More than 40 years after allegedly abusing young children, Frank Russell Snider Sr. sits behind bars charged with multiple counts sexual assault and incest.

Monongalia County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the 74-year-old Snider this week after an alleged victim said Snider abused her in the 1960s.

“One of the victims came forward after all these years and gave a statement about the abuse Mr. Snider put her through,” Sheriff Al Kisner said.  “After that, another victim heard about her coming forward, and they did the same thing.”

Snider now faces nine counts of sexual assault and three counts of incest, and police believe they may file even more charges in the near future.

Kisner told WAJR this week that an investigation has lead police to believe there are more victims of Snider yet to come forward.

“We believe, through information gathered in the investigation, we believe there may be other victims,” Kisner said.  “If they were victims of Mr. Snider or had any sexual contact with him, we’re asking them to come forward as well.”

Snider’s victims were all minors at the time of the assaults, which ranged from the late 1960s to the mid 1970s, police said.

Kisner says police continue to work on the case and are trying to make contact with possible other victims.

“Ultimately what we want to do is make sure that cases are addressed and taken care of,” Kisner said.  “If there are more charges that should be filed against Mr. Snider, we want to make sure all victims are vindicated.”

Snider was arraigned in front of Magistrate Sandy Holepit.  His bond was set at $120,000.



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