After a career-high 19 points marked his third straight game in double figures, freshman guard Eron Harris says he’s getting more comfortable and confident. But he knows the keys to being on the floor fora Bob Huggins-coached team is still defense and hustle.

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  • graywv

    They seem to be pretty good players, but their are a few on this team that seem to have a bad attitude-uncoachable, they want to talk back, pay little attention, walk away, if he can ever get their attention they will really improve ther game and the teams overall makeup-lets hope they can listen and do what asked of them!

  • tony

    funny how some young guy from indy can walk in this year and get it right away..these older guys would have an excuse for their lack of development if they didnt have eron and terry to side by side compare..gonna be 2 real good and most importantly....consistent players....