West Virginia guard Jabarie Hinds tried to evaluate what went wrong Saturday in a 79-52 loss at Purdue.

The sophomore was particularly disappointed WVU didn’t deliver the second-half scrappiness it showed in previous road games at Texas and Iowa State.

“I thought we were going to come out in the second half with more fire, but they hit us first,” he said.

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  • Tim C

    I'm from Mercer County, and now I'm ashamed.

  • Mercer County

    Please give this message to Huggins. We do not have much unity and we look disorganized. It is time for drastic measures. We need to have 3 specialized squads within our team. Gary Browne, Juwan Staten, Matt Humphrey, Keaton Miles, and Aaric Murray should play together. Hinds, Henderson, Matt Humphrey, Dominic Rutledge, and Kevin Noreen should get used to playing with one another. Finally, Eron Harris, Aaron Brown, Keaton Miles, Kilicli, and V.Gerun should play at the same time. We are 8-9 on our way to a loosing season. Why don't we try building unity by having the same guys in the ball game at the same time. All scholarship players should get to play every night. Each player should specialize in what they do best. E.G. Keaton Miles for defense, Gary Browne stealing the ball, Staten for short jumpers, E. Harris for threes, Rutledge for rebounding, Henderson driving to the goal, Murray for off the glass, Noreen for passing and setting screens, and Jabarie Hinds for ball handing. Later on their roles for the team will advance after they develop and prove their other skills.