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West Virginia Representatives Shelley Moore Capito and David McKinley

Last November, West Virginia Republican 2nd District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito announced she’s running in 2014 for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Jay Rockefeller.

Capito is the most successful and high-profile Republican in the state right now, so the talk instantly turned to a Rockefeller-Capito matchup.

But another leading West Virginia Republican, 1st District Congressman David McKinley, is not yet on the Capito bandwagon.

In fact, McKinley is even leaving the door open to the possibility of running for the Senate seat himself, saying that a number of people have approached him about the Senate race.

“I have told them I am… watching to see what happens with Shelley, how well she continues to maintain a fiscal policy that is good for this country,” McKinley told me on Metronews “Talkline” Thursday.

The two-term Congressman says the primary reason he went to Washington was to try to get federal spending under control.  The next fight is quickly approaching, when Congress will have to decide whether to raise the debt ceiling.

McKinley says he supports the “Boehner Rule,” named for House Majority Leader John Boehner, that calls for cutting one dollar in spending for every dollar increase in the debt ceiling.

One McKinley supporter said he would be shocked if McKinley actually challenged Capito in the Primary Election rather his goal may be to hold Capito’s feet to the fire when it comes time to cut spending.

It’s worth noting that when Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget reduction plan was up for a vote in 2011, McKinley was one of just ten Republicans to vote against it.  He said he voted no because he didn’t like the plan’s overhaul of Medicare and his vote reflected the views of his constituents.

Still, that has not stopped McKinley from playing the budget hawk role now and putting pressure on Capito.

“If she is not going to be that fiscal hawk that is going to make sure that we get our spending under control, then we’ll find another candidate,” McKinley told me Thursday.

Capito is said to be mystified by McKinley’s comments.  A source says Capito talked with McKinley several times last year about her Senate run and believed she had his full support.

A Capito-McKinley Primary race for the Senate in 2014, although highly unlikely, would be a circular firing squad for the Republican Party. The GOP would forfeit two incumbent Congressional seats and then, after a bruising Primary campaign, quite possibly lose the General Election to Rockefeller.

Historically, Capito and McKinley have had a good working relationship, and they still can. However, it’s evident now that higher political aspirations can put a strain on that.







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  • wvman75

    Capito has my vote.

  • Wowbagger


    The Second Ammendment makes no reference to hunting so why do you? I have a right to self defense and might need a 29 round magazine to protect myself and my family.

  • JT

    Please oh please McKinley run against Moore-Capito, would love to sit front and center and watch that republican fiasco play out, if they could find a room big enough to hold those egos. And Raese why not make it a three ring circus?

  • Levelheaded

    Shelley has paid her dues. If McKinley is as smart as I had hoped, when I voted for him. He'll be getting on the bandwagon "sooner, not later."

  • mntnman

    You're the bald dead guy on TV, right?

  • CaptainQ

    Just got the news, Uncle Fester. Jay is NOT running for reelection???

    (Captain Q has just fainted in TOTAL SHOCK)

  • Hop'sHip

    I admit to making a stupid error. I don't know why I referred to Capito as Caputo. I was not trying to play games here with names. I must commend you, however, on what seems to be a sensible position on high capacity magazines.

  • Chalkdust

    Uncle Fester:
    Of course you're right. If FDR, LBJ. JFK, Jimmy Carter....oh wait....never mind, were alive today and each imbued with a blinding flash of moral courage they would have said your list would live as a monument to the liberal wing of the democrat party...if not infamy. Sam Nunn, "Scoope" Jackson call home.

  • Chalkdust

    You're starting to scare me. I think it's time to jump the hedge and be camera shy. Go do good work and fix our education problems.

