An up-close look at West Virginia’s thrilling 69-67 road loss to Iowa State, courtesy of

The footage includes a terrific angle of Georges Niang’s winning basket with 2.5 seconds left, followed by the midcourt collision of West Virginia’s Eron Harris and Cyclones guard Chris Babb (at the 2:38 mark of the clip).

WVU coach Bob Huggins thought the bump warranted a foul call and free throws for Harris, likening it to the costly end-game foul the Mountaineers committed last Saturday against Kansas State.

“I just can’t believe that we come off a home (game) where a guy gets bumped and falls down and it’s a foul, and there’s no question there’s a bump (on Harris) and he falls down and there’s no call,” Huggins said.

Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg, as you would expect, agreed with the no-call: “I thought Chris did a great job sliding his feet over there to cut him off on the one dribble. There was a little bit of contact there, but I thought Chris did a good job defending that last play.”

Share your thoughts below on whether you think Harris was fouled.

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  • Illinoiseer

    Yea, he probably got fouled but no ref is going to call that foul 60 ft. From the basket in that building.

  • rekterx

    I thought we had someone wide open closer to the middle of the floor and as soon as I saw where the ball was being thrown to I said, "No!" It seemed obvous that the ball was being thrown to a heavily guarded player while 1-2 other guys were open.

    We had a player open near the foul line, I think. He could have made a couple of dribbles and launched a half-courter or, since we had more than two seconds left, he may have been able to make another pass to someone else.

    Bottom Line: This team dug a hole just a little too deep to climb out of.

  • Chalkdust

    This team (that can't shoot) is going to work,
    Stand-by. We will crush the babies.

  • AJ

    Seems what is needed is a consistent 5-man starting group, with subs from the bench. Deniz, God love him, is just not the player Hugs hopes him to be. Need to stop spending so much time thinking he is going to get better and focus on the guys coming back the next 1-3 years. Haven't Harris, Hines, Humphrey, Henderson, and G. Browne proven themselves yet?? Who is making the points? Certainly not Kilichli. Love the Turk but not on the court.

  • Tim C

    I know one thing, Huggs needs to keep the shooters on the floor. If we shot worth a crap for the complete game we would be at 14-2, not 8-8.

  • Awake

    The defense of WVU in the last seconds is what cost WVU the game. They should of fouled on the inbound and forced Iowa State to make the free throws. WVU also should of saved one time out
    for these type of situations.

  • mark

    Honestly, (and I am completely WVU biased), I thought the refs did a good job overall. They did clearly stuff the whistle on the last play though.

  • Larry

    Oh Pu-Leeze...

    In college basketball there is a total of 40 minutes in regulation play. For those who don't know...that means there are two (2)twenty minute halves.

    The games is decided on the play of the entire 40 minutes...not the last 2 seconds.

  • Marshall

    The refs were terrible for both teams. Don't forget there were about 4 questionable fouls on ISU in a 30 second span. WV plays rough and we got away with quite a few last night, too.

  • jfk

    so Haddad thinks the refs were cheating by not calling it fair because we are new to the B12/10 not at all the case. We got some calls too, problem was at the end of a close game its more pronounced. Those 4 and 5 minutes low or no scoring spurts and bad defense beat us not the refs.

  • David

    Coming off the heartbreaking loss to K State, and then finding themselves with a double digit deficit, this team could have just folded. It didn't.

    That is a team of toughness and character. And teams with toughness and character improve and eventually find ways to win.

  • Jim

    I'm crying...FOUL!!! I have to agree with Habib. The newbie to the conference is not going to get the calls. Also, Huggs was working the officials all night and he may have rubbed them the wrong way. I know an official and he said that they build relationships with coaches and it does make a difference when it comes to close calls.

  • jethro

    exciting games, just wish we come out on top sometimes

  • Alum

    If Staten committed the (incidental contact) foul in the first half, which was called, then Harris was also fouled.

    Did the Big East refs change conferences too?

  • Habib Haddad

    Anyone who thinks the newbie will get the call over the established conference member can come buy some ocean front property from me.