FORT WORTH, Texas —Terry Henderson was so hot, even the shot he missed barely spun out.

Henderson scored 17 points off the bench, shooting 5-of-6 from the floor and 4-of-4 at the foul line, as West Virginia won its third straight game by dousing TCU 63-50.

“Once I felt like they were leaving me too open, I just let ‘em fly.” — WVU guard Terry Henderson

Eron Harris added 14 points and Jabarie Hinds chipped in 12 as WVU’s guards accounted for 47 points on 15-of-27 shooting overall and 7-of-10 from 3-point range.

West Virginia (12-11, 5-5) climbed back to .500 in Big 12 play for the first time since Jan. 9, while the Horned Frogs (10-13, 1-9) couldn’t match the efficiency they showed in Wednesday night’s shocking upset of Kansas.

Henderson attributed his big day to “finding open spaces” in TCU’s defense. “And once I felt like they were leaving me too open, I just let ’em fly,” he said.

The freshman produced an explosive first half, scoring 15 points by making all five shots from the floor (including 3-of-3 from 3-point range) and going 2-of-2 on free throws. (“We may have gotten shut out in the first half if not for him,” joked WVU coach Bob Huggins.)

But Henderson didn’t re-appear until the 10:22 mark of the second half — something Huggins attributed to a possible oversight. Henderson’s only missed shot of the afternoon, a 3-point try from the top of the key, was halfway down before rimming out. But Kevin Noreen grabbed the rebound and pitched it out to Harris for a wide-open 3 that put West Virgijnia up 51-40 with 8:39 left.

“That broke our back a little bit,” said TCU coach Trent Johnson, who didn’t like his team’s body language during an ensuing 30-second timeout. “There was still a little bit of time left on the clock, and our guys come over to the huddle and they were down.”

The Horned Frogs owned a 34-23 rebounding edge, yet Johnson claimed the Mountaineers were “physically and mentally a lot tougher than we are.” To illustrate, the coach pointed out guard Garlon Green, who followed up a 20-point performance against Kansas by shooting 1-of-12 against West Virginia. Green didn’t score until 13:27 remained in the game and finished with three points.

“He wasn’t aggressive,” Johnson said. “And I’m not just talking about scoring. First play of the game he’s supposed to come down and set a down screen (for Kyan Anderson).  The kid for West Virginia (Harris) chucks him — good basketball play — and the kid stands him up. Garlon’s 6-6 and the West Virginia kid’s only 6-4. Come on, I mean, really?”

Said Harris of Green: “He probably outweighs my by 20 or 30 pounds … but we just played hard defense.”

In a foul-laden first half, each team lost key personnel. Green picked up his second foul on a charge with barely three minutes elapsed and spent the rest of the half on the bench.

Meanwhile, WVU’s Aaric Murray entered at the 14:13 mark, collected two fouls in 27 seconds and promptly returned to his seat, and his replacement, Dominique Rutledge, was whistled for three fouls in nine minutes. Deniz Kilicli picked up two fouls in 11 minutes, but was on the court for the final possession of the half, passing out of a double-team to Hinds for a buzzer-beating 3-pointer that gave WVU a 31-28 lead.

“We’ve got a nice confidence level going,” said Hinds, who did not attempt another 3, but instead did some damage on drives. “Our wing guys are knocking down shots and whatever chance I got I tried to take it to the basket.”

WVU forced 12 first-half turnovers but also watched TCU shoot 60 percent. In the second half, with West Virginia retreating into a 2-3 zone and cutting off the driving lanes, the Horned Frogs fell off to 25 percent, including 2-of-16 on 3s.

“(TCU) hung around in the first half and we realized that score was way too close,” Harris said. “So we went into the locker room and we said “Hey, guys, we’ve got to defend.’ We just had to guard.”

“In the second half we just fixed that, and I felt like the zone slowed them down.”

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  • Hoffy

    I'm not going to be an apologist for Coach Huggins, nor am I going to go to great lengths to criticize decisions I don't understand, or am not qualified to make, especially considering the fact I am not a basketball coach, much less an experienced Division I coach. And I believe none of the other critics in this forum are, either. If there are, tell us where you coached, and what your record was.
    For Pete's sake, it's pretty convenient to second-guess someone else's perceived shortcomings, isn't it? But to let the criticisms get to the point where the horse is obviously well-beaten? Easy to do, since it doesn't take a whole lot of thought.
    Okeh, Coach Huggins admitted he probably made a mistake, but it didn't appear to affect the outcome of this game. Judas Priest!
    I feel so much better now I got this off my chest...

  • wirerowe

    Hendersons' lack of minutes in the second half all season has been one of the more bizzare decisions. I think one game he scored 23 and the next game he hardly played. and Yeah I know it is not Henderson's team.. It is Hug's team. We have shot better and thereby played better the last three games. But early on in the season we were not playing up to our talent and that was on Huggins. I think that we are more in sync now and though the competition gets better I think we can still finish strong.

  • mark

    I am very happy for our young team, but they really need to beat a good team like Baylor before the comeback can be considered legit. Our two freshmen guards are as good as any duo of freshmen guards in the country, and Jabarie is playing better. Aric Murray seems like he's in a cloud at times.

