West Virginia coach Bob Huggins discusses his team’s second-half meltdown, during which the Mountaineers turned a 43-31 lead into a 67-57 loss to Oklahoma in the Big 12 opener.

Huggins fluctuated between saying the loss was 100-percent his fault and claiming that winning “is not important enough to some” of his players.

“We’re just soft,” Huggins said. “I apologize to Mountaineer Nation, I screwed up. We just don’t have hard guys.

“I know how important this is to people in West Virginia. It kills me that we aren’t better than we are.”

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  • Justin

    We get lineups that work yet the next game were back to the same 5 over and over ...Hinds and Deniz are streaky so y start em let Browne and Norean start. He doesn't want excuses from the players yet that's all I hear from him. Luv Huggy to death and how much he cares for our state but come on I can't even buy my NIT tickets at this rate.

  • Coolgman

    Huggs can recruit.... What about Henderson, Harris.... These guys are going to be good... The problem is the bigs.... Huggs go small and run it...

  • Ed Williams

    I agree WVTOMD. It appears that Huggs is unable to recruit players that can compete at this level. It also has to do with coaching. There are a fair amount of schools without big name recruits but do well. Gonzaga and Butler come to mind. It's obvious this team
    is not that good and the coach is at his wits end to try and get this team to compete at this level. They don't have the players and it appears the new recruits aren't any better. We're in for a long run of mediocrity in basketball and football.

  • Don Quixote

    Huggs' initial mistake was believing we could run a lot of the offense through Deniz. The second mistake was believing Deniz is of any positive value to this team when in fact he is a detriment. If Huggs continues to start Deniz and give him anything but garbage minutes, he deserves what he gets but we deserve better.

  • wvtomd

    Who recruits these payers coach? stop living in the past. these are all your recruits. it seems your recruiting skills are greatly reduced