Probably a good thing he's not coming here. He was dismissed in the third week of the season for discipline, not grades.

  • Chris

    Richardson is not going to qualify anyways

  • Roni

    Hate to say it but all will not be better next year.

    • Sis

      Right On....

  • George

    With Richardson de-committing from WVU and committing to Loisville, Roberts and Dunlap being let go --- What or who is next. WVU's 2012 struggles have hurt recruiting. But what about the offense? WVU has struggled with getting a running game going for the past 2 seasons. Could we see coaching changes on offense as well?

    • Wesley Franks

      The running game has surely been inconsistent, but its funny that two of the top three individual rushing performances in WVU history were in the past two seasons.

      • Jerry

        Wesley, simple ans. both individuals had the talent and did so on their own despite poor head coaching from Holgs......both were excellent and gifted...and good players

    • dante turner

      he wouldn't be able to qualify at wvu, bad grades.

      • Droth21

        Also, can't imagine wanting to play in the ACC rather that the Big 12.

      • Droth21

        Wouldn't qualify at WVU but will at Louisville? Our standards that high or theirs that low? Doesn't make sense to me.

      • WVWho

        Not able to qualify at WVU? That's a hysterical statement!

        • wvbeef

          WVU has more Rhodes Scholars than many, many universities. And when you have kiids in so many sports at WVU who take their academics so seriously, that's an insult. And I guess you claim to love the university, right?

        • Greg

          I guess this makes him the perfect fit down there at Moo then when he decommits from Louisville. Nothing but WVU rejects down there as probably 99% of their "students" couldn't get into WVU anyhow and had to settle for Moo. Welcome to Cowbell County young man!

        • WV TrueBlue

          WVU has a good academic reputation...numerous Rhodes Scholars..etc....where have YOU been??

        • Mike

          Cant you read,yes he most likely wont have the grades.You have to be a Moo U grad.

        • Alum

          Go back to Marsha.

  • Helen5844

    Have to leave that up to the Coach. I do not know what we need to do, but looking forward to next year when all will be better.

    • jerry

      You mean buffoon