  • Hoffy

    I'm happy WVU got the win. Since I didn't watch the game, about all I can rely on are the articles and stats for what they provide. I was, however, concerned about the big guys getting in foul trouble, but don't know how much a factor it was, beyond the rebounding deficit. Glad the guards' play helped overcome that problem.
    Insofar as a coach's comments go, I don't get too wrapped around the axles about them, because I really don't know in what context the comments were made, and can't honestly presume an interpretation of them.
    So, it's another win, which is always good!
    Beats the alternative.

  • Larry

    “The freshman produced an explosive first half, scoring 15 points by making all five shots from the floor (including 3-of-3 from 3-point range) and going 2-of-2 on free throws. (“We may have gotten shut out in the first half if not for him,” joked WVU coach Bob Huggins.)

    But Henderson didn’t re-appear until the 10:22 mark of the second half — something Huggins attributed to a possible oversight”

    Allan...a "possible oversight"?

    We all know that assistant coach Billy Hahn sleeps through most of the games, but is Huggins asleep Also? Yes…It appears he is.
    Here you have a player who scores 15 points in the first half going 5 for 5, and Huggins doesn’t even know he’s in the game?

    What in the sweet Name of Heaven is going on? Was Huggins sleeping through the first ten minutes of the second half only to wake up and realize his top scorer and shooter wasn’t even in the game?

    And is this a "Joking Matter"? This is beyond outrageous. No wonder the shooters don’t want to come to WVU. Once they get the “Hot Hand”, Huggins jerks them out and then goes to sleep and forgets to put them back in.

    Oh I know that the Huggins Trolls will line up and make excuses for the great one, but I am just commenting on what I read in the article. I mean isn’t that the whole point of allowing comments?

    Another good win over a very very bad Big 12 team. Any time you win in Texas, even in tiddlywinks…It’s a good win.

    • shawn

      The only joke on here is you my friend. If you honestly believe he forgot Henderson was on the bench then you and Allan are losing it. Huggs says this stuff to be a smart a**. He is completely aware of what's going on I promise that. There were matchups that he didn't like and that's the result. To many people take these articles to heart.

      • Allan Taylor

        I love the interplay between you guys — it's almost as much fun as watching Kilicli jostling in the low post. But to clarify, Huggins' explanation on Henderson sitting out the first eight-plus minutes of the second half was: "I just didn't get him in — probably my mistake. I was trying to figure out how to stop them and doing some other things."

        • Larry

          Thank you Allan,

          "I just didn't get him in — probably my mistake. I was trying to figure out how to stop them and doing some other things."

          Earth to Huggs...Not probably your mistake, there is no question it "was" your mistake...

          While Huggs is snoozing plus trying to figure out what is going on, his best player, top scorer and top shooter sits on the bench thinking "What the heck"? In fact everybody is thinking "What the heck"?

          What is that WVU coach thinking? Even when the great one makes a mistake and then admits it, the trolls are quick to add...

          "Huggins don't make mistakes. We just dont understand how the great basketball icon is thinking...he always has it right even when he admits or thinks he doesn't...Oh how I love how great he is..."

          When Kansas, the best team in the league just loses three straight, what does that say about the league?

          • shawn

            I wish you had better arguments. You bore me to death and say the same thing over and over. Dude we won the game and you complain about it. If you don't like Huggs then...oh wait there's not sh*t you can do but take it and that brings all of us great joy! Let's Go EERS and good job bringing the kids together Huggs!

        • shawn

          In this type of game its hard to get guys in the game unless there are alot of breaks (timeouts, fouls,etc.)

        • shawn

          Larry Larry day you'll listen to me! I rest my case.

      • Larry

        Oh Pu-Leeze...

  • Curt

    Keep up the good work Mountaineers!
    To big tom: you are the worst Mountaineer fan ever or a troll, maybe both.

  • Matt

    Well done boys great job today, Coach Huggs has got them rolling, that's what a great coach does. Gooo Eers

  • tony

    i got a feeling....

  • Alum

    Nice win Eers! And if you happen to read posts on this site just ignore tommy, billy, and larry. They never have anything good to say.

    • Larry

      You left out William. Thank you for making reference to me...but in the future please remember to capitalize my name...Thanks!

      • Alum

        No I didn't that would be billy. And capitalizing would indicate respect. I am giving you as much respect as you, and the other two clowns, are giving the Eers.

  • Alum

    There goes tommy again. Living in mommy's basement must have really affected him because he is always negative.

    Here's a bet for you tommy; I bet you can't stop posting here for the rest of 2013.

  • big tom

    i say we finish the reg. season 13-18 , or 14-17,,,, no nit, no ncaa, thank god this is kilicili's last yr.

    • shawn

      Man you are the worst. You give them credit then cut them down by making another string of ignorant predictions. Do us a favor and stop commenting because you make us sick.

  • big tom

    a win is a win even though it's against the worst team in the big 12,,,we've got some big games ahead, the easy ones are pretty much behind us, now if we can beat some teams that we aren't suppose to beat, i will again believe in huggins and this young team.

  • Tim C

    Yeah Big Tom......take that!

  • Jethro

    There is an old saying, u can't make chicken salad out of chickensh**. Well i think Huggs is starting to make chicken salad! Let's go mountaineers! Take that big tom

  • Dnecowboy

    Nice win today! The team looks like Its coming together.