Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito says she is taking a strong stand for gun owners because that is what the people she represents want her to do.

“My phone is on fire in terms of folks who are really concerned about losing their Constitutional rights, not just here but in other areas, but particularly here,” Congressman Capito said.

“I’m going to hold strong on that.”

President Barack Obama was in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Monday afternoon to talk about his gun proposals.

He chose the site because officials in Minneapolis have taken steps to address gun violence since a mass shooting at an office there last year.

Following the December shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, President Obama proposed a crackdown on gun trafficking, universal background checks for every gun sale and bans on military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

There is not expected to be enough support on Capitol Hill to reinstate the ban on military style assault weapons that expired in 2004.

However, reports out of Washington, D.C. indicate additional background check requirements could get approval from the U.S. Senate and, maybe, the U.S. House.

Congresswoman Capito says she thinks any gun show loopholes should be addressed but, at this point, she’s not sure about universal background checks.

“I think there’s a lot to talk about here.  I just want to see how it actually comes out,” she said on Monday’s MetroNews Talkline.

“When you say universal background checks, what does that really mean?  Before I would commit one way or the other, I’d have to see what that would look like.”

She says steps do need to be taken to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people.

“If strengthening the background checks through private dealers is the only way that we can achieve that, I think we ought to look at it.  But I can’t commit to it not knowing exactly how that would roll out,” said the Congresswoman.

Additional gun control proposals will first be taken up in the U.S. Senate.

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  • steve mccue

    Please ask Ms. Capito if she will help protect us in WV from the Meth and prescription drug users in our areas. Senator Manchin and Rockefeller only talk about New York and Chicago. What about us in West Virginia?
    We are an older population who do not have police protection wiltin the next half hour. Why don't we have a spokesperson who will tell our nation that guns prevent crime and that we desperately need protection in the "fly over" states like WV, KY, OH, PA, &VA.

  • Dave Jackson

    My mistake: EVERYONE needs to read Eugene Robinson's column in today's Washington Post.

  • Jim

    Background checks ARE gun registration. A permanemt record of who owns that gun is generated for each NICS form. ATF would simply need to convert dealer records to electronic form (Anybody from Carbide remember SAP? Think the gubmint wouldn't do it like that?), and it would have a searchable database whenever it decided it wanted to confiscate guns.

    • Northern WV man

      They're are doing a bang up job in the Middle East with their Ak47 I would like to add.

  • polarbear

    Everyone needes to stop quoting the tyrannical portion of the 2nd amendment. Does anyone really beleive that if the US military falls under a tyrannical leader that the citizens would have any chance to revolt. Your AK-47 will be worthless. It did make since back when the best technology was a flint lock rifle. Relax everyone.Noone wants to take your hunting rifles or bibles away

  • Dave Jackson

    Ms. Capito needs to read Eugene Robinson's column in today's Washington Post.

  • Jim

    TO; " WV Citizen" Homeowners insurance provides coverage for liability lawsuits, including legal fees and settlements up to your policy limits. As to someone stealing your guns and using them to commit a crime. It's a moot point, there is no legal liability to the gun owner, at least in WV, can't say the same in litigious Chicago, NY, CA. That would be like someone stealing your car, running head-on and killing a family. Although tragic, you would not assume any liability.
    TO: "Wvrefugee" What is wrong with West Virginians taking pride in "being different" that most other states? Not wanting the crime, pollution, congestion and high cost of living and the strong belief in God and the Second Amendment is what makes WV unique. Similarly, Alaska and its residents are unique, that's why people move there and vacation there. Celebrate our uniqueness!

    • Wvrefugee

      Not unique, simply ridiculous! I just moved back to wv from another state and i am appalled at how this state has changed in the 20 yrs since i left. Not the same hard working state that i left. Celebrate dysfunction maybe!

      Northern, i live here and ashamed at the levels of ignorance and paranoia that exists! Drugs and crime does curely exist in this state and at hi levels of sophistication. You probably voted for Raese as well! Go up to speed or be left behind!!

    • WVCitizen

      I don't know what type of homeowner insurance you have but most insurance companies will only cover for theft! And it is a nominal coverage unless you decide for additional coverage. No insurance company will cover liability for you or your family when you injured or fatally shoot someone with your personal firearms.My concerns are gun owners, including myself, should have sufficient insurance coverage to cover medical expense of the injured party, court expense, burial expense, etc. when we use or our family member use our fireman to hurt or kill someone. Common sense will prevail in some controls/restrictions on guns. By the way how would you define "arms" in the constitution? This will not "infringe" upon our 2nd amendment rights to own guns.
      How will controls/restrictions denied you freedom to own a fireman! Man, get a life! Do you know how we became know as "rednecks"? My ancestors have died within this state to give freedom to the working man! How about you Lil' Shadow?

  • Gary

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    What does "regulated" mean?

  • WV Citizen

    Can there be some restrictions on the 2nd amendment without infringing upon a person's right? I believe there should be! How about some liability insurance in case some family member or yourself fatally shoot someone? Or someone steals your guns, obviously not secured properly and commits a crime you'll be cover by having proper insurance! As to Capito being a Senator she has to do better by voting 1. for the middle class,2. For the working man
    3.for the senior citizens, by protecting their social security. Only Time will tell if she does this or not.And she has a long way to go! A misfit is one who vote for only one (1) thing! If you vote to only because of "ya'll keep my guns" not only are you a misfit but also ignorant!
    Damn the encomney! Damn the seniors! Damn the jobs! I gett'n to keep my guns!

    • NorthernWVman

      There should also be restrictions on YOUR ability to voice your opinion on a MB, maybe not allowing so many people to right to vote and maybe the government should be able to search your residence unwarranted as well. Hey just totally give in and let the military take over your property and take up residence in your home. If your throwing away one right lets just give them all back and as Bippedy Biden once said, Put us ALL back in them chains.

    • Shadow

      Your forgot, "To Hell with Freedom!"

  • Wvrefugee

    West Virginia has become the land of misfit citizens and crooked Arch Moore's daughter is just the right person to represent them!!!!

    Nut job supreme!!!!!!

    • DonaldB

      refugee, are you saying Shelley is a ''supreme nut job" because why, she supports abortion, maybe?

    • NorthernWVman

      Refugee? so your saying your here in MY great state of WV because you escaped some danger or persecution somewhere else? If that is the case you certaintly sound as if you deserve it. We don't want you either.

  • WV Patriot

    I'm a Democrat. But if Capito does her part as described, she may get my support down the road. A list of gun owners easily accessible by other than law enforcement and during tyrannical or invasion events (not far fetched these days) would certainly compromise the amendment. I certainly don't mind background checks either but I don't think anyone understands what universal means. Also, I should be able to leave my guns to my son (if he can possess) without any paperwork or special registering. Secure public buildings or places of mass gatherings and we will make a dent in these crazy and certainly preventable mass shootings.

  • Jim

    KUDOS TO YOU SHELLEY! You have struck the proper cord with West Virginians!

  • Phil

    Stay strong on this issue congresswoman and you'll earn the votes to be Senator Capito.

  • wvman75

    To let the government know where all the guns are, and who owns them, kind of defeats the whole purpose of the Second Amendment. Doesn't it? They are our protection against the government. I figure any tyrannical government would like that information. Go figure....