West Virginia received a commitment Tuesday from offensive lineman Grant Lingafelter, a 6-foot-5, 270-pounder who previously pledged to Miami (Ohio) in October.

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Grant Lingafelter played offensive tackle in high school but could shift to guard in college.

Lingafelter, who visited WVU last weekend, showed big development as a senior for Chagrin Falls (Ohio) High School and is rated a three-star prospect by Rivals. (Scout and 247Sports list him as a two-star recruit.) Lingafelter has offers from Illinois, Cincinnati, Akron and Ball State, with other Big Ten programs showing increasing interest as National Signing Day approaches on Feb. 6.

“Lingafelter is a versatile guy who can play guard or tackle for the Mountaineers,” said WVSports.com senior writer Keenan Cummings of the Rivals network. “Lingafelter had offers from several programs and a late interest from Michigan State. He’s a prospect that will most likely redshirt as he adds weight and adjusts to the college game.”

Kevin Kinder, publisher of BlueGoldNews.com and the Scout network, offered his analysis:

“Although Lingafelter didn’t get a WVU offer until recently, he was a player that the Mountaineers stayed in touch with throughout his senior season, so he’s definitely not just a spot-filler on WVU’s commitment list. He is a good blocker who can control the edge well, and like almost all of West Virginia’s offensive line recruits, he’s a rangy player with the frame to add bulk.

“Two other factors really helped seal his commitment switch from Miami (Ohio) to West Virginia: His ability to play every position along the offensive line, and the fact that Chagrin Falls played a version of the “Air Raid” offense. That familiarity will definitely help him as he learns West Virginia’s version, and his experience at all three line positions also will help him down the road. Like most offensive linemen, it’s difficult to see him playing in his first year at WVU. He’ll need some time to develop, but down the road he could be a stalwart up front.”

WVU’s class of 2013 now stands at 23 commitments, including four offensive linemen.

Lingafelter highlights:

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  • Jim

    WVU has had many so-called "3 star" athletes excel at football and basketball. Pat White, Steve Slaton, Owen Schmit, and many more. I challenge to all of you to name more WVU stars in football and basketball that were NOT 4 and 5 star athletes!

    • Frank in Ohio

      For the record, Owen Schmidt wasn't a 3 star.. he didn't get any stars that is why he went to Wisconsin-Whitewater prior to Morgantown.

    • Mac

      Too many to count Jim. How many walk-ons was Nehlen able to turn into quality players. That said, Holgs doesn't strike me as having that ability...

  • unclec

    Have said before stars beside his name means nothing. Has to have heart. If he went to ohio st he would be a 4 to 5 star. Give him a year of d 1 coaching and training. Welcome to wv

  • Red Dwarf

    NOBODY wanted Owen Schmitt and I recall he did okay for us.

  • John weaver

    Gained a flip, lost Zaire Williams. We should change commitment status from solid and soft to sure what the hell, call me maybe, and probably but then again maybe not.

  • Shawn

    I see a lot of talent in this kid. Great hands and feet! He'll be a good one.

  • Larry

    Three and Four star recruits equate to the "Middle of the Pack" in the Big 12 when the big boys recruit mostly Four and Fives...

  • Uncle Fester

    Stop the presses. Holgorsen stole a recruit from a MAC school. Whoopeeee.
    MAC-caliber recruits for a Big-12 conference team spells disaster. Holgorsen gunning for the Big-12 cellar again.

    • Shawn

      The Ravens starting center played for Harvard and the 49's are starting guys from Central Michigan and Idaho. The seem like they turned out pretty good considering they went to "Small Time" schools!

      • JImJim

        So, you're calling WVU small time... Nice

        • Shawn

          No people on here are considering MAC schools small time! It was said that MAC school talent cant play with the big boys. When you have 3 or 4 linemen from these small MAC schools playing in the Super Bowl, i think thats pretty good. Its small time comments like yours that should be banned from even being posted on here. You have nothing to bring to the table so therefore you should be dismissed. Thank You Sir...You're Welcome!

  • chad

    Oline play is all about footwork and balance. If the kid has good footwork and balance everything else can be developed. We certainly need some athletic O-lineman .If the dude is mean and nasty on top of that...even better.

  • Matt

    What a stud, his video is amazing, to heck with stars, from a coach, this guy will be huge! Well done Dana

  • Wemakerain

    The star rating system for offensive linemen is pretty awful, I just look for long arms and height and the ability to put on muscle to get near 300 lbs. The dude has all that plus the chip on his shoulder for not getting all the big looks, I think he will do just fine in old gold and blue

  • Mike

    JimJim, I forgot one thing. You can go back to the HD and root for your Herd teams anytime. You wont be missed here.

    • JImJim

      How about Ohio State. not the Herd. Or Texas or Ok Oklahoma, Mike look up, not down.

      • Frank in Ohio

        Texas has a perennial top 10 recruiting class and they don't win jack squat year after year.

  • RCS

    Watched the film...... WOW ! Kid has a mean streak in him and that's always a good thing when it comes to O-Lineman, he shows good pulling ability, and the quickness to get to the 2nd level....

  • JimJim

    Wow, we're battling Ohio State for recruits, No, wait that way Miami, in Florida. Oops, wrong again that was Miami of Ohio. WVU is going to play in the Big 12 with MAC recruits, RIGHT!

    • John

      JimJim, I agree with you. I hope the young man works out. I guess he was a 3 star who is a borderline 2 instead of a borderline 4.

      To those saying guys work out who are3 stars better than 4 or 5 stars I say Yes they do once in a while, however I would take USC's or Alabama's Class of recruits over ours. USC's have six 5 star recruits this year. We have only had two 5 star recruits in OUR HISTORY since they started rating high school players. (Noel Devine and Jason Gwaltney)

      • jake_d

        I thought Tavon was 5* too.

    • Mike

      Just goes to show that you know very little about football.Why are you so hung up on stars? I will put my money on DH and staff when it comes to looking at football players to help WVU.

      • JImJim

        Yes, every mother's dream, have her son play for the drunk!

        • Tom Martin

          JimJim, you are really DumbDumb!!!!!

        • Hersh

          You're pathetic, man.

        • Shawn

          If you dug a little deeper you would find a lot of coaches with alcohol/drug problems. They are just covered up a little better!

          • JImJim

            Why look, we have two here.

    • RCS

      What people fail to realize is that the whole "star" system is based off of how many camps these kids attend. If this kids parents don't have the means to send him to camp after camp, then he's not going to get notice like some of these overrated kids that you hear about before singing day then their not heard from again because they couldn't hang on the college level...

      • JImJim

        Bet against the bookies in Las Vegas, let me know how you do. Talent scouts know more about ability than you or I, that's how they make a living.

    • shawn

      Every year there are kids from these schools who get drafted just like kids from big time schools. You people think if we aren't getting 4 star recruits then we won't be good. Give me a break

  • Allan Jones

    Better to recruit a leaner young man and put the weight on as muscle not fat. Hope he has good mobility and some speed.

  • chris

    I think he's going to be a good one very athletic just needs to get stronger and add weight.

    • Mac

      Here is his recruiting sheet via ESPN.


      The best news on there is that Vanderbilt wanted him. So I'm guessing grades won't be an issue.