Stone Underwood, a 6-foot-4, 290-pound center from Copiah-Lincoln (Miss.) Community College, committed Monday to West Virginia, where he’s expected to compete for the spot vacated by departing senior Joe Madsen.

Copiah-Lincoln photo

Stone Underwood (79) of Copiah-Lincoln Community College said he will not take any more visits after committing to the West Virginia on Monday.

Memphis and UMass were the other FBS programs pursuing Underwood, who told that he does not plan to take any more recruiting visits.

“Underwood has gone under the radar a bit due to the fact he won’t be eligible to enroll until the summer, but he is a player that should compete immediately for time at the center position,”┬ásaid Keenan Cummings, senior writer for of the Rivals network, who first reported the commitment.

“Underwood visited West Virginia this past weekend and was sold on the place. He’s a pickup who addresses an area of need heading into next season.”

Rivals ranked Underwood a two-star prospect in 2011 when he signed with FCS member Southeastern Louisiana coming out of Brookhaven, Miss. He transferred this past season to Copiah-Lincoln (9-3), which was ranked No. 14 in the final NJCAA poll and has so far sent nine other players to Division I programs.

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  • Florentina

    gluten-free soy sauce

  • unclec

    Everbody look at U K basketball they have more 5 star players than anybody and they are not ranked.

    • William Harman

      Dont fool yourself, they will be very tough to beat in the tournament come March. Count on it!!

  • unclec

    Have said it before stars beside a name does not make the player. It takes talent, heart, and the right coach. Oh did I say heart again! Get kids in state and give them a chance they have pride in WV and will show they have what it takes. Or has everybody given up on in state kids?

  • Uncle Fester

    Just another Holgorsen recruit that will lead to future season records of 4-8. Holgorsen is much like Huggins, can win with the prior coaches recruits, but cannot win with his own recruits. Cellar dweller status in the Big 12 for Holgorsen and Huggs. Where will Holgorsen's team be picked in the pre-season poll next year in the Big 12??? 9th or 10th is my guess.

    • chad

      Pre season poll?? Who gives a crap? Where was Notre Dame in this years pre season poll?

  • marshafan

    how many D1 championships has marsha played for ???/

    hint : its the same number of times they have beat WVU

  • Pghmountaineer

    Mike, Check the record. The last time I checked this team got worse as the season went on. Not sure what you're smoking but you better change pipes becuse it's affecting your judgement.

    • Frostie

      Pghmountaineer: I think the points about 2-3 star players are accurate. This doesn't indicate a slide, but rather a continuation of WVU's history of coaching players up. No WVU coaching staff that I can recall fill our ranks with 4-5 star players. We were lucky to get one 4 star on an annual basis. While it is not the best scenario, it is not a slide from where we were.

  • James

    I will not criticize our recruiting, all I know is that I will show up ever Saturday and root on out mountaineers every week. I have supported them for twenty five years, I will not stop now. Win or lose, good or bad, I will stick by them till the end.

  • cutty77

    K-State had 11 or 12 Juco players.The Big 12 is alot Better than I thought.Dana can't wait on Freshmen to mature.You saw what happened with The freshmen this year on Defense.Everybody wants to win right now,and you have to get players to play right now.Dana is doing the right thing.

  • Henry Hall

    I've been a sports fan for over sixty years. There have always been a handful of schools that get 90% of the 4-5star players. ND has always gotten their share but they have had some awful seasons. It's not stars it's heart. and heart is hard to measure. WVu has had some great wins and they will continue to do so. I know how you feel, I was disapointed this year but if the D had done their job it would have been a much different year.

  • Melvin Meade

    When our staff gets stability then our recruiting will improve. Doc Holliday was a superb recruiter at WVU... he was there over 20 yrs... today's money won't let that happen again... win and your staff gets picked.... lose and the firing begins... Holgorsen has found out it's not all offense... how he handles this will determine WVU's and his football success ...

  • Pghmountaineer

    This is the new standard for WVU sports. It's obvious we can't recruit any 5 star prospects and even the 4 star commits are few at best. I think both programs have settled in to mediocrity and that's the way it's going to be for some time until the school gets serious about making a commitment to wining.The coaching is suspect and we certainly are unable to recruit impact players.

