Inauguration Day 2013 comes in Washington, D.C. with a major debate looming on Capitol Hill about new gun control regulations following last month’s shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

“We have to find common ground,” said Third District Congressman Nick Rahall.  “And I believe there is more upon which we can agree on this issue than that which we may disagree.”

The debate, though, which is expected to get started in the U.S. Senate this week, could be contentious.

Last week, President Barack Obama signed 23 executive orders dealing with gun regulations and proposed several measures that will need Congressional approval to become law.

Those proposals include a crackdown on gun trafficking, universal background checks for every gun sale and bans on military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Congressman Rahall says he is currently reviewing President Obama’s proposals.

“This is a wide ranging problem.  It’s bigger and it’s broader than just guns and we should not be finger pointing at any group or any one cause.  We should be trying to work together,” he said.

The Congressman says the issue cannot be about politics.

“It’s important that we come together in a fair and balanced manner without finger pointing for any political gain on this issue.  It’s just too vital to the future of our children and our country,” Congressman Rahall said.

A group called “Guns Across America” organized rallies, calling for the protection of the rights of gun owners, in West Virginia and 48 other states.

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  • L Gill

    If Rahall votes for gun controll then my votes will go for the oppside side the next times he runs for offfice.

  • Jim

    John R. Lott recently did a study of gun mass murders (more than 3 dead by gunfire). Since 1950, all but two of these have taken place in places where guns are not allowed. Essentially none of these killings have taken place outside of "gun free zones." It's time we end the unconstitutional infringement of Americans' right to bear arms wherever they darn well please.

  • hillbilly

    It just will not solve anything..
    Murder is illlegal, but that did not stop him from killing kids at Newtown...
    Stealing a gun is illegal, but that did not stop him from stealing one...from his mother.
    Taking guns onto school property is illlegal, but that did not stop him from taking them onto school property in Newtown...
    Making drugs illegal did not stop people from getting or having them, there are more now than ever.
    This is just a public outcry to DO SOMETHING without realizing that it will not fix this issue. No one known who all has assault weapons, and if banned, most people will not give them up. Then what are people going to want done or banned when someone gets an ILLEGAL gun and kills someone???

  • SpokenCitizen

    "The Congressman says the issue cannot be about politics."

    It most certainly is about politics and the fact it's on his desk for review proves it. Rahall needs to listen long and hard to his constituency. He is an elected paid repesentitive of Westvirginians NOT Washington.

    • NorthernWVman

      that was my FIRST thought!! It is most definately about politics!! Let alone what his constituency desires. He needs to listen to the Constition of the United States of America!

  • wvman75

    Rahall can always vote with his liberal buddies and Obama to attack our Second Amendment rights and see how far that gets him with the voters in West Virginia.