The state Higher Education Policy Commission gave final approval Friday to a $324 million master plan from West Virginia University.

The sweeping, 10-year plan includes upgrades to numerous facilities, new construction, an increase in the number of beds available to students and a new wellness center.

WVU spokesman John Bolt said most of the 18 projects will be developed over the next five years.  Many of those are part of the Evansdale Redevelopment plan, which is already well underway, Bolt said.

“Really over the next five years, the focus will be on these projects, most of which have already been funded,” Bolt said.  “Some things are the agricultural sciences building, the art museum, College of Law addition, student housing master plan and more.”

The projects will be funded through bonds, private contributions, and reserves.

Bolt said the PRT could also receive upgrades as part of the plan.  He said WVU is fortunate to be in a position to improve facilities.

“So many other major universities are having to contract and we’re able to keep pushing ahead for now,” Bolt said.  “Every piece of it is intended to make it a better place for students.”

The WVU Board of Governors originally endorsed the plan last December.

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  • Sally Sue

    $324 million while poor old WVU Tech is in ruins.

  • Greg

    The PRT was designed to run to the Coliseum. So why not extend it and help eleviate some of the parking problems there? It would be money well spent!

  • Lynn

    Parking at the Coliseum????????????????
    PRT to the Coliseum???????????????????
    Safe walk over ramp at Coliseum??????????