    "lose lips sinks ships"

  • Uncle Fester

    Liberals have ruined the federal and state education departments.
    Liberals have ruined Social Security and Medicare.
    Liberals have ruined the financial future of our children and theri children.
    Liberals have ruined the financial future of the US.
    Liberals have ruined any sense of Immigration law.
    Liberals have ruined the manufacturing sector in the US.
    Liberals have ruined the tax structure and code in the US.
    Liberals have ruined the State of California.
    Liberals have ruined the energy policies of the US without regard for anything but their agenda.
    Liberals are ruining the national security of the US and its citizens.
    Liberals are ruining the US military.
    Liberals ruined the lives of 4 hard working Americans and their families in Benghazi, Libya on 09/11/12.
    Etc., etc., etc. The hits just a keep on coming.

  • brian12

    Don't know what point you are trying to make, Hops. I have read enough of your posts to know you aren't stupid. Maybe I am. So I'll ask, what's up w/ caputo? If your post is some message to Mike Caputo to run for Senate, God help us all!!!

    Congresswoman Capito is heads and shoulders above Natalie Tennant. And would make an excellent Senator for WV. For those of you screaming about her moving further to the right against another republican, remember we're in WV. You can only move so far to the right.

    Off subject, I hope Manchin finds the strength to stand his original ground on high capacity magazines. I have hunted for 35 of my 44 years. Never needed more than 3 shells to deer hunt. maybe 10 to squirrrel hunt. I personally don't see a need for 30 round magazines.

  • mntnman

    Where do you come up with this stuff? I guess ignorance is bliss as they say. So you must be blissful.

  • GregG

    So you picked up on that too Hop'sHip! Rather amusing. Reminds me of what my elderly neighbor use to say............."I don't care how many coats of paint you put on the old two-holer, it's still a ............*out-house".

    *Not exactly the word he used, but I'm sure you get the idea.

  • Shadow

    If I was your bank, I would cancel your Credit Cards as I would anticipate your plan to die with your cards maxed out. However, It really isn't a bad plan if you can get away with it.

  • Uncle Fester

    Great day for West Virginia. Out with the old guard, the old, moldy, stenchy, morally bankrupt liberals whose greed for power is limitless. In with the new, fresh moderate/conservative viewpoints. Cut spending !!!!! In the US and WV, almost everything that is bad is supported or driven by the liberals.

  • jethro

    george clooney for senator! or some other lib

  • Tag

    Great news! Our resident anti-coal carpetbagger will not run again. In the story on MSN, Rocky stated that "West Virginia is my home and I'll always remain there". Yeah right, if home is considered a post office box. Good riddance.

  • Hop'sHip

    I think you have your cause - effect relationship reversed,Fungo .. er Feaster. It was because Rockie knew he was not going to run again, that he finally stood up to the Coal Industry, beseeching them to modernize. And he finally told the people of West Virginia what they need to hear, it is time to start planning for a West Virginia not so dependent on coal. Byrd did this too near the end. Nothing like impending death to give one the courage to speak truth to power!

  • Fed Up

    Yay! A day of celebration for West Virginia!!!
    Maybe now our state can move forward. Let's Go Capito!!

  • Hop'sHip

    I don't think Tennant is yet ready for this stage and I doubt that the Democrats have anyone who can beat Caputo. And that may not be such a bad thing. Caputo strikes me as a capable person who, assuming sanity has been restored to the Republican Party, might make a good Senator. Like one of those female Republican senators from New England. That would certainly be better than a clueless ideologue like the last Republican senate candidate we had. Manchin and Caputo may be the best we can expect in this state where coal and guns remain supreme.

  • Uncle Fester

    Rockefeller cut his own throat when he announced on the Senate floor his new anti-coal stances. He would have never overcome this blunder in the 2014 election. Rockefeller saw the handwriting on the wall. He took the easy way out.

  • mntnman

    The race to the right. Funny how politicians cater to their perception of the public as opposed to leading and telling us the truth. Leadership requires tough decisions, and that includes not always doing what the "public" or "special interests" want. Sometimes, you have to do the right things and then deal with it. I think if you do the right things for the right reason, generally you will be rewarded with re-election. Not always, but most of the time. Those times you are not re-elected, well, you did the right thing so be happy about that. (I know, I live in a dream world!! But I'm happy here.)

