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The state’s only Abercrombie & Fitch store is closing at the Charleston Town Center Mall.   The retailer sells upscale clothing targeting young adults as it’s core customers.   

The company has been a fixture at the Town Center since November 2001.

Mall officials say evidently the store wasn’t living up to expectations and will now close. 

The store employs 80-full and part time employees.

The store is a sister company of Hollister which has stores in Charleston, Huntington, and Morgantown.  The Hollister store will stay in place at the Town Center.

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  • B

    The writer of this article didn't do their research.....there's an Abercrombie store in Paulman Square in Hunnington.....

    • Whatever

      You are an idiot, and it's PULLMAN and HUNTINGTON, so maybe you should do your research

    • Charles

      The writer of this reply didn't spell Pullman right.

      • Whatever

        Not you Charles,

  • Robin

    Wow. That was mindblowing.

  • David

    Materialgrl, I think you have taken shopping to a new level. lol

    How good are you at shoppoing for a new car?

    • Materialgrl

      That's me also:)

    • Whatever

      Haha I am bad azz at shopping for cars! I have a degree in fashion lol!

  • Materialgrl

    Even though I am still an avid anf shopper (lucky enough to be able to frequent larger cities such as columbus to shop) there was no surprise as to why this location is closing after what I witnessed last night and today at opening of business: People were snatching and grabbing the redline items because they were addtnl 70 percent off and the regular merchandise was no even being touched other than by me. Also there was literally five asian men that worked from sarku upstairs that had brought greasy soiled bottom boxes and were taking their hands and dumping the tables into the boxes. Also Whats funny is That other and locations are offering the same discounts you just have to be lucky enough to be able to get to travel. A lot of People dont have the means to do so and they will never view the anf stores in person again. What people don't realize is that hollister is also offering the same 70 percent off redlines currently and since they are not in danger of closing, of course there wasn't anyone going crazy in there for it expect for me because I shop in there every week. Hco and anf are notorious for doing this: they get a small amount of the one item in, it sells for regular price, and as it nears the end of season, they actually get a new arrival of the same items back in store that have been marked down 60-70 percent off the original price. So if you keep this mind and frequent there you can plan on it and can walk away with $7 sweaters and $5 tops at times. People assume that lower grade stores such as Aeropostale are cheaper and it's actually the reverse. If you are lucky enough to be in the hco size range I strongly suggest going once a week to grab your deals.

    • Juice

      That is the dumbest comment I have every read.

      • Materialgrl

        This is the dumbest person I have encountered! Probably 400 pounds too!

        • Whatever

          Yeah JUICE why don't you juice up and Fn die homie