Folks who live along the Greenbrier River in Alderson are breathing a sigh of relief. Major flooding does not appear to be an issue even after Wednesday’s storm dropped nearly two inches on the region.

Mayor Joe Veazey says the Greenbrier will come out of it’s banks. But it won’t be high enough to do any major damage.

“We’re expecting it to crest at 17.7 feet at 7pm Thursday,” says Veazey.

That’s about 3 and a half feet above flood stage. But Veazey says from what he’s seen so far, even that amount of water won’t cause serious flooding problems.

“I’ve been around town with the police chief. Most of our street water is down. We have some minor flooding issues over on the Monroe side of town,” explained the mayor.

The main concern is a part of Alderson near the outskirts of town.

“That will be west of town toward Glenray where there is some flooding down in there where the people have their camps along the river,” explained Veazey.

As far as Veazey knows, no one is at that camp ground at this time of year.

There is a still a chance the river could crest a little higher than expected. But Veazey says at this point there’s no cause for concern.

“There will be very little impact on our town. It doesn’t look like we’re going to have any sustainable damage.”

Thursday is Veazey’s last day on the job. He says he expected to be busy wrapping up loose ends but never imagined he’d go out with a flood in progress.

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