When the weekly rankings are released later today, Kansas could ascend to No. 1 in the coaches poll and figures to be no worse than No. 2 in the Associated Press top 25.

What fortuitous timing for West Virginia to be hosting the Jayhawks in the first-ever meeting between the two programs. Surely Morgantown, which carries the rep of providing a rowdy homecourt atmosphere, is in the throes of hoops hysteria, right?

“Honestly there hasn’t been the kind of hoopla that you would think there would be around town,” WVU coach Bob Huggins said Monday on the Big 12 teleconference. “The paper sure didn’t blow it up today as being a huge, huge game. I’m sure we have a lot to do with it, with our play.”

West Virginia owns a 100 RPI, stands 9-10 overall and is on pace to miss the NCAAs for the first time in Huggins’ six seasons at his alma mater. The Mountaineers are 2-4 in league play with those wins coming over Texas and TCU, teams that are a combined 1-12 in Big 12.

So even though a near-capacity crowd is anticipated at the WVU Coliseum tonight, and despite the Jayhawks (18-1, 6-0) owning the nation’s longest active winning streak at 17 games, Huggins said he senses no buzz around the game.

“I’d just like to win one,” Huggins said. “I never saw it coming that we would struggle the way we’ve struggled.”

Kansas is an 8-point favorite.

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  • Barbara

    Want me to call ya a "whambulance" ? Tired of the crocodile tears and the whining!

  • John

    According to Huggins it's NEVER HIS FAULT. He gets paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and his recruiting has been virtually NON EXISTENT since he has been here.

    I think the man can coach, but he has to hire people on his staff with the ability to recruit. He has Butler as a grad assistant have him recruit NJ and NYC and hire someone with connections in DC/Maryland to recruit.

  • Gator

    I believe Larry and William want to bring back Catlett.

  • wvufanfreak

    I like how everyone is so quick to blame huggins and everything. the team is young and really young at that. they are going through growing pains and there is alot of bright spots. Eron Harris, terry henderson?? some people just piss me off with their fairweatherness. go be a damn pitt fan if you cant support your team through thick and thin help them quarter way fill heinz and the zoo every year because we real wvu fans dont want you here.

  • Todd

    Can't u feel the love! Everyone can put their two cents in on the team and Huggs, but he has a young team!! Yes he recruited them. Yes he yells at them. Bottom line. Team leadership, chemistry playing together and playing some very good team are the difference Going to game tonight to SUPPORT the university and the team. Oh ya. If your not on wagon year year, stay the hell off next year. Go Mountaineers!


      ONLY TIME HUGGINS HAS WON AT WVU WAS WITH BEILEIN PLAYERS! JUWAN STATEN showed HUGGINS what he thought of him, when he gave HUGGINS the finger just before half-time of TEXAS game

      • Barbara

        I agree with you William. It was Beilein's recruits who took us to the Final Four despite Huggins' gorilla-like tactics as a "coach." Those dudes had brains, a desire to win, and I do not think we will ever see that again. I don't care how fantastic the new practice court is. WVU as a contender is done. Period. Time for Hugs to go to his fishing cabin and stay there.

      • Alum

        Why don't you just go join tommy in mommy's basement?


    FIRE BOB HUGGINS - for the way he acts on the court, HE IS A EMBARRASSMENT FOR WVU. He likes to put on a show on the court, because he thinks he is part of the show. He loves the ATTENTION. Why would any basketball player ever come to WVU to play for this COACH, BECAUSE THIS COACH THROWS HIS PLAYERS UNDER THE BUS! BOB HUGGINS SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED LAST YEAR AFTER HIS SPEAKING APPEARANCE AT THE NIKE CLINIC AT ROBERT MORRIS COLLEGE! WHAT A PIECE OF WORK HE IS. (GOOGLE IT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED)

  • Brian

    Does Larry not watch any other basketball games? If so he would see that every coaching staff was wearing the sweat suit and tennis shoe combination this weekend. Surely he noticed that OK State coaches were wearing similar attire with bright orange shoes. Come on man!