  • Uncle Fester

    Capt Q, The Huffington Post this morning is claiming Rockefeller will resign his seat in 2014 and will not seek re-election. This means he will resign early so someone can be named his replacement and then might have the upper hand on Capito. But that won't happen. Get ready to start saying Senator Capito.

  • TD

    So Rocky's retiring, I think that will bode well for Democrats, we need a fresh face. Be interesting to see who emerges, Natalie Tennant could be a strong candidate.

  • Hop'sHip

    McKinley says he supports the “Boehner Rule,” named for House Majority Leader John Boehner, that calls for cutting one dollar in spending for every dollar increase in the debt ceiling.

    I thought after Obama was re-elected that this nonsense would stop. Do they not remember what happened the last time they tried to use the debt ceiling as an extortion tactic? Whether stemming from deviousness or stupidity, this irresponsible behavior deserves an equally outrageous response. So I urge Obama to authorize the trillion dollar coin!. And I vote that the coin include the face of Boehner, preferably capturing one of the many moments when tears are flowing from his eyes.

  • thornton

    Every politico likes a fawning supporter and a bit o' MetroNews attention ain't bad either.

  • CaptainQ

    Hoppy, a McKinley vs. Capito primary would be devastatingly horrible for the GOP. First of all, Capito is by far the most recognizable and has more 'clout' with most WV voters. Second, a bitter primary battle will damage the winner so badly, they probably couldn't beat Rockefeller. Third, I would be stunned beyond belief if Jay "I love Obama" Rockefeller retires at the end of 2014. As I have stated earlier on this MB, the ONLY way I can see Jay bowing out of this race is if he feels that he cannot 'reinvent' himself fast enough to make voters forget all about his close, close relationship with the President. Earl Ray, Joe and Nick Joe all won their elections last year by 'running like a scaulded dog' away from Obama. It'll take some 'industrial strength' propoganda to make WV voters believe Jay and Obama aren't fast friends. My prediction is that Jay's ego (as well as prodding from the DNC) will convince him to seek reelection. Even an 'Obama loving' Jay Rockefeller will still be a tough opponent for either Capito or McKinley.

    In the end, at least in this early part of the race, I have to agree with Bulldog, Jay's still got to be the favorite in this race. Perhaps he has inherited the late Bob Byrd's 'Cloak of Political Invincibility' that will allow him to be one of Obama's best 'Yes Men' and still be able to 'Jedi Mind Trick' the voters into sending him back to Washington in 2015.

    Time will tell.

  • smokey

    Within one hour of Capito's announcement, the Tea Party extremists vowed to defeat her. I don't see Rep. McKinley running against her. It will be more likely John Raese or somebody else. I give some credit to McKinley for opposing Ryan's plan to "voucherize" Medicare, but I am also bewildered about his comments on Capito. I would not choose Capito over Rockefeller, but I believe if Capito is too moderate for today's GOP, the party is in trouble. There is no room for a thinking moderate conservative in the Republican party. The likes of Reagan and Buckley would not be welcome. A heated primary would cause Ms. Capito to spend money unnecessarily and would weaken her position in the general election. The country needs a viable conservative party to serve as a check and balance. The GOP talks about taking back their country. First they have to take back their party. Have a great day.

  • bulldog95

    And so far left is right for the country?
    Don't worry your little heart and dont lose any sleep, Rockafailure will win re-election no problem. There are to many people that cling to those familiar names when they vote.

  • TD

    Lovely, now each will try to be further to the right than the other which of course is wrong for the country. This is what's happening all over the country, especially in House seats that have been gerrymandered to the point Republicans don't have to compete in the general election, they are worried about a challenge from the right in the primary.

    This is the best news Rocky could possibly hope for, let them go extreme right and that may be just enough to get him by again.