A Monongalia County man who used a bow and arrow to shoot another man will spend 12 years in prison.

Andrew McIntyre, 20, received that sentence Monday.  In Jan. 2012, he was convicted of second-degree murder for shooting and killing Marcus Toothman after a disagreement escalated.

McIntyre was facing up to 40 years behind bars after an arrow shot from a compound bow hit Toothman’s femoral artery.

Toothman had been staying at McIntyre’s house and the two got into an argument before the incident on Oct. 17, 2010.

During the trial last January, McIntyre’s attorney argued his client was acting in self defense.


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  • Brian

    Twelve years is about what you get for murder in Monongalia County, apparently. The real serious crime in Mon County seems to be being black. I know several people who have gotten much more severe sentences for non-violent offenses. Most recently, Demetreas Cunningham got 30+ years for an armed robbery, technically a violent crime, in which nobody was injured. Obviously that's a terrible and dangerous thing to do, and people are often hurt or killed when the plan doesn't go right, but in this case, nobody was hurt. Twelve for murder and 30+ for being black. Stay classy, Mon County.

  • Roger

    Murder? Self-defense? 12 years? Stop and think about it. Could the court not make up it's mind? If it was murder, he should be getting more than 12 years. If it was self-defense, he should be free.

    I guess it was, "well we weren't sure so let's split the difference".

    Is it any wonder our country is in the mess it's in right now?