It’s the New Year and the West Virginia Department of Highways has a resolution for everyone to drive safer in 2013.

DOH spokesman Brent Walker said people drive too fast in West Virginia.

“We’ve got to slow down in this state,” said Walker. “There were too many people driving too fast in conditions that aren’t built for it.”

It’s not only speed that Walker points out as a problem in the state, but distracted driving is as well.

“We need to learn how to drive safe and slow down a bit,” said Walker. “The majority of the accidents involve excessive speed and distracted driving.”

Currently in West Virginia texting while driving is a primary offense, and on July 1 of this year, it will become a primary offense if you are caught talking while driving without a hands-free device.

Walker said while driving over the holidays he saw way too many accidents that involved excessive speed and distracted driving and he just wants drivers to be safer this year.

“With distracted driving and so many other things to do in a vehicle, lets just make sure that 2013 is the best year yet for highway safety,” said Walker.

In July, West Virginia will become the 10th state to ban hand-held cell phone usage. Currently 39 states including West Virginia have a ban on texting while driving.

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