  • mike

    I can tell by some of the comments that most of you have never coached before. It is not the coaches fault that player miss shots or throw the ball away, or just don't play defense.I have coached teams that for some reason look good for a while and when something goes wrong resort back to their bad habits. We have people blaming the coaches when it's not their fault. These are young men and yes they are getting paid to play, by getting a free education. They need to toughen up and play good hard nosed defense and the offense will eventually come around.

    • Chip

      Must not be the coaching when teams win then either, coaches don't make shots, play defense etc....

    • Uncle Fester

      Hey, Huggins recruited these guys who couldn't make a shot at a flu clinic to save their lives. Huggins is responsible for this debacle. Huggins can't recruit anymore. He only won with John Beilein recruits. Huggins record has steadily declined with his recruits. Just check the record. In 2009-2010 WVU went 31-7 with mostly John Beilein recruits.
      In '10-'11 they were 21-12, in '11-'12 they were 19-14, and this year they are 9-10 so far. The proof is in the puddin'.

  • cutty77

    I'm more concerened what Huggs said about the Game.NOT MUCH HOOPLA. His Statement there SPEAKS LOUD AND CLEAR.

    • wvtd

      he knows whats coming and a whipping is nothing to be happy about.

  • Tim

    Definitely won't happen tonight !

  • mattyb

    Who gives a flying crap what they wear?!! He wore a pullover when he took us to the Final Four and no one was complaining. Good grief Larry, go search for a coaching staff that wears $1000 dollar suits if it'll make you happy. I hear Pitt is still looking for fans, you would fit right in up there. Metronews, do us real fans a favor, take away the ability for people to comment on your articles so we don't have to read the opinions from the most asinine and ignorant "fans".

    • Larry


      Did you read this article?..."Not much ‘hoopla’ for Kansas"...

      The #1 ranked team in the nation is coming to Morgantown and nobody gives a flip. Not Huggins, not the players, fans or sportswriters are excited or care.anything about this game so why should I? That was the point of the article.

      The Huggins Monkey/Clown suit is much more interesting. I respect the opinions of everyone in this forumn including yours...so respect mine whether you like it or not. Thats just how it is.

      Everyone here Has that right to express their opinions. You dont have to agree with them. That is not what its about...Just respect them!

    • Bob

      Amen very well said and I agree 100%

  • tony

    never say never. done it before.

  • Larry

    Forget about the game…Everybody knows it’s going to be a 20 point blowout loss at home. Who cares? The real question is if Huggins and his entire staff are going to don their new Blue and white Monkey/clown suits tonight.

    Huggins unveiled their new Monkey/clown suits on National Television at the Oklahoma State blowout on Saturday. And if you never saw them they were quite a sight to behold.

    The New “extra large” (that means they were way to big even for Huggins) Monkey/clown suits replaced the “All Black Smock Pullover Pajama Tops” that Huggins was so fond of wearing.

    The New monkey/clown suits feature the Penn State Dark Blue and Bright White colors complete with matching pants. The white stripe (about 3 inches wide) is an eye catcher that really draws attention.

    I was looking for the entire staff to come out juggling basketballs or doing handstands but maybe we can see something like that tonight.

    Yes, It was definite a first in the annals and history of Division 1 College Basketball or any level of basketball for that matter. Oliver Luck must sure be proud of his trend setting 3 million dollar coach!

    No, the game won’t be any fun to watch but we can be sure that the sideline antics of Bob Huggins and company to be definitely entertaining!


      Did you see the commercial for the BIG 12 doing the game, where all the BIG 12 coaches were all passing the basketball to each other? All the coaches were DRESSED IN SUITS AND LOOKED VERY PROFESSIONAL, except BOB " I CAN'T FIX IT " HUGGINS. He looked terrible in his black and white SWEATSUIT! What a piece of work he is!

    • Bob

      I don't comment on here but you are getting very annoying if you think this little of WVU find another team fair weather fan.

    • Jim

      I don't care what they wear! You focus way too much on how the coaches look. They can come out naked! Just WIN baby!

      • Larry


        Please...anything but Huggins naked...Heaven help us all....No! No! No!

        The monkey/clown suit is looking better all the time...

    • chad

      Shouldn't you be reading fashion weekly?

  • Sam

    Not tonight Huggs...........as much as I would like it too!!!