A winter storm is moving across West Virginia this weekend and it’s not going to be leaving very soon.

“This is going to be a little bit slower because the system will move through and we’re going to have winds creating what’s known as upslope,” said Meteorologist Jamie Bielinski with the Charleston Weather Bureau of the National Weather Service. “It’s going to cause snow that will last through much of the day tomorrow.”

Unlike Friday’s storm which included single digit temperatures, today’s system is a bit warmer, but that could mean heavier snow once it’s on the ground and trees.

“It will be a little more on the heavy,wet side,” said Bielinski. “Expecting anywhere from two inches across the western part of the state to upwards of six to eight in the mountains.”

The system should be out of the state by Sunday evening, but temperatures will remain near the low 30’s.  It won’t promote much melting, and Bielinski says another system is on the way with more snowfall Monday night into Tuesday.  Monday’s snowfall will not be as strong and will bring lower amounts of accumulation and by Tuesday temperatures should be back above freezing to melt some of the snow pack.

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  • Oceangal

    I'm with Smokey. The road crews do their best to make travel safer for us all, and I am very grateful. They are out there in the worst of the storms when conditions are often treacherous. My thanks go out to all of those who drive those trucks during ice and blinding snow, putting their own safety in jeopardy, to keep the roads as good as can be for the conditions at hand.

  • Smokey

    I'm glad we have the Department of Highways, those guys do a great job keeping the roads clear and safe to travel.