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A two-year-old girl was found unharmed in Washington County, Pa. Friday and a man is under arrest after an abduction in Preston County, police said.

The Preston County Sheriff’s Office first reported the abduction at 11:45 a.m. Friday at the Gas N Moore in Reedsville.  Police said a two-year-old girl was in a 2009 white Toyota Corolla stolen by an adult white male.  The suspect has been identified as Timothy Adam White, 24.

The motive behind the theft is still unclear.  Police said White knew the girl’s family, but the nature of the relationship has not been made public.

Police found the child in Richeyville, a Washington County town about 40 miles south of Pittsburgh.  That’s where White allegedly left the girl with a good Samaritan before stealing another vehicle and continuing north.

Later Friday afternoon, police caught up with White in Baldwin, Pa.  He allegedly led officers on a pursuit along Route 51 in Allegheny County before police took him into custody.

Officers from several law enforcement agencies began a frantic search after the abduction was reported Friday morning.  However, an Amber Alert was not issues.  Law enforcement officials said they could not yet comment on why an Amber Alert was not used.

West Virginia State Police are investigating.  They say kidnapping charges are pending against White.


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  • Blaze

    anon, your sure seem to think you know alot.

    The Child was not already in the car.
    The man was known for a little longer than you are making it seem. He asked for a ride and the person that was driving said he would give him the ride. And Timothy must have gotten to ancious. He said he would take her to the car. She was heading out the door behind them. By the time she walked maybe 100 ft. He was gone child and car.

    MAYBE You Should get your facts straight before you try to tell the story.
    All that matters is she is home safe and doing well.

  • anon

    The mother and father asked him to put the little girl in the car bc they were all going somewhere and told him that they would be down to the car in a min the man got tired of waiting and left but why have a man handle your child when he jus stole money from you. and i feel sorry for that little girl who's parent brought a stranger in the house to live with them and they didn't know him long so it is there fault too

  • Mary Jane Fleming

    I totally agree with David. But we don't know the rest of story.

  • Shelly

    What's wrong is that people decide to blame the victim. Certainly you aren't perfect; why are you criticizing a victim for a mistake? A mistake that is very, very common. By placing the blame on the family member that left the keys in the car you are diverting attention away from what's important: finding the little girl and the bastard that took her!

  • Cathy

    Why No AmberAlert?????

  • David

    What in the world is wrong with people? Leaving a child in a car with the keys in the ignition.

    • Sherry Smith

      David, I agree. However, my heart went out to the child's family. So glad she is safe!!!!!! Hope this raises the awareness of child and car safety practices in this area.

    • nathan

      I think she was pumping gas at the time. So, it's not like the child was left inside the car while the parent went inside the store!!

    • Chris

      The child wasn't in the car, maybe you should consider what is wrong with people who would snatch a child and then steal a car. He took the child from an apartment and then stole the car.