Shain, Shae, Salwa and the other “BUCKWILD” stars will return.

The first season of the MTV series, which follows nine young people through Sissonville and Charleston in Kanawha County, wraps up on Thursday night.

MTV has¬†announced this week “BUCKWILD” had been picked up for a second season.

Network officials say the show has been averaging about 3 million viewers per episode since its premiere in January.

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  • cutty77

    I like the show myself.They are doing the same thing we all did at the same age,and don't say you didn't do it either.The First Liar ain't got a chance.LOL

    • SMH

      Yeah we all did it, but we did it while going to college, earning our degree, and working. Slightly different than living a 24/7 party.

  • Larry

    Conversation overheard of the cast "Hey, remember the first time we all met a few months ago, when MTV was in town taking auditions for a show about a group of friends from Sissonville, and we came from all over the state to audition, that was a good day".

    • Jake Justice

      That's absolutely not true I have met and know a lot of the cast and crew and the majority of them are from sissonville and charleston. Cara went to wvu. Cara currently works at black eagle tattoo in charleston and anna works at pies and pints in charleston. There are plenty of things to be critical about this show you don't have to make up lies.

      • Larry

        It's obvious that they were not some close group of friends before this show, one of the guys is from Boone Co., it's also obvious that everything they do is contrived and staged, arguments, fights, stunts, etc.

  • Jim N Charleston

    The cast of Buckwild would like to send a special thanks out to Senator Joe Manchin for his continued support. Without his comments the show would have never gotten the amount of preshow publicity it did.

    God Bless America


      This is a great show! Everyone from West Virginia should be very proud of these young kids making a name for themselfs, Sissonville and the state of West Virginia.