Recruiting rankings and athletic skills aside, toughness and aggressiveness are attributes that can’t go overlooked at the college level along the offensive line. And Chagrin Falls (Ohio) high school head coach Mark Iammarino says new WVU offensive line commitment Grant Lingafelter has all that.

“He does have that nasty streak to him,” Iammarino said on the MetroNews Statewide Sportsline. “He finishes blocks well and he’s not just a one-hit guy, he’ll go after a guy and make sure he’s down on the ground.”

Lingafelter showed some of that toughness by playing through the second half of the season with what Iammarino called badly bruised ribs.

“There were two weeks during the season where we kind of kept him on the shelf during practice, but he didn’t miss any time in games,” Iammarino said. “He played some defensive tackle for us as well and that’s the name of the game.

“Hogs are hogs for a reason and there’s nothing pretty about them. He has the footwork and all of that other kind of stuff, but the bottom line is if he’s going to make a name for himself, he has to be aggressive, physical and able to play through an awful lot.”

Lingafelter had some interest from other BCS schools, including Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Florida State and Boston College, but most of his offers came from MAC teams. WVU, meanwhile, had been in contact with him since last spring and officially gave him an offer within the last two weeks.

“He may not have been a guy that was offered by BCS schools right off the get-go, but I think he has always been on their board,” Iammarino said.

Lingafelter, who currently stands in at 6-foot-5, 275 pounds, had a big transition year into his current frame following his sophomore season, heading into his junior year.

“He does have that nasty streak to him. He finishes blocks well and he’s not just a one-hit guy, he’ll go after a guy and make sure he’s down on the ground.” – Mark Iammarino on WVU commit Grant Lingafelter

“He moves well, has good feet and you can tell he’s going to continue to grow and get bigger and stronger,” Iammarino said. “He’s going to fill out more and therefore they believe he can be that dominant kind of lineman.”

As for Lingafelter’s lack of BCS-caliber offers overall in the recruiting process?

“Grant realizes that there are some guys out there that are thinking if your previous offers were not from Big 12 schools or SEC schools, then can you play at that level? I told him to use that as motivation to tell everybody and the people of West Virginia that he’s at the right level and he’s going to do great things for them,” Iammarino said.

Lingafelter had previously committed to Miami (Ohio), but visited WVU last weekend and decided to switch to the Mountaineers.

“West Virginia, to my knowledge, wasn’t a brand new thing,” the coach said. “They had him on the radar and kept in touch. He took a visit and I think he was extremely impressed with the coaching staff and he enjoyed working with them.

“As we went down the pros and cons and all of those things, just the atmosphere of Morgantown on a Saturday afternoon and playing Big 12 football is something he’s wanted to do all of his life.”

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  • Misterman

    Welcome aboard, young man.

  • jake123

    sound like a d lineman to me

  • Chad Adkins

    That's nice...I want to know were the DL help is....we ranked near to last in the country in pass D???? We need at least 3 for this class and not one verbal. If you can slow the run and get pressure with your front makes the LB'S and secondary a lot better and quit putting so much pressure on them in coverage????

  • david bee

    Impressive to say the least.

  • Bill Confair

    Welcome to the team! You're going to do great!
    There's something special happening in Morgantown.

  • cutty77

    I will believe everything on Feb.7th,and not untill then. If its and Buts were Candy an Nuts we would all have a Great Christmas.

  • Mgt ED

    Yeah right John!! I wouldny want any of those 5 stars that Bama or LSU or USC gets. We don't want our team to be like them!!

  • Mj Furph24

    What more can you ask for this kid sounds like he would go through a wall for his teammates. I'll take a kid with a nasty streak and a chip on his shoulder - with proper coaching etc. he will usually reach higher and deeper than most 4*+ athletes. My coach used to say "a hard working determined guy will beat a talented kid if the gifted guy doesn't work hard." Think when the going gets tough...(example- momentum shifts during every
    game) who will quit or hang their head first? My $ is on the kid who had to earn it everyday. Go Eer's

  • John

    I'd rather have a whole team of guys that have some talent, are coachable, feel like they've been given an opportunity, and want to play, than a team of 5 star recruits that believe they are owed something for coming here. Some times the attitudes that come with the highly recruited players aren't worth it. I believe this kid will do well.

  • JImJim

    This says it all: " but most of his offers came from MAC teams." I wish him well.

  • Hop'sHip

    Speaking of those switching verbal committments, I usually peak at the banner on ESPNU to learn current recruiting news. I have yet to find any reference to a WVU committ, though WVU is sometimes included as "other schools interested". Yesterday, however, I did see a reference to a WVU committment, actually a decommittment of a New Jersey running back to Temple, of all schools. Hope he wasn't someone who we were counting on.

    • MLR

      Hop'sHip, Zaire Williams, a RB commit, flipped to Temple. The belief is he felt he wasn't going to have a very good shot at the #1 RB spot while he was in Morgantown. Which sounds like a fear of competition to me...or just a smart move on his part. Temple does put people in the NFL and I wish him the best.

      We have several options at RB also committed and might have a replacement commit lined up but he could have been a good one.

      • Wemakerain

        Yeah probably helps bring in JoJo Kemp or Daryl Chestnut so it's fine with me. Best of luck with the fighting Bill Cosby's at Temple

        • David

          Chestnut to Western Mich.

  • Hersh

    This kid will be able to come in, redshirt and put on "good weight" with his frame. I'll bet he plays with a chip on his shoulder, too, which has always been a part of our succesful teams, at least in part, here at West Virginia. The real fans love rooting for guys like Grant.

  • Big harv

    sounds good to me..Red shirt him for a year..buff him up and lets go Ears..

  • Larry

    This kid on film looks really impressive...lets hope he becomes an All-American!