After a 79-52 loss at Purdue, sophomore Juwan Staten agreed with West Virginia coach Bob Huggins that the Mountaineers “don’t play hard enough.”

The point guard said repeated mistakes are as frustrating to the team as they are to Huggins.

“As the season goes on, you typically get better, but some things we haven’t got better at,” Staten said. “We’re still making mistakes we made early in the season. I don’t really know where that comes from.”

With WVU in a funk and coming off a horrendous loss on national television, what’s the motivation going forward?

“The most motivating factor is that we’re 8-9,” Staten said. “That’s all the motivation we need, right there.”

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    OLLIE LUCK should give BOB" I CAN'T FIX IT" HUGGINS a raise. Maybe if he gave him 4 million dollars a year instead of 3 million, HUGGINS WOULD TRY A LITTLE HARDER TO WIN!



  • cutty77

    Botton line Nobody like losing.Fans are getting ready to be charged more money for Football,and Basketball games.So they are little Hot under the collor.Just look what Staten said.THE TEAM IS NOT GETTING BETTER.When your the Head Coach,you get paid millions of dollors.Your paid to win,and paid to take the heat too.No Need to call anybody out on here.Let me get this straight too.HUGGS DOES NOT HAVE A LIFETIME CONTRACT.

  • Derek

    I believe its just finding the right combo. These are talented kids. Go with the five that played well against OU. This is a young raw class. We missed a class if everybody remembers. Not scared to say I have total faith in Huggs.

  • Mike Hardesty

    Bluff called

  • Mike Hardesty

    Calling out the cowards.

    I love how so called “WVU fans” post critical commentary under an alias…pure cowards….if you believe in your position at least have the courage to post your name. That said, I too am frustrated with this team. While I believe we have more talent than our record indicates, the debacle at West Lafayette was depressing to say the least.
    Even though I am discouraged by this group’s performance, it is not time to sail the staff down the road. We have gotten so spoiled with our recent success that we fail to recognize that down years do happen despite the best efforts of many.
    Coach Huggins has delivered five straight NCAA berths, one Sweet 16, a Final Four, and a Big East Championship so quit whining you big babies.
    I fully expect we will be contending for the Big 12 championship next year. Go WVU!

    • Big Tom

      you can post any name, how bout posting your phone no. and home address,,,well , i guess you're not as honest has you want usto believe

  • Todd

    When was the last time you remember a WVU basketball team that so many players got this much playing time. I mean 12 players at least are getting playing time. No one knows who starting or coming off the bench from game to game. No chemistry. No leadership from upper classmen. No rhythm. This team ( minus seniors) will have the potential to contend next year

  • Don Quixote

    *disregard my first post....premature post.

  • Don Quixote

    In preparation for this season, Huggs believed Deniz could lead this team and he thought he could run a large part of the offense through Deniz. I didn' Huggs has two good recruits in 5 years.....he's not earning that $3mil, in my opinion.

    The team does display characteristics of a family with an alcoholic father. Their fear of making a mistake causes the mistakes. 3 double dribbles in D1 ball?

    Pick our best 5 and let them play. Substitute as necessary and adjust your line-up as warranted but stop with the yanking and yelling, it isn't working any more than beating a dog does. They learn how to cowher but they aren't better dogs.

  • Don Quixote

    Huggs believed Deniz could carry lead this team and he thought he could run a large part of the offense through Deniz. I didn'

    The team does display characteristics of a family with an alcoholic father. This could get ugly.

  • Big Tom

    i don't like the idea of embarrassing theplayers on the bench after making a mistake, look how john beilein does it, in a very teachable positive manner,no one is embarrassed or screamed at... remember this are basically kids, they will make mistakes, but for god's sake , correct them in a positive manner.
    all huggs ever talks about it back in the day at cinn. ,well, it's today, and it's put up or shut up time. with 700 wins under your belt, that's good, but we are 8-9 and that ain't good ,hall of fame coach or not.
    you can't live off your past, it's show time huggie, if you can't bake the cake then let someone in there that can... I like Stevens from Butler, wonder what it would take to get him to morgantown,.

    • Stan

      Stevenson has no desire to leave Butler. He just signed a contract last year that last until 2021. He has been offered jobs by higher profile schools than WVU and turned them down. I think Stevenson is a great coach too, but you're dreaming if you think we can get him. Besides, I for one am still happy with Huggs.

  • Mercer County

    Huggins was a great coach. He is relying to much on his past success to fuel his ego. I was a big Huggins fan. He is turning into an over weight middle age alcoholic prick. I think he has not been playing the right guys together. Gary Browne, Juwan Staten, Matt Humphrey, Keaton Miles, and Aaric Murray should play together. Hinds, Henderson, Matt Humphrey, Dominic Rutledge, and Kevin Noreen should get used to playing with one another. Finally, Eron Harris, Aaron Brown, Keaton Miles, Kilicli, and V.Gerun should play at the same time.

    • JTJ

      Would be hard for anyone to play with the fear of making a mistake and then getting ripped in front of the fans. I love Huggs but look at his assistants when he goes off. Just saying!