West Virginia quarterbacks coach Jake Spavital, who developed Geno Smith for two record-setting seasons, has accepted the same post at Texas A&M, where he’ll begin working with Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

A source within the WVU athletic department confirmed Spavital’s decision Thursday night. The Aggies’ previous quarterbacks coach, Kliff Kingsbury, left in December to become head coach at Texas Tech.

In 2009, Spavital was only two years removed from playing quarterback at Missouri State when he took a post as offensive graduate assistant at the University of Houston under Holgorsen and current Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin.

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Jake Spavital’s departure represents the third staff change for WVU since early December.

Spavital becomes the third postseason staff change for West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen, who dismissed defensive assistants Daron Roberts (cornerbacks) and Steve Dunlap (outside linebackers/special teams).

In 2010, he served as offensive graduate assistant at Oklahoma State, working under Holgorsen when he was the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator. While Spavital, 27, is a young coach who learned in Holgorsen’s shadow, his resume will soon boast an impressive five-year span in which he worked with Case Keenum, Brandon Weeden, Smith and Manziel.

In August 2011, Smith said of Spavital: “Jake does all the dirty work. He’s an understudy, like a mini-Holgorsen, but he really gets it. He’s cool. I enjoy being around him, and he works hard.”

Spavital also made inroads as a recruiter. Among the current class of WVU commitments, Spavital was the lead recruiter on linebacker Al-Rasheed Benton, quarterback Chavas Rawlins, Zaire Williams, defensive back Daryl Worley and junior college receiver Kevin White.

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  • jake123

    i think wv just lost a great young coach ....gonna happen as these guys progress in their profession.i kinda wish the o line coach progressed.

  • BillG

    Fester, kind of difficult for him to "drag down the offense as an over matched offensive coordinator" when he was the QB coach. He must be decent to have an SEC program want him to coach their Heisman winning QB. And if u plan on going to the WVU/Bama game, make sure u buy tickets for 2014; we'd hate to see u miss it by waiting for '15.

  • wally

    One semi-off season and all of the spoiled fair weather whiners are jumping off the boat. Give the staff a chance people.

  • cutty77

    When you lose your running game,thats Geno's Fault.Geno will be The First QB taken in this years draft.Lets go back 2 years to our old Defense Staff,who never let Bruce Irwin play every down.Well he was The 6th pick in the Draft,6th pick now.Lead all Rookies in sacks in the NFL this Year,now starting and may end up in the Super Bowl.Coaches come and Go.Do you blame the guy to go and Coach The Heisman Trophy winner.We have some THE DUMBEST PEOPLE THAT RESIDE IN THIS STATE.You wonder why people make fun of us.

    • Chalkdust

      You still here? Hello...Hello. I'm betting a hot buscuit he left the state.

      • cutty77

        Yes I'm still here.Keep up the good work on That Body you got built by Double Whopper With Chesse,and I bet you get that Big Diet Coke too.

  • Kevin

    To uncle f ,, you might see rich rod back someday,,Saban would never come to wvu,,

    • Pam

      would take rich back anyday

  • Jeff

    Man, oh man, it's no wonder why people poke fun at WVU fans, with some of the other comments in this section. Some people are just too simple-minded.

    • Marcus

      Is that you Jeff Mullen

      • Chalkdust

        Now that's funny...I don't care waiting in the pick-up.

  • Uncle Fester

    Excellent news. Spivital drug down this offense almost as much as Jeff Mullen did in Bill Stewart's tenure. He was way overmatched for the job as Offensive Coordinator. Who's next???
    Prediction: Holgerson fired after the 2014 season after two straight 4-8 seasons. Oliver Luck and Sen. Joe Manchin coax and pursuade the recently retired Nick Saban to take the reins of the WVU football program and to restore the luster lost under Holgorsen. Nick Saban's first game as WVU coach, vs. Alabama in the 2015 season opener.

    • Kevin

      Spavital wasn't the OC, Dawson was/is. Get a clue....Spavital was the QB coach.

  • tim fisher

    Pretty good opportunity to work with a heisman winner. Plus the rats know when the ships sinking

  • Big Ugly

    Good Riddons....Geno Smith got worse and worse each game each year....Sorry but the most over-rated player in WV history...success due to the system.....We had a good line this year.. and he just struggled looked like a freshmen...choked in clutch..he can throw, but he could not win..And FOR GOODNESS SAKES RUN THE BALL DOWN THE FIELD...IT WOULD OPEN THE OFFENSE UP SO MUCH RUN QB RUN QB...DAGONE..I CAN SEE THAT...

    • David

      Have you woke up from your dream world? Did you even watch any WVU football games? The line couldn't hold block long enough to run the ball. Geno had to run for his life to make plays!!! Get real!!!! I guess, you're what they call, "A Fair Weather Fan"!!!!!

    • Aaron

      In what fairy, soft princess world did we have a good line?

  • Carl

    I am so sick of hearing how bad the hires are like anyone who is complaining about it could do a better job...im sorry but its not like wvu can go out and steal coaches from whoever they want. So get over it and quit whining

  • Roni

    I have no words.

  • RCS

    He's also will be the Co-OC. So its a step up for him and in order to eventually become a HC its a move he had to make. Having names like Weeden, Geno, and Manzel on your resume won't be to shabby.

    The good news is Dana never has an issue finding good Offensive coaches.

  • JD Alkire

    Looking at Holgerson's last two hires, Tony Gibson and Brian Mitchell, there is no doubt that we will be seeing Jeff Mullen as the next QB coach at WVU.

    • Rob Murphy

      Couldn't have said it better myself J.D. I heard he is waiting for "The Turk" to graduate so he can coach the Linebackers.

  • Chuck

    Coaches move around at all programs. Check Alabama. Take your fake drama to Marshall.

    • Jay

      But we're not bama or never will be

  • David

    Wow not taking long for this mess to unravel is it?

    • ralph

      i couldnt agree more. if a goal of these moves by hologersen was to quiet the waters and instill faith....it aint happening. this staff is shaping up like one that would be thrown together at the last minute rather than thought through. i thought hologersen derserved a mulligan this year due to stewart circumstances, but..........

      • Teufel