’s northeast football recruiting analyst Brian Dohn was a guest on Thursday’s MetroNews Statewide Sportsline. His take on WVU’s class overall?

“It’s somewhere between average and solid,” Dohn said. “Like any class, there are some players that you really like and then potential for a couple kids that maybe are ranked high, but have much higher ceilings.”

One player who has created a stir is Pitt commit Tyler Boyd, who visited WVU last weekend.

“The thing that I keep going back with Tyler is that he loves West Virginia’s offense,” Dohn said. “That’s what has him intrigued at West Virginia. The flip-side of that is that his mom wants him home in Pittsburgh, he has friends going to Pittsburgh, and if you’d ask me which way the coaching staff at Clairton (High School) wants him, I would say Pittsburgh.

“So, you kind of have your work cut out for you if you’re West Virginia or Tennessee. I think it would surprise a lot of people if he didn’t wind up at Pittsburgh.”

One of West Virginia’s higher-ranked commitments is Shelton Gibson, a four-star receiver from Ohio. He visited Tennessee after committing to WVU, but still said he plans to be a Mountaineer. His high school head coach, however, reportedly hasn’t been convinced that Gibson’s mind is completely made up.

“Everyone (Gibson) is talking to and everyone behind the scenes thinks he’s winding up at West Virginia,” Dohn said. “I just know the people I talk with and that I trust, from what the kid is telling people, the kid is going to West Virginia. Now, if on Signing Day, his letter of intent winds up in Tennessee, these kids are 17 and 18 years old — things change.”

You can watch the complete interview with Dohn above.

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  • Misterman

    Why would a WVU fan say "forget about mom and come to papa?" Not a WVU fan?

  • tony

    forget about mom and come to papa.

  • chris

    I don't feel good about it Boyd will be at Pitt thanks to his mother which is sad because everyone knows where he wants to be his mom should be ashamed.