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WVU’s Terry Henderson scored 23 points against Michigan and averaged 11 points in three Big 12 games. The freshman guard did not accompany the team to tonight’s game at Iowa State.

Freshman guard Terry Henderson, who started the past three games for West Virginia, did not travel with the team to Iowa State for tonight’s game, MetroNews learned early Wednesday.

The WVU sports information department subsequently announced Henderson suffered a lower back injury.

On Tuesday night, after the team’s charter flight departed for Des Moines, Iowa, Henderson tweeted “everything happens for a reason!” He followed up earlier today with another tweet that read, “my brovas gone hold it down tonight I already know!”

Henderson also referenced being in an anthropology class on Wednesday, around the same time the Mountaineers were staging their walk-through at Hilton Coliseum in Ames.

Tipoff is 9 p.m. Eastern tonight. The game will be televised on ESPN2, with radio coverage on MetroNews affiliates throughout the state.

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  • wirerowe

    This team is underperforming. I love Huggs as much as anyone but the drama focuses around him and I do not believe that he is faking being out of control all of the time. It is on him. the talent is not as bad as they have preformed. he needs to gather himself and coach in practice, calm down and let them play.

  • Big Tom

    who cares, henderson will transfer after this year anyway, after wittnessing how huggie treats his players during game time... and on the court, they are constantly looking at him so see if he's pulling them,,, i don't think i'd like that playing environment,,, huggie needs to get a grip on life and turn it over to Stevens of butler

    • chad

      Henderson isn't going anywhere.

  • cutty77

    I agree with alot of people on here.If you going to report a story.TELL THE WHOLE STORY.But all Media People like the Tease Method,and that is whats called The TEASE.

  • Todd

    If it's a hip. Ok. If he left the team? Well ok ,but unfortunate. But if this is another desipline problem, enough is enough. Lack of leadership

  • NF

    Relax people, its a lower back injury

  • chris

    its pretty bad when this site doesnt have news on tavon austin winning the jet award for best special teams player in the country

  • cutty77

    Huggs Never leaves Dennis The Meance Home,does he.This has Become The WVU Drama Team.Let me you few stats after 15 games.
    FG% 397.
    FT% 702.
    FT% 3PT 283.

    We are Very Lucky to be 8 an 7.

    • chad

      Lucky to be 8-7 maybe, but we could also easily be 12-3 if we had gotten a couple more shots to fall. This team isn't as far off as people think.

      • Big Tom

        we could have just as easily been 3-12

        • chad

          I don't agree with that. All of our wins have been solid with the exception of Texas. A few of our losses have been close heartbreakers and we choked up a W against Oklahoma

  • tony

    i meant humphries...

  • tony

    my question is whether or not that means anyone else gets in the rotation..vlady, hernderson, ab....???

  • michael toney

    Tony just tweeted he didnt travel due to a lower back injury

  • Art in Ohio

    I have to go along with John. Why go to all the trouble of reporting this story when you have no idea why he stayed behind. It comes across that he has left the team. Is this true?

    • chad

      Did you read the article? No where does it imply that he left the team.

  • John


    You think you might want to report on what the cause was that kept Henderson in Morgantown? Isn't that what you get paid for? There has been speculation that he has a hip injury is that accurate? Not a good reporting job!
    You don't have anyone else to contact besides the SID? No Caridi, Jacobs, Huggs, or anyone else on his staff?

    • Allan Taylor

      John, we gave you all the information we had at the time we had it. (And we happened to be the only media source that knew of his absence.) Within an hour, we had the injury confirmed. Sorry you were disappointed.

      • chad

        You don't need to explain yourself to these goofs. They want a legendary basketball coach fired for crying out loud

  • Big Tom

    rapidly this team is coming unglued. huggie needs to scream at them more and embarrass them as much as he can on tv.
    something about huggie and his recruiting is just not very good...