Martinsburg senior basketball standout Donte Grantham has seen his stock rise significantly over the past year in the recruiting circles. The 6-foot-7 small forward has picked up several D-I scholarship offers, including Marshall.

“It’s going good,” Grantham said of the recruiting process. “Villanova is in the picture now and they’re coming to my game February 3rd. Marshall offered me, along with VMI, Radford, George Mason and James Madison.”

Grantham also has other offers from Northern Kentucky, Morgan State and Morehead State as well. Also more in the picture of late has been West Virginia. WVU assistant Ron Everhart was in attendance Saturday for Martinsburg’s game against Morgantown and has seen Grantham play several times this year.

“I like West Virginia a lot – the facilities, coaches and players,” Grantham said. “Coach Everhart and I are close.”

Christopher C. Davis/Clark’s Artistic Photography

Martinsburg’s Donte Grantham now has both Villanova and West Virginia in the recruiting mix.

West Virginia, which has already signed four players to its 2013 recruiting class, has yet to offer Grantham a scholarship – although one may be on the way.

“He said the offer might be coming, just for me to wait and be patient and don’t make a quick decision,” Grantham said. “I’m just going to wait things out and see what I get.”

And if he does eventually get an offer from WVU?

“I would still talk to my family about it, but I would like that a lot,” he said.

Morgantown’s Nathan Adrian, of course, is one of those four players to have already signed with West Virginia’s 2013 class. Adrian scored 23 points to Grantham’s 17 in Morgantown’s upset of the top ranked Bulldogs on Saturday.

“He’s very good and I hope he gets to come play with me someday,” Adrian said of Grantham.

“He’s a player – I like him and he’s a nice kid,” said Morgantown head coach Tom Yester. “He and a lot of Martinsburg’s players have nice quickness.”

If WVU would offer and sign Grantham, there would certainly be some more shuffling on the roster as the Mountaineers would be two over their scholarship limit. With four players already coming in with the 2013 class, West Virginia loses just three players from this year’s team to graduation.

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  • Big John

    I believe he will be a great addition to W.V.U. Ieexpect he will be the first signee in APRIL.

  • Mountie

    @art in Ohio -- Macon is playing at a prep school this year ..not like huntington prep where he played his senior year of HS (last year) but a 5th year get your academics straight school and will join team next season

  • Protechcpa

    We do seem to be missing some intangibles that could make a difference in close games. Playing for pride in your home state is as good a reason as any to define one as a "go to" guy down the stretch. I think we need him and more like him. I would strongly prefer a team of all WV natives who played their hearts out over the patchwork under achievers on this year's team.

  • Jerry

    That is where both Hug and Hol will find WV players bring WV fans who pay the bucks to see and fill up the stadium. Bad playing times keep the fans @ home and with so many games on either FOX or those dollars off set the lost $$$$$ with low attendance?

  • Andrew

    Buddha would be a great fit for WVU , sign him!

  • Art in Ohio

    Help me out here guys.

    Four start Elijah Macon is not coming due to grades. Is this correct.

    This means we have a opening ???

  • wirerowe

    If he can shoot better than 30% play him next week.

  • David

    The way they are playing there should be more than three spots opening up.

  • NotTonyCaridi

    If he can shoot, sign him and younger brother (if he has one)!

  • tony

    there should be some spots opening up i would think.....

  • unclec

    Need to make him an offer need all the in state players we can get. HEART and WV PRIDE