The U.S. Postal Service’s plan to stop delivering mail on Saturdays is getting reactions from West Virginian’s, but mostly supportive ones.

“It would not greatly affect me at all because I do notice there is a lot of junk mail that comes on Saturday, but other than that it wouldn’t effect me and if it helps them that’s great,” said Kelly Justice from South Charleston.

Justice said she will miss getting mail on Saturdays, but she will be okay with it if it helps the post office save money.

The agency announced the change Wednesday and plans for the Saturday mail cutbacks to begin in August.

Marilyn Sherman, from the Spring Hill area of South Charleston, is also okay with the change because times have changed.

“My children, my grandchildren, they text me. I do a lot of emailing because all of our family lives out of state,” said Sherman. “We just don’t get that much personal mail anymore.”

Sherman believes texting, emailing and social media are the reason why the agency has to make these changes.

Dan Miller, of South Charleston said the change doesn’t bother him either.

“I do so much electronically that I don’t sit around waiting for the mail to come to see what might be in it like I used too,” said Miller.

Under the new plan, mail would be delivered to homes and businesses only from Monday through Friday, but would still be delivered to post office boxes on Saturdays. Post offices who are open on Saturdays will remain open on Saturdays.

Charleston resident Rich Young said he doesn’t have a need for mail delivery on Saturdays.

“No Saturdays makes no difference to me. I don’t get any prescription drugs by mail or anything like that,” said Young. “I can’t think of any time when I would need to have mail on Saturday.”

The U.S. Postal Service will still deliver packages on Saturday under the new plan. It’s only mail delivery that’s impacted by the change.

With the change, the agency expects to save about $2 billion annually.


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  • Jeff

    Why not increase the price of the so called bulk mail (junk mail) If they stop sending it, there will be less for the carriers to deal with and the number of hours worked will decrease. If they dont stop sending it, the increase in fee will increase revenue

  • Highlander

    Raising the TMR to 90% will crush the economy. The former Soviet bloc country have established flat tax rates and their ecomony have improved over the old system of progressive tax rates.

  • WV Patriot

    I don't understand it. We save $2B by eliminating Saturday mail but they are still billions and billions in the red. So other savings and cuts will need to be implemented. So what else is being planned to reach solvency? Raise the price of a stamp to a $1.00 and we will still be getting a bargain.

    • RHytonen

      Here are your "savings and cuts" we need in order to fix it - where they were necessitated in the first place:

      Cut military spending (=contractors, MORE privatization) IN HALF. Wars are being waged purely for profit, as are incarcerations being sought and sentenced domestically. Government needs to do ITS job (not "farm it out,") which is solely to protect the individual FROM business - and not to help business plunder, oppress, and impoverish the individual citizen, consumer and worker.

      Industry -manufacturing, mining, retail and financial -has PROVEN it will NOT "regulate itself."
      Capitalism has embarked on its degenerative endgame, and must be stopped - and SOON.

      End ALL corporate funding (subsidies etc) by government.

      Take Energy products OFF the commodities market (end speculation,) and outlaw its exportation (setting the prices by domestic rather than global auction.)

      Outlaw ALL derivative markets, and CLEANLY (no Amendments, exceptions, or riders) repeal the Gramm/Leach/Bliley Act, or "GLBA." - which repealed Glass/Steagall.

      Remove the cap on mandatory Social Security contributions.

      Pass HR 676 - Medicare For All - No exceptions or denials, no individuals, procedures, tests or treatments refused. Remove ALL profit from health care.

      Return the TMR (Top Marginal Income Tax rate) permanently to the 90%-Plus rates it was from 1952-1963. Start at 95%. Institute a permanent ban on ANY tax loopholes for upper and corporate incomes.

      Outlaw lobbying and business and corporate campaign contrubutions. In fact, ALL business input into government (and government assistance to industry and business) IS corruption (and technically Fascism.) It has to stop.

      • Mike

        In short you support communism?

        • WVCitizen

          Communism is being supported by YOU and everyone in the old USA by purchasing products made in China and Vietnam!!!
          Capitalism, today is only about PROFIT!!
          The "working man" is just a resource to these companies/corporations!!!
          We are returning to the 1920s and the 1930s.
          Until the working middle class americans wake up and vote for term limits in Congress and support candidates to help the middle class working man the USA will continue down the spiral drain of destruction.

          • Shadow

            I wonder who you work for?

  • RHytonen

    NO! No more privatization.

    It's government-enforced PROFIT (and unfair competition) by and for private corporations.
    Mussolini invented a word for that.

    So, by the way, did Bastiat before him,
    as well as the "indians" at the Boston Tea Party before Bastiat.
    government corruption by private corporations is actually why we even needed to fight Britain and form a country/government.
    And it's why half a million Americans died to stop it overseas in the 1940's.

    The corporate -overcharging- UPS/Fedex/etc have been lobbying overtime to KILL the reasonably priced USPS competition for decades,

    just as Wall Street has been fighting to privatize Social Security,

    and AHIP/PHrMA (successfully) to privatize Health Care. THERE's your indication of how privatization DOUBLES costs, proven by America vs. ALL other countries.

    That's exactly what the Republicans' unreasonable -and unique- pension PRE-funding requirements congress passed during Reagan's "Starve The Beast" atrocities were all about!

    This will do it.

    Millions of seniors in WV alone rely on AFFORDABLE USPS Saturday package delivery for life saving medications as well as other necessities of life. We for instance, buy MOST things from eBay or Amazon.

    Fewer and fewer can afford to maintain a working vehicle (especially in WV's climate) or to live in an urban area, as so many MORE of us daily, age into a fixed, sub-fpl income.

    And if you think UPS overcharges for Saturday (as well as everyday) delivery NOW,

    Wake up, people.
    The one thing "our" government exists today to support
    - large corporate profit-
    is the ONE thing that's patently NOT a guaranteed constitutional RIGHT!

    So why is MOST of our tax money spent on supporting that, to the individual citizen's DETRIMENT? As if the corporations didn't already have us over a barrel with the power and the wealth they got FROM US?