West Virginia coach Bob Huggins sees the Mountaineers growing more confident — and keeping their postseason hopes alive — after a sweep of Texas.

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  • Gator

    Larry has been relagated to my "do not pay any mind folder". Good luck to you Larry and God Bless. This is still Americaat least for now and you retain the right to express your opinion whether right, wrong or indifferent....

    • Larry

      I wish all the "Little Children" would leave out and allow the adults to continue the conversation...

  • shawn

    Larry is obsessed with Huggins. I think there may be a little stalker action here. Relax Larry before you pop a hair plug loose.

  • Tim C

    Do you have write a novel every time you comment?

  • jon

    I hope so. It definately helps when you play the teams in the bottom half of the B12 standings!

  • Larry

    Although a good win,WVU beat a very bad Texas team so what's the big deal? A win of any kind excites the Huggins' trolls. Barely beating a very bad Texas team is reason to be happy because it is Texas. But no reason to do flip-flops.


    The most interesting part of the game was the fact that Huggins wore his Penn State colored Blue & White Monkey Suit. Missing however this time were the matching pants.

    What is important about this is the fact that Bob Huggins is a very High Profile Division 1 coach who is being paid 3 million dollars a year and he projects an image of an "Over-weight Clown".

    All of America can tune in and see his attire on National Television for the cameras are focused on him quite often. Our state image is bad enough without Huggins bringing it down lower.

    The numbers on the team uniforms are very visable as well as the players names on the back, but the name of the school on the front is difficult to distinguish and make out. What's up with that? You can barely read the name of the school unless there is a foul shot? Who came up with that design? It's terrible!!! Why not fill in the name with a color so it can be recognized? It makes no sense. It's beyond outrageous...

    A player has to be standing still to make out the name..."West Virginia".

    However there is no problem identifying Huggins in his Penn State colored Blue and white monkey suit. He stands out like a sore thumb.

    So yes...it does matter.. at least to me it does.

    Thats just my opinion and I think everyone is entitled to hear it...

  • Shawn

    When they lose, these articles get blown up!

  • Charleston, WV

    It's funny that the Huggins "naysayers" haven't come out of there troll holes yet! Keep the Faith! Go Mountaineers!

  • Shawn

    I think this team is starting to find itself! Good post game comments and i'm glad everybody could see the "real" Bob Huggins. Let's Go EERS!

    • TC

      You heard it here first. Next year, we will compete for the Big 12 title. With the new guys coming in and with the experience of these young guys...look out. I have been a WVU fan since the early 60's so I am not just jumping on and off the bandwagon. Those who question Huggs are idiots.