It’s been said more than once that the upcoming state budget will be tight but retired state workers are hoping for some positives out of the upcoming regular session of the legislature.

The Coalition of Retired Public Employees is scheduled to hold its annual legislative rally Thursday. Organizer Ernie “Spud” Terry says the more retirees who can show up the better.

“People need to come out so the legislature will see ‘these folks are serious and they need our attention,’” Terry said.

CORPE is urging lawmakers to approve the same state exemptions for all retirees.

“That will put a little more money in retirees’ pockets and if we can’t the tax exemption we want to get some increase in our pensions,” Terry said.

The governor and legislative leaders have already said the new state budget will be tight. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin says he’s not going to proposes in pay raises.

Terry says retirees are looking for state leaders to step out with courage and take care of the ones who took care of the state for many years.

“Even in the worst of times you’ve got to make a choice. Sometimes you say there are things you say you can’t afford to do but there are things you can’t afford not to do. This is one of those things,” Terry said.

The rally begins at 8:30 Thursday morning in the basement food court at the state capitol.

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  • Smokey

    Our state employees need more money, both working and retired.

  • Paula Ridder

    This written article needs some proofreading!

    Yes, we need to respect the years of service of our retirees. There is no COLA--ever!!