Four West Virginia players received invites to the NFL Combine scheduled for Feb. 23-26 — Geno Smith, Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey and Joe Madsen. Mock drafts by and have Smith going No. 1 overall to Kansas City.

Senior NFL draft analyst Rob Rang was a guest on Monday’s MetroNews “Statewide Sportsline” and said he likes Smith’s chance of being the top pick.

“He’s a player that obviously has the physical skill-set that you’re looking for,” Rang said. “He has the size, he has the arm strength, he flashes the accuracy, he has the mobility and he’s been highly productive.

“Because of the physical potential that he possesses, the fact that NFL teams are increasingly willing to gamble on quarterbacks who have the physical traits, and because it’s the Kansas City Chiefs who now have a head coach in Andy Reid who is known for developing young quarterbacks, I think (Geno Smith is) ultimately going to be their choice.”

Rang mentioned Smith also as a possibility at No. 2 to Jacksonville, No. 4 to Philadelphia and No. 7 to Arizona.

“When you break it down, there are several teams in the top 10 or 11 picks of this year’s draft that absolutely need help at quarterback,” Rang said. “And while Geno Smith has been inconsistent, especially in the second stage of his senior season, he has those physical traits that teams are willing to work with.”

Rang has Austin projected at No. 27 overall right now, going to Houston, and sees Bailey with potential to be taken as high as the second round. Rang said Madsen had the most to gain of any Mountaineer at the combine.

You can watch the complete interview with Rang above.


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  • cd

    He'll go undrafted.

    • cutty77

      That Must stand for Complete Dumba&&.I think you know the Rest.Please stay in your Trailer and Don't come out of Cabell Country.LOL

  • bandit

    He will get up on it!!! NEVER FEAR!!!!! GE you kNO! ~~ He truly deserves it!!

  • Shawn

    Geno would've had a lot more recognition if not for the lame D we had at WVU, his stats prove he can play!!! He will go on and succeed in the NFL!!! WVU 4 life!!!

  • Jay

    Jacksonville can never pass on a great college quarterback. Geno will go #2 to Jacksonville. Heck! The Jags can't pass on a mediocre college quarterback (see Blaine Gabbert).



  • Uncle Fester

    He won't go #1. He deserves such an honor though. KC will sign a free agent QB. Just hope he gets selected before #8 and the Buffalo Bills. I think a team will trade up into the top 6 or 7 picks and select him before the Bills get a chance. Look for the NY Jets to do just this, especially since Buffalo is in the same division as the Jets.

  • cutty77

    Geno threw almost 500 passes this year,and only 6 ints.He had Better stats last year then both RG-3 and Andrew Luck.Enough said

  • Justin

    Austin and Bailey had 3/4 of his passing yards. I think he can one day be a starter but to draft him to play immediately is foolish. I'm all about WVU pride but I'd rather him go on to be successful than go down as one of the biggest busts in NFL.

    • Chris

      He'll start & he'll be in the top 35 percent within 2 years if he goes to KC...The man has hunger.

  • David

    Geno needs to grow up before he even considers the NFL.

    Altercations before games. Not shaking hands during the coin toss. Pouting on the sidelines.

    Come on, man!

    • Shawn

      Who cares if he doesn't do all that, and gets mad on the sideline, I played the game and had the same attitude out there!! Your not playing your best friend in a backyard game, it's major college football and your there to win, not make friends David!

    • cutty77

      David I have seen NFL Vets pout on The Sidelines.I saw Jim Harbaugh Pout on The Sldeline During The Super Bowl.Please don't use that excuse.You Come On,Man

    • Hoffy

      Uh, it's a little late for that, isn't it? He's going to the NFL, David.

      • Protechcpa

        Now, wait a minute. Geno could always exercise his option to put all the millions on hold and go off for a year or so to a "finishing school", to learn proper manners, or better yet develop discipline with a tour of military duty before agreeing to play in the NFL. He has the right to pursue self improvement as we all do.

      • David

        Um, he's not there yet the last time I checked.

  • Tim C

    I hope he goes No.1. It would be a huge statement for our program.

  • smeer

    teams that get these high picks are crappy, especially at QB. You have to have a decent QB to win in the NFL.

    But I don't see Geno as a franchise QB. I picture him more like a Joe Flacco who when given a decent O line and other parts can succeed and play well - and even win a superbowl.

    Pray he goes to a team with a decent O line. We've seen what happens when Geno gets pressured. The NFL has chewed up a lot of promising QBs drafted by crappy teams who started them immediately because they get paid so much.

    Geno will be set for life $$$ the moment someone calls his name on draft day. The question is whether he'll have a long life in the NFL and that very much depends on who drafts him.

    The redskins had all the pieces but QB and sold the farm to move up and take RG3. We can only hope the same for Geno (who is no RG3).

  • Wemakerain

    I still feel like the Chiefs will sign Alex Smith, the Eagles just signed Vick for 1 year too. Maybe (hopefully) somebody drafts him and lets him develop for a few years, that's best case scenario I think.

  • George

    I think of the 4 teams mentioned: Kansas City, Jacksonvile, Philadelphia,and Arizona, that Geno would be better off at Arizona. Arizona has one of the BEST group of receivers in the NFL, starting with Fitzgerald.

    • Shawn

      I think Arizona would be a perfect fit for Geno.

  • Jim N Charleston


    • chad


      • Chris


  • Hersh

    I don't know if he'll go #1 but Andy Reid would be a good coach for him. He would fit that offense and he develops qb's well.