    • Mountaineer62

      Amen! Am I the only one noticing the return of some coaches recruited by Coaches Rod & Stew; the same coaches that brought in the players that helped Stew win a few bowl games. What goes around........

    • scott strode

      to say we're settling into mediocrity would imply that we once were a great program? were we?

      • WVWho

        Great question!

      • Doug

        Exactly. CFS talked about this back when we were in the middle of our 5 game losing streak, we as fans have these exagerated views of our team/program. WVU has always played the role of the little guys that occasionally steps up and knock off the big boys. But 2007 changed our view of that. We got so close and then choked(or threw the game if your a conspiracy theorist like me), but now everyone thinks we should be a title contender every year.

        No on celebrates the win anymore. Downtown used to be crazy after every win, now everyone just kind of has this 'who's next?' attitude. We're always looking ahead, sometimes 2 or 3 games, thinking ok we just beat Texas on the road, now after we beat TTU next week then we have K-State at home and if we win that then we'll cruise til Oklahoma comes to town, and next thing you know we've lose 5 in a row. I personally would like to see us get back to that underdog mentality and play every week like we have something to prove.

    • Mike

      Pghmoutaineer, So many of you armchair coaches don't have a clue what you are talking about.You are so hung up on stars.Look at how many great players have come to WVU as 2 and 3 stars and have become great players for US.When was the last time you coached football at any level?I bet you never played football at any level.I have much more faith in OL and DH then I have in any of you downers.Know matter who we recruit you would find something to cry about.How about just keep your mouth closed and go root for MU or in your case Pitt.

      • RED


      • Chalkdust

        20,000 high school players get "stars" from a hand-full of "scouts" and sports fan get to pigon hole some kid for life.Bahhh....... cow pie.
        I like the fact the kid dug down deep, choose to continue his edcation, worked-out and played the hell out the game until someone took notice. WELCOME TO WVU young man!

      • Tom

        I agree with Mike 100%. Well said.

      • sprdgoak

        I guess everyone that doesn't like the way we develop JC players would have let Bruce Irvin go too....Give the guy a chance!

  • RCS

    I think people underestate the system the O line runs. A player can have all the tools but has to be able to perform in the system. Which is why most freshman lineman redshirt.

  • john

    Is this the best we can do? The kid was a two star kid coming out of high school and his only other offers were umass and memphis. There has to be someone somewhere who will go to WVU with better credentials than this young man.

    • Mike

      You know nothing about football.OL and DH have what it takes to get WVU back in the top 25.Cant be done over night.By the way how many stars did you have coming out of HS? You don't have any now.

      • William Harman

        Kid looks athletic and brings power to point of contact. Notice his ability to chop. This is not an easy thing to do for big kids. Looks like Holgerson did his homework on this one.

    • chad

      Stars like stats are for losers.

    • Randy

      2 stars or 3 stars, not much difference. A coach's job is to help make a kid better. Give Underwood a chance.

    • wvcouch

      Pat White - 2 Star
      Steve Slaton - 2 Star

      Don't talk about things you don't understand.

      • WVWho

        Easier to benefit and Develop from a 2 or 3 star in gimmick wide open offenses. Linemen are much different. Seems like a headscratcher from this chair.

        • Banglijk

          Still sitting in that green and white chair, I see.

        • marshafan

          remember when marsha beat WVU ???

    • David

      As Yoda would say, "Monday morning quarterback you are!"

    • Tom

      People that judge an athlete based on stars only shouldn't comment on football. I seem to remember several four and five star prospects that came to Morgantown that rarely saw the field. ex. Ivan Ocho, Jason Gwantney.

    • RCS

      Where did you play college ball at? How.many schools recruited you? No school in D1 wanted Owen S either.

      • Chalkdust

        Nice Catch.

  • Dave

    Hopefully he's better prepared than last year's J.C. lineman, Mark Glowinski, that was supposedly "ready to compete immediately". I don't know if he played at all this year.

    • wvcouch

      Glowinski redshirted. Nothing wrong with that. He gets to learn the system and get stronger. He has two years to play now.

    • Wemakerain

      If I'm not mistaken he may have been one of the 3 years to play 2 JuCo guys. I thought he took a redshirt when he didn't crack the 2 deep, but I like the guy looks like a solid piece of beef and sounds like he has a little bit of mean streak too.