West Virginia quarterbacks coach Jake Spavital, who developed Geno Smith for two record-setting seasons, has accepted the same post at Texas A&M, where he’ll begin working with Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

A source within the WVU athletic department confirmed Spavital’s decision Thursday night. The Aggies’ previous quarterbacks coach, Kliff Kingsbury, left in December to become head coach at Texas Tech.

In 2009, Spavital was only two years removed from playing quarterback at Missouri State when he took a post as offensive graduate assistant at the University of Houston under Holgorsen and current Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin.

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Jake Spavital’s departure represents the third staff change for WVU since early December.

Spavital becomes the third postseason staff change for West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen, who dismissed defensive assistants Daron Roberts (cornerbacks) and Steve Dunlap (outside linebackers/special teams).

In 2010, he served as offensive graduate assistant at Oklahoma State, working under Holgorsen when he was the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator. While Spavital, 27, is a young coach who learned in Holgorsen’s shadow, his resume will soon boast an impressive five-year span in which he worked with Case Keenum, Brandon Weeden, Smith and Manziel.

In August 2011, Smith said of Spavital: “Jake does all the dirty work. He’s an understudy, like a mini-Holgorsen, but he really gets it. He’s cool. I enjoy being around him, and he works hard.”

Spavital also made inroads as a recruiter. Among the current class of WVU commitments, Spavital was the lead recruiter on linebacker Al-Rasheed Benton, quarterback Chavas Rawlins, Zaire Williams, defensive back Daryl Worley and junior college receiver Kevin White.

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  • shawn

    I think if I was a WVU coach and I had to listen to our negative fan base I would leave too! Our fans are the worlds worst and they run coaches off when things turn bad. It's a joke!

  • Pam

    would take rich back anyday..

  • jk

    I to think Spavital is a good young coach and seems like a quality person, we will miss him but its a great move for him, chances are he will get a National Championship ring in the following years.

    PS Uncle Fester you got it ALL wrong

  • unclec

    Seems nobody has the answer? It all comes down to team chemistry, players and coaches getting along and RESPECT THEN ADD HEART. Go eers

  • Jay

    I hope wvu puts in more beer station to help the pain we will see with gibby coming back.

    This might be better than buck wild

  • chad

    Does anybody remember the good old days when nobody knew or cared who the QB coach was? Man I miss those days..

  • cutty77

    Geno threw i think 10 or 20 passes short of 500 passes,and only had 6 int.Look up NCAA Stats on Offense Geno is in the top 3 in different Stats.Geno made Jake Look good.Jake took the easy way out,going to where a heisman QB is playing.This kid is so good Coaches can't screw him up.Kinda of like Rich with Pat White.Johnny Football is a White Pat White.

  • Chris

    These coaches have very little to work with right now but no one thinks about that. Recruiting is the problem not the coaches esp on the defensive side.

  • Dave

    Recruiting will take a hit unless we get Seider NOW!

  • jethro

    coaches come and coaches go, its a fact of life
    all we can do is support out university and hope for the best. we are not alabama or ohio st

  • Bob

    Congratulations, Jake. Well deserved promotion and good fortune to you at Aggie land.

  • DWM

    Big Ugly,

    Had to respond on your comments about Geno. So from your recliner you've figured out that Geno got "worse and worse" the more games he played and "he was the most over-rated player in WVU history"? Simply amazing.

    Fortunately for Geno, the NFL scouts, who have spent a lifetime judging talent, whose jobs require that they do it well seem to disagree with your assessment.

    I'm not sure what success he'll achieve in the NFL because a lot of that will be determined by who selects him and the players around him. But I do know that over rated players are not made 1st, no later than second round draft choices. Mr Smith will be a wealthy man in a few months and I wish him well.

  • jake123

    i think wv just lost a great young coach ....gonna happen as these guys progress in their profession.i kinda wish the o line coach progressed.

  • BillG

    Fester, kind of difficult for him to "drag down the offense as an over matched offensive coordinator" when he was the QB coach. He must be decent to have an SEC program want him to coach their Heisman winning QB. And if u plan on going to the WVU/Bama game, make sure u buy tickets for 2014; we'd hate to see u miss it by waiting for '15.

  • wally

    One semi-off season and all of the spoiled fair weather whiners are jumping off the boat. Give the staff a chance people.